Wife Refuses to Be Husband's Personal Reminder: Family Drama Unfolds 😱

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We've all been there - forgetting a loved one's birthday or special occasion. But whose responsibility is it to remember these dates? One woman found herself in the middle of a family feud when she refused to be her husband's personal reminder for birthdays and holidays. Her mother-in-law and husband's family were not too pleased, and the drama that unfolded is a perfect example of conflicting expectations and responsibilities in relationships. 😬🍿

The Forgotten Birthday 🎂

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MIL's Disappointment 😞

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"He's a Guy, They Don't Care" 🙄

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Mother's Day Warning ⚠️

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Wife's Job? 🤔

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Husband's Annoyance 😠

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Video Game Release Date 🎮

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Shared Calendar Solution 📅

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Missed Birthday, Round Two 🔄

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Husband's Anger 😡

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The Big Question ❓

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Shared Calendar: The Solution? 🤷‍♀️

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Family Feud Over Forgotten Birthdays: Whose Job Is It? 🥊

Caught in the crossfire of her husband's forgetfulness, our protagonist refuses to be the designated reminder for birthdays and holidays. Despite her mother-in-law's insistence that it's the wife's job, she stands her ground, leading to a full-blown family feud. The shared calendar solution falls flat when her husband fails to use it, and the drama continues to unfold. Let's dive into the internet's top responses to this heated situation... 🔥

NTA. Marriage is not hiring a secretary. 🙌

mdb_1985 | mdb_1985

The mental workload assigned to women. Joint calendar is enough. NTA.

vance_mason | vance_mason

Husband's lack of initiative in gift-giving is criticized, NTA.

CoffeeCat77 | CoffeeCat77

Husband's strategic incompetence or forgetfulness? NTA suggests the former. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spouse refuses to be personal reminder, commenters suggest dropping the rope.

Soggy-Maintenance | Soggy-Maintenance

Women shouldn't be expected to do emotional labor for husbands' families 😱

the-willow-witch | the-willow-witch

Women shouldn't be expected to do emotional labour for men 💪

stayorgo_ | stayorgo_

NTA for refusing to remind husband of his family's important dates.

MsMissy116 | MsMissy116

Husband forgets MIL's birthday, but who's the real a**hole? 🤔

Leafsfaninottawa | Leafsfaninottawa

Empower the wife and shut down the mother-in-law 💪

daaimp | daaimp

Wife refuses to be husband's reminder, but is she NTA?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Why should you be responsible for his mother's birthday? 🤔

amianybody | amianybody

Wife refuses to be husband's reminder, sparks conversation on emotional labor. NTA.

murano84 | murano84

Husband selectively forgets dates, NTA calls out his BS 😱

Teapur | Teapur

Spouse refuses to be a personal reminder, commenters argue.

matzahball97 | matzahball97

Teamwork makes the dream work 💪🏼💕 Suggestions for a joint calendar 🗓️

Sonja_Stern | Sonja_Stern

Husband forgets tasks, blames wife. Is she the a**hole?

juniperfallshere | juniperfallshere

Train him right! Don't give in to being his calendar 💪

mojomojomojo50 | mojomojomojo50

Sneaky solution to husband's forgetfulness sparks laughter 😂

klsklsklsklsklskls | klsklsklsklsklskls

NTA, but it's emotional labor and they're ganging up on you 😔

leewardings | leewardings

Wife refuses to be husband's reminder, sparks family drama 😱

LimitedCorri | LimitedCorri

Don't be a**hole, remember important dates on your own! 🙄

ky13r | ky13r

Sharing the comic strip on mental load can help husbands understand.

jmurphy42 | jmurphy42

Spouse refuses to be a personal reminder, commenter sympathizes 😞

supa_caliente | supa_caliente

When a wife refuses to be a personal reminder 😑

k_princess | k_princess

Sharing important dates is fair game. NTA for setting boundaries 👍

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Don't let him trick you into taking over his responsibilities! 🙅

RerryLV | RerryLV

Partner's forgetfulness is not an excuse. NTA for setting reminders. 😊

kfrost95 | kfrost95

Gamer OP makes a point about effort and priorities. NTA.

asymmetrical_sally | asymmetrical_sally

Joint calendar works great, but he's a grown adult 👨‍👩‍👦. You're his wife, not his secretary.

daaimp | daaimp

Empowering response to husband's forgetfulness. Join the support group 👏

shedfat33 | shedfat33

Commenter defends OP's actions and declares them not an a**hole 👍

-Tomasss- | -Tomasss-

Commenter humorously calls out OP and suggests apology.

Dogsarefuckinggreat | Dogsarefuckinggreat

NTA calls out immature husband, suggests helping with reminders 🤔

allabouttheUke | allabouttheUke

Partner refuses to be personal reminder, stands up for boundaries.

LetsGoAstros22 | LetsGoAstros22

Spouse wants partner to be a personal reminder. YTA or NTA?

kgberton | kgberton

Husband can't handle adulting, wife refuses to be his mom 🙄

Boorikano | Boorikano

Compromise wins! NTA holds up their side of the deal 👏

Shephrah | Shephrah

Breaking gender stereotypes, NTA stands up for herself 💪

redditAloudatnight9 | redditAloudatnight9

NTA stands up against emotional labor and sexism 💪

Fitz_Henry | Fitz_Henry

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