Woman's Sister Sells Donated Clothes and Toys 😱 Can She Really Do That?

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Imagine being in a tough financial situation and still finding it in your heart to help your well-off sister by giving her your son's outgrown clothes and toys. Now, imagine discovering that she's been selling those items for profit! 😡 One woman found herself in this exact predicament, and she's wondering if she's in the wrong for not wanting to give her sister any more of her son's belongings. Let's dive into this story and see what unfolds.

The Sister's Request

aita1980 | aita1980

A Generous Gesture

aita1980 | aita1980

The Shocking Revelation

aita1980 | aita1980

Confrontation Time

aita1980 | aita1980

A Desperate Plea

aita1980 | aita1980

Sister's Response

aita1980 | aita1980

A Compromise Suggestion

aita1980 | aita1980

Sister's Argument

aita1980 | aita1980

Drawing the Line

aita1980 | aita1980

Sister's Accusation

aita1980 | aita1980

The Financial Reality

aita1980 | aita1980

The Dilemma

aita1980 | aita1980

Update: Apology Received

aita1980 | aita1980

A Change of Heart

aita1980 | aita1980

The Sister's True Nature

aita1980 | aita1980

The Internet Weighs In on Sister's Actions 🤔

So, what do people think about this situation? Is the sister in the wrong for selling the donated items, or is our protagonist being too controlling? Let's see what the internet has to say about this family drama! 😮🍿

Don't let entitled family members take advantage of you 😡

frayen | frayen

Selling donated items? NTA says sell your son's things too!

camlaw63 | camlaw63

Sibling sells donated items, commenter suggests lying to avoid conflict.

RiggsBooBubs | RiggsBooBubs

Sister sells donated items without telling OP, sparks debate. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister sells donated clothes and toys, OP is NTA. 😡

Lisbei | Lisbei

Generous mom's donated clothes sold by ungrateful recipient 😱

divorcedandhappy | divorcedandhappy

Sister sells donated items without permission. Not cool 😒

Sputtrosa | Sputtrosa

Sister selling donated clothes and toys - bad etiquette or greed? 🤔

mesembryanthemum | mesembryanthemum

Sell what you don't need, let her know politely 👍

RTJ333 | RTJ333

Donating to family doesn't mean they can sell it 😑

marilyn-audrey | marilyn-audrey

Betrayed by family 😢 Heartbreaking story of donated items sold.

Rix_Antilles | Rix_Antilles

Sister sells donated items, so commenter suggests charitable revenge. 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling rivalry over donated items sparks NTA response 👏

speakofit | speakofit

Commenter defends selling donated items with sarcastic remark 😜

EmperorPaulpatine | EmperorPaulpatine

Standing up for personal boundaries and choices 💪

markroth69 | markroth69

Sibling rivalry at its finest 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Keeping donated clothes for future child, sister sells them instead. 😠

onceGiraffe | onceGiraffe

NTA gifts have contexts, and depending on the context people might have reasonable expectations of how they'll be used, and it can affect the relationships if those expectations are broken. Finding out they've been sold on Craigslist is a completely different matter, because it essentially means the person took communal property they didn't pay into, took it out of the community, and made money off of it. 😱

Lennvor | Lennvor

Keep sentimental toys for your son's future, NTA comment suggests.

realmaier | realmaier

Donating doesn't give ownership, but selling is questionable 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister's selling of donated items called out for greediness 🤨

ghotier | ghotier

Sister sells donated items, commenter shares relatable experience. 🤷‍♀️

Pepper_chini | Pepper_chini

patinkapacha | patinkapacha

Next time, sell instead of gift to avoid sister's reselling.

Ciarallola | Ciarallola

Stand up for yourself! Don't let anyone profit from donations. 💪

Vivandrel0815 | Vivandrel0815

Redditor calls out sister's behavior, verdict: Not the A-hole 👏

tonttuli | tonttuli

Sister's betrayal sparks sympathy for commenter 😢

Pixie-82 | Pixie-82

Commenter supports OP, calls sister 'rude and entitled' 😒

ekita079 | ekita079

Sell donated items as your kid grows? NTA thinks so!

megaworld65 | megaworld65

Sister sells donated clothes, refuses to return them. NTA upset.

mousicle | mousicle

Take back control! NTA has every right to sell.

mrsshmenkmen | mrsshmenkmen

Sister sells donated items for profit. NTA stands up.

Shifare | Shifare

Don't let her get away with it! Stand your ground 💪

MrTubbyTubby | MrTubbyTubby

2007drh | 2007drh

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to donations 👍

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Sibling betrayal? Sister sells donated items meant for nephew 🤷

Kevindad345 | Kevindad345

Sister sells donated items 😡 Commenter calls her out

FormerFruit | FormerFruit

Sister's actions called absurd in clothing donation scandal 🤯

Lemonlaksen | Lemonlaksen

Commenter calls out entitled behavior. 💪

bigredkidneybeans | bigredkidneybeans

Choosing between legality and morality 🤔

amishbill | amishbill

Sibling rivalry and entitlement issues 😑

welestgw | welestgw

Marking hand-me-downs to return is common courtesy 👍

mommin-and-nommin | mommin-and-nommin

Commenter calls out entitled parent for selling donated items 😱

StarFallScarlet | StarFallScarlet

Sister sells donated items 😡 OP is NTA

MiskatonicProf_1926 | MiskatonicProf_1926

Don't let her take advantage of your generosity. 😒

Obvious-Pepper | Obvious-Pepper

Don't profit from donated items! NTA did the right thing 👍

sausageroll90 | sausageroll90

Commenter criticizes the rich for exploiting the poor's donations 🤢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister sells donated clothes, gets upset when asked to donate. NTA

Wolfey777 | Wolfey777

NTA. Sister selling donated goods for profit is selfish 😒

SuburbanDemographic | SuburbanDemographic

Ignore her and move on. NTA has got this! 😊

chartito | chartito

Family drama: Sister sells donated items without permission or profit share 🤷‍♀️

TechJunky1 | TechJunky1

Supportive comment with an apology for previous post 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP's sister sells donated items 😱 Commenters sympathize.

msbeesy | msbeesy

Donated items sold by sister, commenter suggests profit-sharing. #NTA

Candlecakes | Candlecakes

Don't be fooled by fake gratitude 🤔

frizzhalo | frizzhalo

Donating to family can be tricky 🤔 NTA learns the hard way

DoofWarrior47 | DoofWarrior47

NinjaSarBear | NinjaSarBear

ejja13 | ejja13

heeheeturtles | heeheeturtles

Generosity should not be taken for granted. NTA for cutting ties 👏

Phakov_LoL | Phakov_LoL

judymcjudgerson | judymcjudgerson

Tyrilean | Tyrilean

Your donated items, her right to sell. Your right to refuse.

makeomatic | makeomatic

Commenter is outraged at sister's actions. 😡

cezil1990 | cezil1990

Sister sells donated items, commenter calls her greedy beyotch 😱

propita106 | propita106

Unexpected comment takes a wild turn 🤯

OsterizerGalaxieTen | OsterizerGalaxieTen

Supportive comment, hope for sister's realization 🙏

lulububudu | lulububudu

Donation drama ends with a surprised Pikachu face. 😂

Chortney | Chortney

Commenter finds humor in lack of juicy drama. 😂

hyena_cub | hyena_cub

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