Woman Splurges on Cousins' Gifts, Leaves ADHD Brother Empty-Handed 😱

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A woman (27F) recently celebrated her twin cousins' (14M&F) 14th birthday by gifting them gaming computers and drawing tablets. While her cousins were thrilled, her mother and ADHD brother (14) were furious. The brother has been struggling during quarantine with no gadgets to keep him occupied, and the mother had repeatedly asked the sister for help. However, the sister dismissed their requests, claiming she didn't have money to waste on her brother. 😒💔

Cousins' Birthday Bonanza 🎉

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Overjoyed Cousins 🤩

fedupbanksister | fedupbanksister

Angry Mom and Brother 😠

fedupbanksister | fedupbanksister

Brother's Struggles 😔

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No Gadgets for Brother 🚫

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Brother's Meltdown 😤

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Sister's Harsh Response 😒

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Sister's Priorities Questioned 🤔

The sister's decision to shower her cousins with expensive gifts while leaving her own ADHD brother empty-handed has sparked a family conflict. Her mother and brother are understandably upset, as the brother has been struggling during quarantine without any gadgets to occupy his time. Despite her mother's pleas, the sister insists that spending money on her brother would be a waste. 😔💸 What do you think? Let's dive into some of the internet's top responses...

ADHD and anger issues aren't an excuse for destroying electronics 😑

CelikBas | CelikBas

stasharena16 | stasharena16

NTA with ADHD agrees, hold him to higher standards 👍

SunflowerOccultist | SunflowerOccultist

ADHD is not an excuse for bad behavior 😱. Stick to your guns.

peculiarkoala | peculiarkoala

Sibling struggles with ADHD brother's destructive behavior. NTA.

MissTrish1984 | MissTrish1984

Enabling brother's tantrums? NTA stands her ground 😎

JackNotName | JackNotName

Sibling jealousy and ADHD management. NTA for setting boundaries.

peachandpeony | peachandpeony

Support for not being the a**hole in gift-giving debacle 👍

Icequeen101 | Icequeen101

Commenter agrees with OP's actions, shocked by timeline 🤩

talinomedina | talinomedina

Sibling with ADHD left empty-handed, commenter suggests coping strategies.

hockeypup | hockeypup

Brother off meds, destroys gifts, mother enables. NTA, hold fast.

sassafraskeurig | sassafraskeurig

Teaching brother actions have consequences, not financial responsibility. 👍

Thejmax | Thejmax

Siblings' gift dilemma solved with savage yet practical advice 😂

wind-river7 | wind-river7

Commenter defends not giving ADHD brother a gift, sparks debate 🤔

lineleja | lineleja

Standing up for oneself and family. 💪

Polkadoctor | Polkadoctor

NTA for not giving ADHD brother gifts, enabling behavior.

Oceaninmyshades | Oceaninmyshades

Managing ADHD during pandemic: Exercise, sports and diet considerations 💪

Janeaustenisgreat | Janeaustenisgreat

ADHD doesn't justify destroying gifts. NTA's tech still works after years 👍

TiredTreeTroubles | TiredTreeTroubles

Commenter justifies not buying ADHD brother expensive electronics. 😱

TheLittleGiggles | TheLittleGiggles

A questionable suggestion for a neglected brother's gift 🤔

bookwormmo | bookwormmo

Suggests teaching brother to be functional human, not entitled. 😊

Kristaraexoxo | Kristaraexoxo

Setting boundaries for ADHD brother, NTA according to commenter.

Rose249 | Rose249

NTA for not wanting to waste money on brother's rage issues 😡

mahoushojo-chan | mahoushojo-chan

Brother not obligated to buy gifts for ADHD sibling. Clay therapy?

Liildank | Liildank

Don't blame OP for brother's entitlement and destructive behavior. 🙄

OrionHunts | OrionHunts

NTA for not buying ADHD brother a gift. Other kids deserved it 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling conflict over gifts for cousins, excluding ADHD brother. 🎁

gil-loki | gil-loki

Commenter with ADHD sympathizes but never broke anything in anger

adotfree | adotfree

Curious about the link between ADHD and anger issues 🤔

idiosyncrassy | idiosyncrassy

Cutting off toxic family? 🤔 NTA takes a stand.

Doommaker117 | Doommaker117

Stick to your guns 👊, you're not the a**hole 👏

SlickerThanWhiskey | SlickerThanWhiskey

A 14-year-old shares how he learned to control his rage.

ItalianPossum | ItalianPossum

Setting boundaries with family gifts, but is it fair? 🤔

maggienetism | maggienetism

NTA! Your money, your choice. ADHD doesn't excuse bad behavior.

artemistheatre | artemistheatre

ADHD commenter calls out bratty behavior, advises mother to stop enabling.

SoukingaRoun4 | SoukingaRoun4

Encouraging reading for an ADHD sibling, NTA wins support

Nemamiah17 | Nemamiah17

Understanding ADHD and how it affects individuals differently 🤔

KaRom66 | KaRom66

Parenting ADHD and Autistic children with discipline and accountability 💪

Maggie_Mayz | Maggie_Mayz

Commenter suggests ADHD evaluation, brother refuses medication 🤔

dca_user | dca_user

Enabling ADHD behavior? NTA commenter sparks debate 🤔

ActofEncouragement | ActofEncouragement

ADHD is no excuse for destructive behavior. NTA 👍

koch_like_duck | koch_like_duck

Supportive comment defends brother, criticizes bad parenting 👏

alphygaytor | alphygaytor

Setting healthy boundaries is tough, but necessary. 💪

taldo888 | taldo888

ADHD is not an excuse to act like a brat 😑

barleyqueen | barleyqueen

ADHD not an excuse for bad behavior, NTA for gifting fairly 👍

iseeisayibe | iseeisayibe

Commenter defends mother's decision to not give gift to brother.

DefinitelyNotDracula | DefinitelyNotDracula

Suggests alternative gifts for ADHD brother, advises to distance from family 👍

Nakedstar | Nakedstar

NTA suggests getting a book for ADHD brother 📚

RedditDK2 | RedditDK2

Controlling rage is key. NTA for not giving in.

tcsweetgurl | tcsweetgurl

Creative solution for including brother in gift giving. 🎨

Calm_Initial | Calm_Initial

Advice on supporting ADHD brother's frustration with gift disparity 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Offer to attend family therapy with your brother to address dynamics 👍

YourTornAlive | YourTornAlive

NTA. Brother needs to learn actions have consequences, despite ADHD. 🙏

wiltinslowly | wiltinslowly

ADHD brother left empty-handed, NTA defends against mom's anger 😱

ImAlreadyTracerBoii | ImAlreadyTracerBoii

Generous gift-giver faces consequences for reckless spending 😱

Scrabulon | Scrabulon

Commenter defends not giving gifts to brother with history of breaking things.

MissThirteen | MissThirteen

Dealing with difficult family members 😔

Adverbage | Adverbage

Encouraging therapy for brother with ADHD to manage anger 🙏

BigCabinet9 | BigCabinet9

NTA defends not buying gifts for brother with ADHD 😒

Chaos-Goddess | Chaos-Goddess

Generous gifts, but brother's destructive behavior leaves him empty-handed. NTA.

TheDoNothings | TheDoNothings

Concerned commenter suggests CPS involvement for brother's well-being.

lineleja | lineleja

Buyer's choice, NTA. But maybe get brother a stress ball?

Hiragirin | Hiragirin

ADHD comment sparks discussion

nicky1088 | nicky1088

Enabling a brother with ADHD? NTA but no paddle ball.

elizabooks | elizabooks

Setting boundaries for brother's unacceptable behavior is important. 💪

Norfolk16 | Norfolk16

Suggests giving ADHD brother old system with conditions for upgrade 👍

FireSafety101 | FireSafety101

Suggesting therapy for anger management 🙏

RoxyMcfly | RoxyMcfly

Commenter defends OP, throws shade at ADHD brother 🤫

Notokay741 | Notokay741

ADHD commenter defends not destroying things, NTA judgement supported.

nothanks42069 | nothanks42069

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