Professor Loses It and Yells at Student During Class 😱 Will He Face Consequences?

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Imagine being a university student, trying your best to adapt to online classes, and then having to deal with a professor who's not just difficult, but downright terrifying. That's the situation one 19-year-old German student found herself in when her professor went ballistic during a class presentation. The professor's behavior was so erratic and frightening that it left the entire class shaken. Now, the student who witnessed the ordeal is torn between reporting the professor to his superiors or staying silent. 😕

Online Classes and One Difficult Professor

klangentan | klangentan

The Boomer Professor

klangentan | klangentan

Smug, Arrogant, and Interrupting

klangentan | klangentan

Presentations Without Grades

klangentan | klangentan

The Fateful Presentation

klangentan | klangentan

Professor's Sudden Outburst

klangentan | klangentan

Angry Questions and Interruptions

klangentan | klangentan

Cutting Off the Girl's Explanation

klangentan | klangentan

Wishing to Fail the Student

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More Yelling and Insults

klangentan | klangentan

Frightening Behavior

klangentan | klangentan

Shaken Up and Unsure

klangentan | klangentan

Unable to Reach the Girl

klangentan | klangentan

To Report or Not to Report? 🤔

After witnessing the professor's shocking outburst, the student is left feeling unsure about whether to report him to his superiors. She's torn between wanting to stand up for the girl who was yelled at and worrying about taking things too far. To make matters worse, she can't reach out to the girl to see if she's okay with the idea of reporting the professor. So, what's the right move here? Should the student report the professor or stay silent? Let's see what the internet has to say about this dilemma... 💭

Report the professor for unprofessional and abusive behavior towards students 😡

AutumnMyth | AutumnMyth

Report the professor and encourage others to do the same. 👍

sunflowerprowler | sunflowerprowler

NTA. Report the incident with gathered students and evidence. 👍

NoIdeaLeh | NoIdeaLeh

NTA. Reporting this professor's behavior is necessary and justifiable. 💪

lolabornack | lolabornack

Report the professor for bullying and abuse. NTA 👏

amiashort | amiashort

Use university policies to describe bullying attitude and give feedback. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Let the higher ups decide 🤔 NTA comment

1stInning | 1stInning

Reporting professors' bad behavior is worth it in the long run 👍

lalalary | lalalary

Former university worker calls out infamous professor for bad behavior 😒

AceofToons | AceofToons

Former professor and department chairman disapproves of professor's behavior 🙅

Artistic_Bookkeeper | Artistic_Bookkeeper

Encouraging support for reporting abusive professor, NTA obviously. 👏

Ruralraan | Ruralraan

Report the abusive instructor before more students suffer. #NTA 🚨

Temporary_Painting | Temporary_Painting

Reporting unprovoked yelling: NTA, consequences for professor? 🤔

TWistedSLime4747 | TWistedSLime4747

Student calls out professor's behavior and suggests reporting him.

ilovecigars1974 | ilovecigars1974

Report the professor! You're NTA for speaking up 💪

BoudiccasJustice | BoudiccasJustice

Report it! NTA, you did the right thing 👍

EpicDad | EpicDad

Commenter calls out unprofessional behavior of professor. 👏

GodofHate | GodofHate

Encouraging solidarity and evidence gathering for NTA comment.

hfarrands | hfarrands

Report the professor for verbal abuse. NTA for sure! 👏

Fishkimo | Fishkimo

Instructor stands with student and offers helpful advice 👍

shrinni | shrinni

Inappropriate behavior from a professor. Unprofessional and unacceptable 😠

pandadimsum | pandadimsum

A fellow professor advises reporting the incident to the governance board.

noodlepartipoodle | noodlepartipoodle

Record the evidence and report the professor's behavior 👍

Thejmax | Thejmax

Commenter sympathizes with OP but doubts consequences for professor. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Professor's unprofessional behavior called out by commenter 👏

swilliamspost | swilliamspost

Commenter reflects on past abusive teachers and supports student's actions.

wandlust | wandlust

Commenter calls out unprofessional behavior of professor 🤔

kostis12345 | kostis12345

Reporting a professor's possible cognitive issues is necessary 👍

Premodonna | Premodonna

Take action! Report the incident and hold him accountable 💪

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Report the abusive professor, mental health is important 🚨

hopelesswaves | hopelesswaves

Report the professor! NTA and morally obligated to do so 👏

zaffre_diphthong | zaffre_diphthong

Support for student and condemnation of professor's behavior. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sharing a positive experience with reporting an abusive professor. NTA 🙌

insomniac29 | insomniac29

Short and sweet NTA comment with no replies.

youm3ddlingkids | youm3ddlingkids

Encouraging comment to report terrible professor 👍

amrycalre | amrycalre

A clever revenge plan against a rude professor 😂

texttxttxttxttext | texttxttxttxttext

Report the professor! NTA, that behavior is inexcusable 🚨

rlb199779 | rlb199779

NTA reports abusive professor to Dean for serious consequences 🚨

Medievalmoomin | Medievalmoomin

Reporting abusive behavior is necessary. NTA 👏

reaperr99 | reaperr99

Student defends recording professor's outburst, calls it messed up 😱

alazinggrace | alazinggrace

Report unprofessional behavior of authority figures to protect students 👍

isofolly | isofolly

Encouraging support for reporting abusive professor 💪

purplensive | purplensive

Student not at fault 👍 No consequences expected

thefanum | thefanum

Student not at fault, no consequences expected 🙂

Budma | Budma


LunarHare82 | LunarHare82

Student calls out professor's behavior, urges others to report him 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report bad behavior, even if they have tenure! 👏

krty98 | krty98

Report the professor! NTA should not face such behavior 👏

Hodgepodgehedge | Hodgepodgehedge

Take action! Report the professor's unacceptable behavior 🚨

Compassion-1st | Compassion-1st

A relatable experience with a difficult professor. Block and report.

EmoGirlHours | EmoGirlHours

Valuable lesson: some managers are insufferable. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Professor's outburst: Red flag or justifiable frustration? 🤔

AshantiZX | AshantiZX

Encouraging response to report professor with exclamation and megaphone emojis.

SilverWalkerInWyld | SilverWalkerInWyld

This student thinks the professor should be reported. 🤔

kvb13131 | kvb13131

Stand up to injustice 💪🏻 Report power-tripping professors 👨‍🎓

Blondendbruised | Blondendbruised

NTA suggests reporting the professor and warning the targeted student 👍

oli67ilo | oli67ilo

Student advises reporting professor's behavior in professional setting. 👍

sunnycontrarian | sunnycontrarian

Reporting is key 👍. Professor's behavior was unacceptable. NTA.

ZeeRae | ZeeRae

Report the grade a** professor for verbally attacking a student 🚨

Bookaholicforever | Bookaholicforever

👍 No room for bad attitudes in the classroom. #NTA

SP_Patrick | SP_Patrick

Report the professor, but be cautious of retaliation 🙁

spacebugblue | spacebugblue

Report the abusive professor and gather evidence to support it 👍

Coryfdw200 | Coryfdw200

Encourage reporting professor's unprofessional and disrespectful behavior 👍

dontknowgottago | dontknowgottago

NTA but be cautious when reporting to protect your anonymity 🔒

MellyBean2012 | MellyBean2012

Reporting the professor may be difficult but worth it. 👍

DocSternau | DocSternau

Call for justice! NTA comment demands consequences for professor 💪

rnngwen | rnngwen

Report professor's behavior. University can review Zoom footage for evidence. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Student reports professor for bad behavior and faces retaliation 😬

AmoldineShepard | AmoldineShepard

Student not at fault 👍 No consequences expected 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encouraging reply advises reporting abusive professor with caution 👍

aliencatgrrr | aliencatgrrr

Supportive comment encourages reporting inappropriate behavior by professor 👍

lazereye5267 | lazereye5267

Suggests recording future sessions on Zoom to gather evidence 📽

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spelling correction leads to NTA judgement. 👍

Lexi_Banner | Lexi_Banner

Report abusive professor to higher-ups for student's safety 🚨

KayskolA | KayskolA

Commenter calls out professor's behavior as infamous and supports student

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support for reporting professor's behavior with pleading tone 🙏

Natrix-natrix | Natrix-natrix

Support for taking action against professor's unprofessional behavior. 👏

pwdump | pwdump

Encouraging support for taking action with clapping hands emoji

monkeyshinesno2 | monkeyshinesno2

📝 Document, contact student reps and faculty representatives for support. #NTA

SokobanProfi | SokobanProfi

Student stands up to bullying professor and sparks change 💪

Cerenya | Cerenya

Standing up to unprofessional behavior is never a**hole move. 👏

Lunarixis | Lunarixis

Report the professor for unprofessional behavior. #NTA 👏

Clarrisani | Clarrisani

Reach out to Fachschaft or ASTA for support. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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