Man's Plea to Speak English to Spanish-Speaking Cat Sparks Unexpected Drama 🐱💔

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In a world where language barriers can cause misunderstandings, who would have thought it could extend to our furry friends too? 🐱💔 Meet our protagonist, a 31-year-old man, who moved in with his Chilean girlfriend and her Spanish-speaking cat, Luz. He thought he had a simple request - for his girlfriend to start speaking English to Luz so he could communicate with her. But, oh boy, was he in for a surprise! 😲🌩️

Moving in with a Spanish-speaking Cat 🏡🐱

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

Lost in Translation 🗣️🐱

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Struggle to Communicate 🙀

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

A Simple Request or So He Thought... 🤔

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Unexpected Response 😲

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Emotional Fallout 💔

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Apology and the Standoff 🙏🛑

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Plea and the Accusation 🥺👉

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Final Showdown 😡

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Verdict 🏛️

thorwawaycat2020 | thorwawaycat2020

The Tale of a Man, His Girlfriend, and a Spanish-Speaking Cat: Who's Right? 🐱💔🤷

In an unexpected twist of events, a man's simple request to his girlfriend to start speaking English to her Spanish-speaking cat, Luz, spirals into an emotional rollercoaster. What starts as a language barrier issue, soon reveals the deeper, heartbreaking truth of Luz's impending death. As the man pleads for understanding, he faces a staunch refusal from his girlfriend who insists on not confusing Luz in her final months. Accusations fly, tears are shed, and the question remains - who's right in this feline fiasco? Let's see what the internet has to say about this emotional conundrum... 🌍💬

OP's refusal to learn Spanish for the cat sparks outrage 😱

downvotelizard | downvotelizard

"YTA Cats don't understand Spanish any more than you do"

AceyAceyAcey | AceyAceyAcey

YTA. Expecting a Spanish-speaking cat to learn English? Meow-velous idea! 🐱

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA for wanting your gf to teach cat English. Lazy pos."

killingmequickly | killingmequickly

YTA. Expecting a cat to learn English? Seriously? 🙄

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

"YTA - Pushing English over her culture? Inconsiderate and selfish!" 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for not learning Spanish to communicate with your girlfriend's family 🙄

calltimeisfive | calltimeisfive

YTA. Being clueless about this is a major red flag 🐞

thatblokematt | thatblokematt

"F**king what? You expect her to teach the cat a new language because you can't be bothered to learn a few very simple commands in Spanish? YTA. You are a human being. You can learn how to say 'come here' and 'stop' in Spanish. Asking her to stop speaking the language the cat understands is out-of-this-world insane."

Porg-cuddles | Porg-cuddles

YTA wants girlfriend to speak English to Spanish-speaking cat 🐱

Irey_West | Irey_West

YTA for not bothering to learn a few cat-level words 🐱

MaxFuryToad | MaxFuryToad

"Ven" pronunciation difficulty sparks drama. YTA comment. 😂

Mystery-turtle | Mystery-turtle

Cat speaks 'Catonese' and 'Miau' - multilingual feline! 🐱💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA. Asking someone to speak a different language? Major a**hole 💔

PotterheadZZ | PotterheadZZ

Cat speaks Spanish better than you? YTA! 😂

wildberryyoghurt | wildberryyoghurt

YTA: Expecting a cat to learn English? Meow-verestimation! 🍣

oftenanomalous | oftenanomalous

Hilarious debate over speaking English to a Spanish-speaking cat 😂

Tinywrenn | Tinywrenn

Commenter questions if there's any redemption for the a**hole

staggeredstag | staggeredstag

Cat doesn't give a f**k about language, just wants treats 😶

mrbrendanblack | mrbrendanblack

"'Murican only! English-speaking cat drama unfolds!" 🐱💔

EuphoricRealist | EuphoricRealist

YTA wants to speak English to Spanish-speaking cat 🐱

princessofperky | princessofperky

Cat learning English before human learns Spanish 🐱💔

Jev_Ole | Jev_Ole

Grown man wants cat to learn English, sparks unexpected drama 🐱💔

snsdyoona12 | snsdyoona12

Entertaining clash of languages and cultural misunderstandings. 😂

jawrsh21 | jawrsh21

Cat doesn't care about language, just wants the yum yums 😋

ShiggnessKhan | ShiggnessKhan

"YTA. Refusing to communicate with a pet. Heartless and selfish. 😢"

tacky- | tacky-

OP wants cat and girlfriend to change for convenience. YTA.

fruskydekke | fruskydekke

YTA for wanting to speak English to a Spanish-speaking cat 🐱

Fetus5 | Fetus5

Ridiculous request sparks drama - YTA should learn Spanish! 😳

IPretendIMatter | IPretendIMatter

YTA - What's wrong with you? Drama unfolds 💔

maddylucy | maddylucy

😂 Worried the girlfriend and her cat are talking sh*t!

Extremefloof | Extremefloof

YTA sparks unexpected drama with Spanish-speaking cat 😱💔

greatvaluegatsby | greatvaluegatsby

Entitled bs: YTA centers himself, not his partner's comfort. 👎

cate2283 | cate2283

"YTA for expecting your girlfriend to change for your convenience"

Ragndur | Ragndur

YTA, learn your partner's language. The cat won't respond either.

ThatsJaicist | ThatsJaicist

Selfishness and language barriers causing drama in a relationship 💔


🐱😺 Let's not forget about the cat's language!

PoppySiddal | PoppySiddal

Dating a girl for 4 months and already causing drama? YTA 😼

Jaycro123 | Jaycro123

"YTA" - A fiery comment sparks unexpected drama 👊

NakedStreets | NakedStreets

YTA. Learn some Spanish 👉🏻 🌐

tcsweetgurl | tcsweetgurl

Lazy OP refuses to learn Spanish to communicate with cat 🙄

elemonated | elemonated

YTA for not learning Spanish to communicate with your cat 😶

HotWilbury | HotWilbury

YTA for trying to control your girlfriend's interactions with her cat 🐱

justheretolurk07 | justheretolurk07

Gatekeeping language with an old cat? Dude, YTA. 🙄

bcvickers | bcvickers

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