Wife Refuses Husband's Request to Father Another Child with Different Woman 😱

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Imagine being married to a loving man who already has a child with another woman, but then he wants to have another child with her! That's the situation one woman found herself in, and she's not sure if she's in the wrong for refusing. Her husband, James, was a sperm donor to his friend Miranda and her wife Vivian, and they have a sweet little boy. James is an involved "uncle" and the wife has grown to accept this unique family dynamic. However, when Miranda approached James about being a donor again, the wife put her foot down. 😳🚫

The Unique Family Dynamic

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Accepting the Situation

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Trying for a Baby

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Another Request

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Wife's Discomfort

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Wife's Stance

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Husband's Suggestion

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Miranda and Vivian's Refusal

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Husband's Final Decision

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Wife's Explanation

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Restricted Access

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Selfish Reasons?

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More Details

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Wife's Dilemma: Selfish or Justified? 🤔

This wife is torn between her own feelings and the happiness of her husband and his friends. She's accepted the unique family dynamic, but when asked to allow her husband to father another child with another woman, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. James sided with his wife, but now Miranda and Vivian are restricting access to their son, causing heartache for James and his family. Is the wife's stance selfish or justified? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💬

Husband's friends demand wife to be okay with surrogate, NTA

Xynic | Xynic

NTA. Vivian and Miranda are being incredibly unreasonable 😱

anonyyymousse | anonyyymousse

Couple's obsession with genetic link hurting their son and others 😢

MamaC2011 | MamaC2011

Commenter calls out using children as weapons 🗣️

loudent2 | loudent2

NTA for refusing husband's request to father another child. Commenters agree.

Sweeper1985 | Sweeper1985

NTA for not wanting husband to father another child with different woman, but ESH for the way they all handled the situation. Commenters have mixed opinions and suggest considering James' previous intentions and the couple's entitlement.

lovesjasmine | lovesjasmine

NTA has a right to be uncomfortable, but family should be gracious 🙏

TheRealChocolateFrog | TheRealChocolateFrog

NTA refuses husband's request to father child with different woman 😱

FrontQuail | FrontQuail

Husband's involvement with donor child is complicated and problematic. NTA.

justatemp82 | justatemp82

Complicated non-traditional family dynamics with weaponizing access to child 😞

UniqueLoginID | UniqueLoginID

NTA for not wanting husband to father child with another woman

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Miranda and Vivian are being AHs. Suggest adoption or another donor. 😒

traipse75 | traipse75

Husband wants to father child with another woman, commenters debate who sucks more. ESH 🤷‍♀️

Femmus | Femmus

Suggests alternative to husband donating sperm for biologically related child. NTA.

Kaleigh2486 | Kaleigh2486

Couple ignores husband's 'no' to father child with another woman 😠

Fluwyn | Fluwyn

NTA OP! Red flag behavior from others. Appalling use of child 😱

LillytheFurkid | LillytheFurkid

Suggestion to offer James as donor for second child 🤔

u_e_s_i | u_e_s_i

Respectful response to husband's request for another child with surrogate.

Curly-Pat | Curly-Pat

NTA comment defends nontraditional families and criticizes couple's immaturity 😱

Blues-20 | Blues-20

Family involvement in grandchild causing conflict over fathering another child. NAH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter suggests husband's desire to father a child with another woman is selfish. Replies argue against sharing sperm and defend wife's decision.

burkeymonster | burkeymonster

Respectful communication and bodily autonomy prevail. NTA 👍

lazers-to-stun | lazers-to-stun

NTA for refusing to father another child with different woman 😱

JohnChapter11Verse35 | JohnChapter11Verse35

Debate over husband's request to father another child with different woman 😕

jdog1105 | jdog1105

NTA for refusing to father child with different woman 😊

ItStillIsntLupus | ItStillIsntLupus

Debate over husband's role in fathering another child with woman.

szendvics | szendvics

Miranda and Vivian aren't entitled to James' sperm 👍

slimfastdieyoung | slimfastdieyoung

NTA OP's wife wants another child with his sperm, but he disagrees.

Ianjh | Ianjh

Setting boundaries is okay, harassment is not. NAH 👍

RinoaRita | RinoaRita

Commenter calls out selfishness in controversial family situation. 😱

shayjax- | shayjax-

Commenter suggests couple may be limiting access due to husband's discomfort 🤔

shayjax- | shayjax-

Debate on OP being TA for denying husband's request. 🤔

Ahoukun | Ahoukun

Commenter calls out misleading title and jealousy, YTA confirmed 🙄

PurpleProboscis | PurpleProboscis

Commenter suggests alternate solutions to husband's request for donor.

Evan_802Vines | Evan_802Vines

Husband's broken promise causes tension between families. ESH 😑

moritana | moritana

You have the right to ask for priority. NTA 👏

compassionfever | compassionfever

Commenter defends husband's choice, slams entitled request with expletive outrage 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for not wanting wife to have a child with friend. Harassment from Vivian and Miranda makes them TA 😱

tisvana18 | tisvana18

Defending OP's decision to refuse husband's request for sperm donation 🙌

bcrowe40 | bcrowe40

Curious commenter seeks info on restricted access to family members 🤔

Rogues_Gambit | Rogues_Gambit

Commenter calls out Vivian and Miranda for being 'garbage'. NTA.

meihakim | meihakim

NTA for refusing to father another child with different woman 🙌

gundamdianxia | gundamdianxia

Demanding someone else's sperm? That's a bit a**hole-ish. 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Anonymous donor sperm may be the way to go 😉

monsterisincorrect | monsterisincorrect

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