Bee-ware! Woman's Obsession with Bees Leads to Family Feud 🐝🔥

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Have you ever had a roommate with peculiar habits? Well, imagine if that roommate was your sister and her hobby was beekeeping. Now, add a pinch of paranoia and a dash of COVID-19, and you've got a recipe for a family feud that's as sticky as honey! 🐝🍯 This story is about a young woman who found herself in a buzz of trouble when her sister's love for bees took a wild turn during quarantine. Let's dive into the hive of drama...

The Buzz Begins 🐝

throwawaybeecausesis | throwawaybeecausesis

The Hive at Home 🏡

throwawaybeecausesis | throwawaybeecausesis

COVID-19 Concerns... for Bees? 🦠🐝

throwawaybeecausesis | throwawaybeecausesis

From Bat to Bee? 🦇➡️🐝

throwawaybeecausesis | throwawaybeecausesis

Bees in the Bathroom? 🛁🐝

throwawaybeecausesis | throwawaybeecausesis

The 'Compromise' 🛌🐝

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The Desperate Act 🧹🐝

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The Hive's Fall 🐝💥

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The Sting of Betrayal 🐝💔

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Family Fury 😡

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Bee-gone or Bee-guilty? 🐝⚖️

In the end, our bee-wary protagonist finds herself in a sticky situation. She's been kicked out of her sister's house, is being held responsible for the damage to the hive, and is facing the wrath of her entire family. All this because she didn't want to share her bathroom with a colony of bees! 🐝🚽 Now, she's left wondering if she was in the wrong or if her actions were justified given the bizarre circumstances. Let's see what the internet thinks about this buzz-worthy dilemma...

"YTA for sure. You don't like your sister's 'pet', lets say, so instead of saying 'no, i'll go shelter in place at MY residence', you said 'i'll sabotage living, endangered creatures'. She's correct, and YTA! You owe her an apology, and the money for repairs." 💥

lagelthrow | lagelthrow

🐝 Bringing bees indoors? 🚫 Unstable reactions lead to family feud

km89 | km89

"YTA for destroying her property, but she's batshit crazy 🍁💯"

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH: Bee hive wrecked, sister panicked, and bees indoors? 🐝🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Beekeeper drama: Sister brings hive inside, damages ensue 🐝🔥

Edymnion | Edymnion

"How do bees in a shower even survive? 🚿🐝" - Curious commenter

but_why_WHY | but_why_WHY

Family feud over bees: Unreasonable request meets destructive retaliation 🤪

pant0folaia | pant0folaia

ESH: A family feud over bees and bathroom boundaries 🐝🔥


ESH. Bee obsession leads to family feud and dorm dilemma 🐝🔥

BananaNutBread77 | BananaNutBread77

🐝 Family feud over bees: OP regrets destroying sister's prized possessions

carolinexwliu89 | carolinexwliu89

NTA - Your safety should be the top priority 🚨

Deweyfinnrocks | Deweyfinnrocks

YTA kicked over hive, but sister's request was unreasonable 😳

Kinlance | Kinlance

ESH. Immature actions escalate beekeeping feud. Respect and reimburse.

CaptainTeal | CaptainTeal

Defending against bee invasion 🐝🚫 - NTA, drastic action necessary

adrock75 | adrock75

🐝 ESH. Property destruction and poor choices lead to consequences.

nhannon87 | nhannon87

Bee-lieve it or not, knocking their hive won't make them buzz off! 🐝

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