Man Locks Up Entire Alley, Neighbors Outraged 😲🔒

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Imagine buying a beautiful old red brick house, only to find out you've also purchased the entire alley behind it! 😮 That's exactly what happened to one homeowner, who decided to take matters into his own hands after neighbors started making demands. Let's dive into this dramatic tale of property rights and neighborhood feuds. 🏠🔥

Surprise Alley Ownership 🤯

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Double-Checking the Facts 🧐

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Neighbor's Initial Reaction 😅

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Trying to Keep the Peace 🕊️

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Threats and Plowing 🌨️

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Courthouse Conversations 🏛️

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Locking It Up 🔒

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Trespass Warning Signs ⚠️

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Neighbors' Fury 😡

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Settling a Debate 🤔

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Edit: Responding to Comments 💬

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Garages in the Alley 🚗

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Waiting to Edit 📝

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Possible Future Updates 📰

alleybaron2021 | alleybaron2021

Alley Drama Unfolds 🎭

So, our alley-owning protagonist found himself in quite the predicament! 😅 After discovering he owned the entire alley, he tried to keep the peace with his neighbors. But when they started making demands and threats, he decided enough was enough and locked the alley up tight. 🔒 Now, the neighbors are furious, and even his family thinks he's in the wrong. But one thing's for sure - he's not backing down! 💪 Let's see what the internet has to say about this wild situation... 🍿

Neighbor threatened to sue, OP blocked access, NTA. Problem solved. 👍

Portie_lover | Portie_lover

Neighbor locks up alley, sparks debate over property rights 🚨

JackSucks | JackSucks

Neighbor threatens to sue, OP blocks alley, hilarity ensues 😂

Dizzy-Promise-1257 | Dizzy-Promise-1257

OP's 'joke' about being the 'alley landlord' set a bad tone. ESH.

CakeOrDeath98 | CakeOrDeath98

Neighbor praised for taking extreme measures to protect property. 💪

FirmlyThatGuy | FirmlyThatGuy

Neighbor defends man's decision to lock alley for safety reasons. 🙌

MollyRolls | MollyRolls

Neighbor calls out OP for being a massive AH 🔥

jxcegxhris | jxcegxhris

Is owning a section of an alley even legal? 🤔

grandpaisland | grandpaisland

Neighbor predicts lawsuit over alley lockdown. YTA receives backlash.

LittleJessiePaper | LittleJessiePaper

Being an a**hole is better than being sued 😎

Maladict33 | Maladict33

Neighbor warns of legal consequences, calls OP an a**hole. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP's joke caused outrage and locked up alley 😒

groovygranny71 | groovygranny71

Neighbor conflict over blocked alley, ESH with bigger AHs.

monalisasmileyface | monalisasmileyface

Joke about rent led to a snowball of misunderstandings. ESH 😒

Kid_Cornelius | Kid_Cornelius

Neighbor calls out alley owner for blocking garage access 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Legal advice? Talk to a real estate lawyer 👨‍�

Bakkie | Bakkie

Neighbor's alley lockdown causes outrage and triple YTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Legal battle possible due to implied easement on property 🚨

RainbowDarter | RainbowDarter

Neighbors with garages affected, but not all. NAH.

Clare_Not_A_Bear | Clare_Not_A_Bear

Neighbor locks up alley, sparks legal debate 👨‍💻👮‍🏻

walnutwithteeth | walnutwithteeth

Neighbor calls out OP for locking up alley, warns of legal consequences 🚨

haneychappers | haneychappers

Neighbor raises valid point about right of way access. OP may be responsible for maintenance.

youwhoyouhoo | youwhoyouhoo

Neighbor questions if garages can be accessed, defends 'alley baron' 🤔

CapsizeQueen | CapsizeQueen

Locking up property can be a burden, but is necessary 🚪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor calls out OP's spiteful behavior, predicts negative outcome. 🤔

YoonLolina | YoonLolina

Neighbor calls out OP for being a scummy landlord type 👎

spaghettiAstar | spaghettiAstar

Neighbor calls out YTA for insensitive rent joke 😒

vewegoj2822 | vewegoj2822

Neighbors concerned about safety after alley is locked up 🚨

Bearkaraoke | Bearkaraoke

Neighbors demand payment for alley, OP locks it up. ESH 😒

Isawonline | Isawonline

Neighborhood feud escalates as OP blocks neighbors' garages. YTA.

IcreatewhatIcreate | IcreatewhatIcreate

Important reminder about owning and blocking off alleys in SoCal 🚨

squeaktoy_la | squeaktoy_la

Neighbor suggests legal alternatives to locking up alleyway. 👨‍💻👮‍💻

Tkcolumbia | Tkcolumbia

Neighbor calls out OP for blocking off access to garages 🚧

AlleyBaron2021 | AlleyBaron2021

Neighbor calls out entitled man with YTA comment 😠

Happy-dreamer23 | Happy-dreamer23

Neighbors' outrage over locked alley may have been a joke 😜

leeanforward | leeanforward

Neighbor calls out alley-locker with a YTA and legal threat 🗣️

kel765 | kel765

Neighbor calls out selfishness and greed in locking alleyway 🤦‍♂️

damnmanthatsmyjam | damnmanthatsmyjam

Neighbor calls out man for locking up alley, suggests warning signs. 🚨

knightfrog1248 | knightfrog1248

OP called out for hiding info and being the a**hole 🤨

mintardent | mintardent

Commenter called out for leaving out important information 🤔

ItsTime1234 | ItsTime1234

Gates divide neighbors as legal action looms 🚨

voodoodahlia | voodoodahlia

Neighbor calls out man for immature behavior and lack of social skills 😬

repulsivewitch | repulsivewitch

Neighbor feud escalates over alley plowing and rent. 😠

yachtiewannabe | yachtiewannabe

Legal action needed? 🤔

evrfixedmark | evrfixedmark

Redditors call out OP's bias, agree YTA 👍

ghostly_s | ghostly_s

Neighbor calls out OP for being a jerk and denying access 😠

daphydoods | daphydoods

Curious NTA asks about neighbors' use of alley, sparking concern 🤔

christina0001 | christina0001

Neighbor accuses man of being an a**hole for blocking alley

edge_ofthe_world | edge_ofthe_world

Neighbor calls out YTA for blocking alley, suggests snow removal fund 🚨

Nixie-rae | Nixie-rae

Both parties acted immaturely and legal consequences may follow. 😒

AuMatar | AuMatar

Neighbors escalate tensions over alley usage, ESH.

Jibber36 | Jibber36

Neighbor's garages blocked by alley lock, OP NTA? 🤔

rebelmary16 | rebelmary16

Neighbor wonders if alley will become pay-to-use after lockout 🤔

rich-tma | rich-tma

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