Man Exposes Girlfriend's Lie During Family Zoom Call: Did He Go Too Far? 😲

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Picture this: you're invited to your significant other's family Zoom call, where everyone enjoys dinner and plays games together. Sounds fun, right? Well, not for one couple. During the call, our protagonist (22M) was caught off-guard when his girlfriend's (21F) family praised him for being an engineer. The only problem? He's not an engineer! 😱 He works as a Building Maintenance Tech at a children's hospital. So, what did he do? He told the truth, of course! But this didn't sit well with his girlfriend. Let's dive into their story.

A Surprising Compliment 🤨

trickoflight2709 | trickoflight2709

Confusion Sets In 😕

trickoflight2709 | trickoflight2709

Setting the Record Straight 🛠️

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Awkwardness Ensues 😬

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Girlfriend's Reaction 😒

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Her Explanation 🙄

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Standing His Ground 💪

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A Stalemate 🤷

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The Big Question ❓

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To Lie or Not to Lie: A Modern Dilemma 🎭

So, our protagonist chose honesty over playing along with his girlfriend's lie. While he's proud of his job and the life he's built without a college degree, his girlfriend feels embarrassed and thinks he should have just gone along with the lie. Was he wrong for telling the truth, or is his girlfriend overreacting? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA. GF lied and is likely classist. Family not the problem.

Peskypoints | Peskypoints

Girlfriend lies about boyfriend's status, aunt sets him up. GF looks bad.

NYCMusicalMarathon | NYCMusicalMarathon

Honesty is the best policy, and he's a catch! 👍

AudreyB4 | AudreyB4

NTA. Girlfriend embarrassed herself, not the boyfriend. 👍

awxor | awxor

GF lied about BF's education and job, NTA for exposing. Conversation needed.

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Partner lies and expects you to lie too? NTA for exposing 👏

ellaphantzgerald | ellaphantzgerald

Girlfriend lies to family about boyfriend's job, gets exposed. NTA.

BlackberryBeetle | BlackberryBeetle

Exposing girlfriend's lie: NTA wins points for honesty 👏

Beyond665 | Beyond665

NTA saves for college, girlfriend prioritizes family opinion 🙄

be-incredible | be-incredible

Being a maintenance tech at a children's hospital is a great job 😊

wallyboardwithwheel | wallyboardwithwheel

22-year-old essential worker with no student debt is NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! Girlfriend's strange assumptions exposed during family Zoom call 😎

mediastoosocial | mediastoosocial

Partner lies about boyfriend's job to impress family, NTA for exposing 👏

Kitty_Katty_Kit | Kitty_Katty_Kit

Stand up for your partner, even in the face of family 👯🏻‍♂️

isntellie | isntellie

Girlfriend lies about boyfriend's job, gets exposed during family call 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Honesty is the best policy, even during family Zoom calls. 😊

fholler92 | fholler92

Girlfriend's lie exposed during Zoom call, NTA for telling truth 👍

Annalirra | Annalirra

Honesty is the best policy, even during a family Zoom 👍

Snorlax5000 | Snorlax5000

Empathetic NTA comment acknowledges girlfriend's embarrassment and excuses her lie.

palaeastur | palaeastur

Maintenance worker praised for exposing girlfriend's lie. NTA.

Prior_Lobster_5240 | Prior_Lobster_5240

Standing up against classism in relationships. 💪

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Girlfriend's lie exposes deeper issues in relationship 🤔

Unlucky_Egg_9935 | Unlucky_Egg_9935

NTA for exposing girlfriend's lie during family Zoom call 👍

HumanityIsACesspool | HumanityIsACesspool

Clear judgement! What's the story behind this? 🤔

xInsomniCatx | xInsomniCatx

Dump her. NTA 💯

rechapos | rechapos

🤔 Is the comment calling the story fake or the girlfriend's lie?

DwideShrued | DwideShrued

Girlfriend lied about partner's job, he exposed it. NTA.

DocSternau | DocSternau

Honesty is the best policy 👍. Lying only leads to embarrassment.

starienite | starienite

Partner lied, family believed it. He corrected, NTA 👍

Lanky-Temperature412 | Lanky-Temperature412

Honesty is key in relationships 💌

evanescent_ranger | evanescent_ranger

Girlfriend's lie backfires: NTA for telling the truth on Zoom 👍

thechort7 | thechort7

Don't lie and you won't get caught. NTA for exposing.


NTA exposes girlfriend's lie during Zoom call, saves future trouble 👍

NobleExperiments | NobleExperiments

Exposing a lie or standing up for oneself? NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner's lie raises concern about honesty in relationship. NTA.

TheGlennDavid | TheGlennDavid

Blue-collar trades are undervalued, but essential during a pandemic. 🙏

dstluke | dstluke

Honesty is the best policy 👍. NTA for not lying for GF.


Exposed lie, avoided awkwardness. NTA for calling it out. 😊

MaximumCade | MaximumCade

Responsibility of sticking to a story lies with the storyteller. NTA 👍

Nalpona_Freesun | Nalpona_Freesun

Handling lies with dignity and grace 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Honesty is the best policy 👍

Gullible-Field-2937 | Gullible-Field-2937

This comment needs context 🤔

AvengesTheStorm | AvengesTheStorm

Standing up for yourself: NTA calls out girlfriend's lie 💪

sangfoudre | sangfoudre

Man exposes girlfriend's lie about job during Zoom call. NTA.

pgp555 | pgp555

Girlfriend assumes family's opinion, NTA for exposing lie. 👍

MichiganStatetrooper | MichiganStatetrooper

Be proud of yourself and find someone who loves you 👏

princesspurrito36 | princesspurrito36

Honesty is the best policy 👍

AmethysstFire | AmethysstFire

Impressive career at 22, NTA for exposing girlfriend's lie 💪

NolaJen1120 | NolaJen1120

Exposing a lie: NTA calls out classist girlfriend 😎

Piercedbunny | Piercedbunny

Girlfriend lies, gets caught on Zoom call. Commenter says NTA 👍

CinnamonPumpkin13 | CinnamonPumpkin13

Partner's lies and snobbery may be deal breakers. NTA 👍

Cardabella | Cardabella

Girlfriend lies, boyfriend exposes during Zoom call. NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Exposed girlfriend's lies on Zoom, NTA for defending self 💪

ConsistentCheesecake | ConsistentCheesecake

Girlfriend lies about his job to appear classist, he exposes her.

Twasbrillig1 | Twasbrillig1

Partner lied about me in family call, I'm NTAH 😊

j-beda | j-beda

Honesty is the best policy 👍

getlostpal | getlostpal

NTA calls out girlfriend's lie, aunt may be classist 🤔

Mary-U | Mary-U

Support for hospital worker who stood up to snobbery 👏

starwarschick16 | starwarschick16

Honesty is key in any relationship 💌

Flashy_Current2284 | Flashy_Current2284

Supportive comment defends girlfriend's lie with empathy and understanding.

BirdWise2851 | BirdWise2851

Uncovering girlfriend's lie during Zoom call: NTA did right 👍

-chelle- | -chelle-

Calling out classism and a rookie mistake. Not the a**hole.

Complex_Ad8174 | Complex_Ad8174

Dump her 🔥 NTA exposes girlfriend's lie during family Zoom call.

Maleficent-Farm8296 | Maleficent-Farm8296

Don't ignore the red flags 🚩, run! NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment, hopefully she realizes her mistake 🙏

Grace_Alcock | Grace_Alcock

Encouraging comment on being proud of accomplishments and not lying 👏

JFT8675309 | JFT8675309

Debate on semantics of job titles in maintenance industry.

MyHeartVT | MyHeartVT

Honesty is the best policy 👍. NTA handled it well.

I_Suggest_Therapy | I_Suggest_Therapy

🚩 Lying girlfriend shows lack of respect. Time to reevaluate?

tangnapalm | tangnapalm

Being honest is always the best policy 👍. NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Avoiding lies is key to sanity 🤪

Lrad5007 | Lrad5007

Reevaluate your relationship after girlfriend's lie? 🤔

brita998866 | brita998866

Exposing a lie or standing up for yourself? NTA 👍

CocaineCowgirl81 | CocaineCowgirl81

Girlfriend caught lying on Zoom, NTA for exposing her 🤣

mrsrubo | mrsrubo

Girlfriend's lack of communication leads to white lie fallout. NTA 👍

MilesMeow95 | MilesMeow95

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