Man Uninvited from Wedding, Withholds Promised Gift: Petty or Justified? 🎁💔

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Imagine being invited to a wedding, promising an extravagant gift, and then finding out you've been uninvited! That's exactly what happened to one man, who we'll call 'The Gifted Groomsmen'. He was all set to attend the wedding of an acquaintance, 'Molly', and had promised a custom-made gaming PC as a gift. But when he was uninvited due to 'cost-cutting measures', he decided to keep the gift. Was he right, or just being petty? Let's dive into this wedding drama. 🎁💔

The Invitation and the Promise 💌🎁

then-cupcake2999 | then-cupcake2999

The Uninvitation 🚫💌

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The Unpleasant Revelation 😲💔

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The Gift That Never Was 🎁❌

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The Heated Argument 🔥📞

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The Aftermath: Friends Take Sides 👫👬

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The Self-Doubt 😕🤔

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The Final Question 🤷‍♂️🎁

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The Unexpected Attention 📣👀

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The Clarification 📝🔍

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The Deception and Disappointment 😞💔

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The Gift Details 🎮💰

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The Future of Gift-Giving 🎁🔮

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Gifted Groomsmen's Wedding Woes: A Tale of Broken Promises and Uninvited Guests 🎁💔

So, what do you do when you're uninvited from a wedding but you've already promised a lavish gift? 'The Gifted Groomsmen' found himself in this exact predicament. After being unceremoniously uninvited due to 'cost-cutting measures', he decided to keep his promised gaming PC. This decision sparked a heated argument, with the bride accusing him of being petty. Friends were divided, with some siding with him, while others suggested that wedding planning can lead to tough decisions. Now, he's left questioning his actions. Was he justified, or just being petty? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🎁🚫💔

Molly uninvited OP but still expects an expensive wedding gift? NTA 🙄

Lanasoverit | Lanasoverit

NTA. Uninvited but expected a gift? That's tacky and entitled. 😭

Major_Barnacle_2212 | Major_Barnacle_2212

Wedding invite based on reputation, gift withheld: Justified or petty? 💔

Mindless-Locksmith76 | Mindless-Locksmith76

Demanding expensive gift from uninvited guest? NTA, it's tacky! 🙌

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

NTA. Molly sounds entitled. Uninvited = no gift 🙄

Anal-Churros | Anal-Churros

Uninvited guest withholds gift: NTA, who expects that? 😳

Stunning-Hedgehog-30 | Stunning-Hedgehog-30

NTA: Uninvited from wedding, withheld gift. Entitlement needs reality check. 🙄

allieadventurer | allieadventurer

NTA...uninviting someone over a gift? That's insane! 😱

RoyMcAv0y | RoyMcAv0y

NTA. No invite, no gift. Simple as that. 👍

Foggy_Radish | Foggy_Radish

Uninvited from wedding, but expected $1500 gift? NTA for withholding.

theassholethrowawa | theassholethrowawa

Uninvited from wedding, but expected expensive gift? Send a pickle fork set. NTA. 😂

changelingcd | changelingcd

NTA. Molly has some nerve to ask for a gift 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Uninvited guest refuses expensive gift: justified or just petty? 🤔

Schafer_Isaac | Schafer_Isaac

NTA. Uninvited from wedding, withheld promised gift. Petty or justified? 😎

Penguin_Doctor | Penguin_Doctor

Skipping the wedding, skipping the gift. Fair or foul? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: No obligation to give gift for uninvited wedding. Tacky!

Ajstross | Ajstross

Saving money and being NTA, a win-win situation! 👏

IamIrene | IamIrene

Uninvited from wedding, OP refuses gift: Justified and not petty 🙌

Ghitit | Ghitit

Wedding guest uninvited, keeps gift: NTA, no obligation to give

Kephri1337 | Kephri1337

Uninvited from wedding, withholding gift: NTA, tacky and unimaginable! 😱

lovely_aria_ann | lovely_aria_ann

Molly uninvited OP but still expects an expensive gift? Entitled much? 😑

Meiixx | Meiixx

No invite, no gift. She's playing you because you're nice. 👍

sc0tth | sc0tth

Revoked invitation, lied, and still wants gift? NTA for sure! 👏

DesertSong-LaLa | DesertSong-LaLa

Uninvited from wedding, commenter defends withholding promised gift. 😎

MyRockySpine | MyRockySpine

NTA calls out entitled, greedy bride for disinviting and demanding gift. 😱

Alarmed_Jellyfish555 | Alarmed_Jellyfish555

NTA: Bride uninvites guest, but still expects expensive gift? 😳

lonecactus777 | lonecactus777

No invite, no gift 👋

BreakfastHuge5981 | BreakfastHuge5981

Friendship fallout: Withheld gift sparks debate. NTA or ESH? 💔

nifty1997777 | nifty1997777

Do-over ceremony after marriage? Share your story! 👭

GungHoStocks | GungHoStocks

No invite, no gift 👍

koajalal2 | koajalal2

NTA: Gaming PC revenge with a framed picture 😂

Ok-Somewhere-442 | Ok-Somewhere-442

No gift required for uninvited guests. NTA, period. 👍

Curious_Cheek9128 | Curious_Cheek9128

Clever excuse to save money on wedding gift. NTA 👍

Jjustingraham | Jjustingraham

Wedding gift drama: NTA! Friend's tacky behavior is uncalled for. 🙅🏻

Odd-End-1405 | Odd-End-1405

NTA: Expensive gift for an entitled brat. Don't be used.

LCJ75 | LCJ75

Uninvited guest refuses gift: Entitlement or justified? 😠

ayymahi | ayymahi

NTA: Don't give her anything except a bill 🤷🏼‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Uninvited guest holds back gift: justified or petty? 🙄

Old-Run-9523 | Old-Run-9523

Texting for gift after uninviting from wedding? 🙄 NTA for sure!

Electrical-Extent-92 | Electrical-Extent-92

Cutting toxic friends? NTA! 👏

Princess-consuelaB | Princess-consuelaB

No obligation to give a gift at a wedding. 💔

anthroid9246 | anthroid9246

Is offering a $1500 gift weird or just generous? 😳

Tieger66 | Tieger66

NTA: Justified or Petty? 🙏

Proud_Ad_8830 | Proud_Ad_8830

RSVPs are meant to be final. NTA for uninviting.

NuclearRobotHamster | NuclearRobotHamster

No invite, no gift. NTA stands firm, sparks debate. 🤷🏻‍♂️

beneruler | beneruler

NTA Molly's entitlement backfires: no gift, no friendship, saved $1500 💔

ZebraCentaur | ZebraCentaur

Uninvited guest refuses gift: justified or just plain petty? 💔

Existing-Drummer-326 | Existing-Drummer-326

NTA. No obligation to give gift, uninviting means no expectations. 👍

Few_Ad_5752 | Few_Ad_5752

NTA: Spill the tea or be labeled petty! 🍵☕

MGKudan | MGKudan

Generous gift or excessive spending? 🤔

AreOneSpam | AreOneSpam

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