Mom Calls Out Lazy Boyfriend: Time to Step Up as a Dad? 😤

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Imagine spending a cozy Christmas week with your family at a cabin, only to find yourself taking care of not just your own kids, but your boyfriend's child as well. This 27-year-old mom of three has had enough and decided to confront her 28-year-old boyfriend for not stepping up as a dad. She's been handling all the responsibilities, from baking cookies to making hot cocoa, while he's been too busy playing with his new toys. But when she finally calls him out, he accuses her of being an a**hole. Did she cross the line, or is she just trying to make him see the light? Let's dive into the story. 🍿👀

A Blended Family Christmas 🎄

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Living Separately, But United for the Holidays 🏡

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A Week Together at the Family Cabin 🏞️

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Even Mom's Ex Was Invited 🎁

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The Boyfriend's Lack of Involvement 😒

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Little Girl Clings to Mom 💔

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Mom Steps Up, Boyfriend Stays on the Sidelines 🍪

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The Cocoa Incident ☕

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Mom's Petty Revenge 🍬

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Confrontation Time ⚡

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Mom's Fed Up 😠

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Boyfriend's Shocking Response 😲

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Was She Misunderstood? 🤔

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Mom vs. Lazy Boyfriend: Who's in the Wrong? 🥊

This mom of three is fed up with her boyfriend's lack of involvement with his own daughter during their family Christmas vacation. She's been taking care of all the kids, while he's been too busy playing with his new toys. When she finally confronts him, he accuses her of being an a**hole and holding his child against him. Was she wrong for calling him out, or is he just refusing to see the truth? 🤷‍♀️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA. Commenters agree that the boyfriend is lazy and manipulative. 🤔

poopnbuttyay | poopnbuttyay

Stepmom and others warn OP to leave lazy, manipulative boyfriend. 👍

greenbean999 | greenbean999

Step up or step out: Commenters agree he's a deadbeat 👎

benfranklin-katniss | benfranklin-katniss

NTA comment suggests lazy boyfriend is not stepping up as dad 🙄

AloysiusAlgaliarept | AloysiusAlgaliarept

Lazy boyfriend expects partner to do all the childcare and chores. 😑

milee30 | milee30

Lazy boyfriend won't step up as a dad. NTA's future in doubt 🤷‍♀️

idk1234455 | idk1234455

Being a great step-parent deserves appreciation 👏

expfcgaultheria | expfcgaultheria

Think twice before settling down with a lazy partner 🤔

teresajs | teresajs

Commenter offers advice and warns about 'Disney Dads' 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA calls out lazy boyfriend's poor parenting skills 😤

madmismka | madmismka

Lazy boyfriend wants you to do all the parenting work. 🤪

FlashingAppleby | FlashingAppleby

Parenting isn't a one-person job 👨‍👩‍👤, but some need a nudge.

IcyEmployee5 | IcyEmployee5

Lazy boyfriend gaslights mom for calling out his dad duties 😒

Fleegle2212 | Fleegle2212

Dating for 8 months, weekend sleepovers, and already seeing red flags 😬

SubliminationStation | SubliminationStation

Ex's behavior a red flag? NTA for expecting more. 🙄

kdnbernier | kdnbernier

Lazy boyfriend neglects his daughter, NTA for calling him out 👏

Sad_Responsibility93 | Sad_Responsibility93

Don't ignore the red flags 🚨, move on sis! 👏

enterpursuingabear | enterpursuingabear

Lazy boyfriend resents his daughter, NTA for considering leaving him. 👏

Musiclovinfox | Musiclovinfox

Dump the deadbeat! 🚮 He's shown his true colors.

MsGinErso | MsGinErso

Commenter calls out lazy boyfriend for not stepping up as dad 😤

SoManyWhippets | SoManyWhippets

Escape the toxicity 💔 Kids deserve better too 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

justlookingrn2 | justlookingrn2

Partner or nanny? NTA calls out boyfriend's parenting role 🤔

Left_Nectarine_2261 | Left_Nectarine_2261

Heartbreaking story of a neglected child and absent father. 😢

SilentSiren39 | SilentSiren39

NTA, parenting should be equal. 🙌🏼

gotta_love_plato | gotta_love_plato

Don't let him manipulate you. You deserve better. 👏

amjay8 | amjay8

Boyfriend accused of being a crap father, responds defensively. NTA.

5pinktoes | 5pinktoes

NTA commenter advises to dump the lazy boyfriend. 👋

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Take space from lazy boyfriend? NTA says it's a good idea 😑

Khanover7 | Khanover7

Boyfriend's laziness and sexism exposed. NTA for setting boundaries. 👏

Cats-Dramatic | Cats-Dramatic

Lazy boyfriend neglects own child, unlikely to be good stepfather. 😔

Twirdman | Twirdman

BF wants a 'bangmaid'? NTA for saying no 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't settle for a lazy partner. You deserve better 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend unwilling to listen to valid criticism 🤔

julskrsslr | julskrsslr

Actions speak louder than words. Trust his actions, not promises. 👍

Roadgoddess | Roadgoddess

Boyfriend doesn't like kids, focus on your own instead 🙄

secondateleventh | secondateleventh

Lazy boyfriend seeks mommy, not partner. 😒

FollowThisNutter | FollowThisNutter

NTA suggests ditching lazy boyfriend and befriending kid's mother 🙄

fozzy_de | fozzy_de

Mom calls out lazy boyfriend for not being a dad 😤

abcwva | abcwva

Savage advice sparks no response from comment section 🤷‍♂️

SpiritedSoul | SpiritedSoul

Creative solution to lazy boyfriend problem. 🤷‍♀️

HoomanGroovin | HoomanGroovin

Breaking up with lazy boyfriend, keeping friends with family ♡

melodicatrident | melodicatrident

Ouch! Sounds like he messed up big time. 🤨

bird351167 | bird351167

Selfish boyfriend twists clear message. NTA stands her ground. 😠

dystopianpirate | dystopianpirate

Don't let a narcissist derail the conversation. Stay firm. 🙌

merchillio | merchillio

Pushing a partner to be a better parent is NTA 👍

Sinthyasofia | Sinthyasofia

Dump him! 💔 NTA deserves better than an unappreciative partner.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom calls out lazy boyfriend for not stepping up as dad 😠

just-peepin-at-u | just-peepin-at-u

👍 NTA comment gets straight to the point about deadbeat boyfriend

badboringusername | badboringusername

Commenter gets support for calling out lazy boyfriend 👏

notthrowaway42069 | notthrowaway42069

Commenter calls out lazy boyfriend's bad parenting, harshly criticizes OP.

Neravariine | Neravariine

Commenter warns about lazy boyfriend's future parenting abilities. 😔

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

Lazy boyfriend wants someone else to parent his kid. NTA.

DeshaMustFly | DeshaMustFly

Lazy boyfriend not helping with kids? NTA, call him out! 🙌

bizianka | bizianka

Deadbeat boyfriend expects woman to parent, NTA for leaving. 👏

CopsaLau | CopsaLau

Lazy boyfriend neglects his own child and accuses partner of it 😒

ViolaVetch75 | ViolaVetch75

Lazy boyfriend twisting words? NTA mom needs better partner 🤮

Bangbangsmashsmash | Bangbangsmashsmash

NTA suggests telling mother if they break up to avoid blame.

CJsopinion | CJsopinion

Future single parent? NTA calls out lazy boyfriend. 😔

bounce-bounce-run | bounce-bounce-run

🚩 Lazy boyfriend wants free babysitter, not a parent. 🤔

ButteredGrits | ButteredGrits

Ex-wife knew it first, lazy boyfriend seeks mom not partner. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Boyfriend acting like a nanny? NTA calls him out. 😍

jmc259 | jmc259

Savage reply to a lazy boyfriend, but hilarious 😂

aaaggghhhhhhhhh | aaaggghhhhhhhhh

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