Mountains, Kids, and a Solo Trip: A Family Feud Brews 🏔️👦👧

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Picture this: You're a 26-year-old guy, living in Ohio but dreaming of the Colorado mountains. You've got a bucket list of peaks to conquer, a thirst for local brews, and a craving for freedom. You're planning a solo trip back to your roots, only to have your family insist you take your niece and nephew along. Sounds like a recipe for a family feud, doesn't it? Well, that's exactly what happened to our mountain-loving hero. 🏔️🍻👦👧

A Mountain Man's Dream 🏔️🌌

ohiosucksforhiking | ohiosucksforhiking

The Peaks Left to Conquer ⛰️🥾

ohiosucksforhiking | ohiosucksforhiking

Family Interference 🚸

ohiosucksforhiking | ohiosucksforhiking

Moonlight Hike vs. Kiddie Vacation 🌙👦👧

ohiosucksforhiking | ohiosucksforhiking

The Real Issue? 🤔

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A Young Man's Plans 🍻⚾

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Family Pressure and Expectations 💥

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A Hidden Plan? 🏡

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The Big Question 🎯

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A Solo Trip, Family Expectations, and a Brewing Storm 🌩️

Our Ohio-based mountain man just wanted to return to his Colorado roots, conquer the remaining peaks on his list, and enjoy some freedom. But his family had other plans. They wanted him to turn his solo adventure into a kiddie vacation, much to his dismay. His brother's plea, his mother's agreement, and the mounting pressure from his family have turned his dream trip into a battleground. Is he wrong to stick to his plans and refuse to play the role of a vacationing uncle? Let's see what the internet has to say about this mountainous dilemma. 🏔️👦👧🥊

NTA. Enjoy your life without taking on others' responsibilities 😊

WhoFearsDeath | WhoFearsDeath

NTA for wanting to go mountain climbing with the kids 🧗‍♂️🏔️

BarracudaGullible | BarracudaGullible

NTA: Your freedom is making your family jealous and envious 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Enjoy your hike and brews! Your brother is TA 🙄

Efficient-Magician61 | Efficient-Magician61

NTA: Family feuds over kids' vacation. Grandpa should step up 👦👧

HauntedinAutumn | HauntedinAutumn

NTA. Your brother wants a vacation from his own kids? 🤔

SatelliteBeach123 | SatelliteBeach123

NTA: Live your best single life and enjoy those solo vacations! 🏝🌎

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

NTA - Prioritize yourself and share your adventures with them 👦👧

Revolutionary-Let937 | Revolutionary-Let937

NTA. Parents who push their kids on others are selfish 👎

vodka_philosophy | vodka_philosophy

NTA for prioritizing personal freedom and travel over family life 👏

stmarystmike | stmarystmike

NTA. Take that solo trip and enjoy the freedom! 😎

Jovon35 | Jovon35

NTA! Enjoy your solo trip and tell your mom off 😊

LovinIt55 | LovinIt55

NTA: Entitlement, guilt, and jealousy. Climb those mountains 🏔️👦👧

newbeginingshey | newbeginingshey

Spread your wings and soar! 🦅 Enjoy your freedom, NTA!

Reasonable_racoon | Reasonable_racoon

NTA - Cincinnati is cosmopolitan compared to bumfuck Ohio 🤔

Tyberious_ | Tyberious_

Jealous parent laments missing out on solo vacations 🏔️👦👧

aetheravis | aetheravis

NTA. Kids don't NEED a vacation every year 👧

puhleez420 | puhleez420

NTA. Family can't dictate your life. Enjoy your trip! 😎

ArcheryOnThursday | ArcheryOnThursday

Sibling rivalry escalates over free vacation and child responsibilities 👦👧

Freakin_Merida88 | Freakin_Merida88

Hilarious comment about "bumfuck Ohio" sparks cute response 🤣

bumblebeesanddaisies | bumblebeesanddaisies

NTA - Bringing kids who aren't yours on vacation? No logic. 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Take the kids hiking yourself! How old are they?

crazymommaof2 | crazymommaof2

Stand your ground and don't let anyone second-guess you! ✊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Insanely entitled family demands vacations from you. NTA. 🙌

SlinkyMalinky20 | SlinkyMalinky20

Engaging in Ohio: Take charge of your own life! 👊

[deleted] | [deleted]

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