Sister Dumps Baby on Inexperienced Teen, Drama Unfolds 😱👶

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Picture this: an 18-year-old girl with zero experience in taking care of babies is suddenly left in charge of her sister's 3-month-old baby. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Well, that's exactly what happened to one young woman when her sister needed to go grocery shopping and then decided to get her nails done. The inexperienced aunt had no idea how to handle the situation, and things quickly spiraled out of control. Let's dive into this dramatic tale! 😬👶

Inexperienced Aunt's Dilemma 🤷‍♀️

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Sister's Request 🛍️

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Reluctant Babysitter 🚼

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Setting Boundaries ⏳

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Sister's Extended Absence 😒

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Desperate Measures 🚨

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Sister's Reaction 😠

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Feeling Guilty? 😔

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Car Seat Clarification 🚗

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YouTube to the Rescue? 📺

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Willing to Learn 📚

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Mom Steps In 💪

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Sister's Devious Plan 😈

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Family Resolution 🤝

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Family Drama Resolved, Lessons Learned 🌈

In the end, the family came together to resolve the situation. The mom stepped in and gave the sister an earful, while the sister's husband was furious at her devious plan. They decided to get the sister evaluated for postpartum depression and the inexperienced aunt will now learn how to properly care for a baby. It's a wild ride from start to finish, but it looks like this family is on the path to healing and understanding. Let's see what the internet thinks of this rollercoaster of a story... 🎢👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

NTA for refusing to babysit sister's baby without proper preparation 🚫

aaseandersen | aaseandersen

Teen babysits for 1 hour, sister abandons baby for 5. NTA.

Infamous-Wasabi-9007 | Infamous-Wasabi-9007

Sister deceives and endangers baby for a nail appointment. NTA wins!

OrcEight | OrcEight

NTA! Sister ignored your warning about babysitting, nails were planned 👍

filthycasual908 | filthycasual908

Agreement broken, sister expected too much. NTA wins with police threat 👏

spazzingtentacles | spazzingtentacles

Teen agrees to babysit for an hour, sister changes plans. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Expensive nails, but can't afford a sitter? NTA agrees 👶

Emotional_Fan_7011 | Emotional_Fan_7011

Taking care of a baby is not a trial and error task 🚫. Even being shown is different. NTA.

LunaticBZ | LunaticBZ

Teen left with baby, commenter calls out poor parenting skills 👶

eregina3 | eregina3

Sister leaves baby longer than agreed, demands more time. NTA 👍

RighteousVengeance | RighteousVengeance

Commenter questions sister's entitlement, doubts her expectations for help. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom takes advantage of inexperienced teen, commenter says NTA 👍

hmoses17 | hmoses17

Teen praised for handling baby drama like a pro 👏

Tigarana | Tigarana

Sister dumps baby on inexperienced teen, gets upset when neglected. NTA.

Sea-Sky3177 | Sea-Sky3177

Sister pressures teen to babysit, lies about return time. Neglects child. 😡

PsilosirenRose | PsilosirenRose

Standing up for yourself and the baby. 👏

Soyokaze1970 | Soyokaze1970

Parenting responsibility and lies exposed. NTA 👍

exotics | exotics

Babysitting gone wrong: sister leaves for 5 hours, what to do? 🤷‍♀️

Squidney995 | Squidney995

NTA, taking care of kids without proper guidance is terrifying 😱

KandyShopp | KandyShopp

NTA for setting boundaries and sister taking advantage 👍

Ouragan28 | Ouragan28

Sister leaves baby with inexperienced teen for 5 hours 😱 NTA

Legitimate_Pizza1047 | Legitimate_Pizza1047

Teen left alone with baby, learns not to trust sister 🤷‍♀️

SheiB123 | SheiB123

Mom calls out sister for leaving baby with inexperienced teen 😱

Beautiful-Try-1750 | Beautiful-Try-1750

Agreed to watch baby for an hour, sister makes new plans 😑

plutochips | plutochips

Agreement exploited? NTA gets dumped with baby drama 😱👶

UnfortunateDaring | UnfortunateDaring

Generosity backfires: Teen babysitter not the a**hole in drama 😱

Tabitha_tells | Tabitha_tells

Teen left to care for baby, sister MIA. NTA.

unwholesome_coxcomb | unwholesome_coxcomb

NTA for refusing to watch baby while sister gets nails done 👶

AngeIEevee | AngeIEevee

Teen stands up for herself, sets boundaries with sister's baby 👶

Black_Cute2008 | Black_Cute2008

Teen left with baby drama, but not the a**hole 👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dumped with no instructions, NTA for struggling. 🙏

Pandasrthebest | Pandasrthebest

Setting boundaries: NTA refuses to be taken advantage of 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen babysits for sister, but spa day is not okay 😱

ObjectiveAttitude522 | ObjectiveAttitude522

Sister takes advantage of teen, gets called out. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister lies and dumps baby on teen, NTA for refusing. 👏

Pleasant-Excuse-2530 | Pleasant-Excuse-2530

Sister lied to leave baby with teen for nail appointment 🤪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Agreed time exceeded, NTA stands their ground 👍

monagr | monagr

Experienced babysitter fed up with sister's irresponsible behavior 🤷🏻‍♀️

shork2005 | shork2005

Mother dumps baby on inexperienced teen, ignores boundaries and agreement.

TheBigBluePit | TheBigBluePit

Standing up for yourself against selfish sister 👏

MsDucky42 | MsDucky42

Baby safety concerns raised, but commenter defends teen's actions.

ohnonothisagain | ohnonothisagain

Inexperienced teen left with baby for hours, NTA for refusing.

CatsPolitics | CatsPolitics

Sister takes advantage of inexperienced teen, NTA for feeling guilty 😱

DoozleWoozle | DoozleWoozle

Don't get walked over! NTA stands tall against sister's manipulation 💪

Maxpowrsss | Maxpowrsss

Sister dumps baby on teen, NTA suggests better options 🍼

trewesterre | trewesterre

Sister lies about errand, dumps baby on teen. NTA stands up.

Miiesha | Miiesha

Not a fan of kids, but still offered to help 👍

Competitive-Bake-103 | Competitive-Bake-103

Sister dumps baby on teen, lies about duration of visit 😱

risingmoon01 | risingmoon01

NTA gets real about scheduling babysitters 👍

JuliaX1984 | JuliaX1984

Important safety tip for baby car seats. NTA.

Aita_Browser | Aita_Browser

Sister neglects baby for nails, commenter shocked. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen babysits entitled sister's baby, gets taken advantage of 😤👶

Wonderful_Horror7315 | Wonderful_Horror7315

Sister dumps baby on teen, attacks her when she refuses. NTA.

frangipanihawaii | frangipanihawaii

Irresponsible sister leaves baby with inexperienced teen. NTA drama ensues 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Important reminder about baby safety in car seats 👶

Lurchislurking | Lurchislurking

When babysitting goes wrong, priorities shift. 🤷‍♀️

MycologistFast4306 | MycologistFast4306

Sibling dumps baby on teen, NTA steps in to help 👏

Tressame17 | Tressame17

NTA stands up to entitled sister's bullying for free childcare 👶

ForsakenDrag1797 | ForsakenDrag1797

NTA for standing up to negligent sister. She needs to show you what to do if she wants help. 👍

WayMoreCowbell | WayMoreCowbell

Teen not at fault, commenters agree with NTA verdict 👍

Swirlyflurry | Swirlyflurry

Sister takes advantage of teen, commenter approves. 👍

Acrobatic_End6355 | Acrobatic_End6355

Sister dumps baby on teen, commenter calls her a**hole 😱

gellergreen | gellergreen

Sister lies and dumps baby on teen. Teen is NTA 👏

SaikaTheCasual | SaikaTheCasual

Decent mom would supervise, not dump baby. NTA 👍

CrazyGooseLady | CrazyGooseLady

Committing to an hour and extending to 3 is unreasonable 😒

Material-Profit5923 | Material-Profit5923

NTA. Commenter shares experience of preparing babysitters. 👶

Frosty-Mall4727 | Frosty-Mall4727

Teen helps sister with baby, threatened to call police. NTA 👏

AstronautLife4931 | AstronautLife4931

Setting boundaries with family members when it comes to babysitting 👶

Nashatal | Nashatal

Sibling leaves baby with teen, commenters agree: NTA 👍

PolesRunningCoach | PolesRunningCoach

Sister leaves baby in car seat, NTA calls out parenting

AmberWaves80 | AmberWaves80

NTA: Sister lied and dumped baby on you, don't help again 👍

RetMilRob | RetMilRob

Commenter calls out sister's irresponsible behavior, deemed NTA.

C_Noel | C_Noel

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