Woman Refuses to Help SIL After Broken Promises 😲

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We all have that one family member who loves to ask for favors but never seems to return them. Well, one woman has had enough of her sister-in-law's antics and decided to put her foot down. After years of being taken advantage of, she finally said no more. But was she in the wrong for standing up for herself? Let's dive into the story and find out. 😏

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The SIMs Game Obsession

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A Yard Work Favor

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The Broken Promise

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Confronting the SIL

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Another Favor Request

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A Deal is Made

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The Deal is Broken

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The Confrontation

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SIL Freaks Out

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The Accusations

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Standing Her Ground

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No More Favors for SIL: Justified or Overreaction? 🤔

After years of being taken advantage of, this woman finally put her foot down and refused to help her sister-in-law. From broken promises to last-minute cancellations, it seems like her SIL never learns her lesson. But was our protagonist too harsh, or was it time to stand up for herself? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 😈

Skipping out on SIL's cleaning was petty but justified. 🤷‍♀️

junkieboy05 | junkieboy05

NTA for refusing to help SIL after broken promises 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

SIL's broken promises and lies exposed, NTA wins this round 👏

anonymous_cheese | anonymous_cheese

Husband won't clean SIL's house, OP is NTA 😊

applebananasmoothie | applebananasmoothie

Standing up to entitled family member. NTA 👏

Blobbyf1sh | Blobbyf1sh

SIL breaks promises, manipulates kids. NTA for refusing help 👏

Rud1st | Rud1st

Don't let anyone walk over you or your family 🙏. Calling her would've been pointless 😲

madelinehannah | madelinehannah

Don't make deals with her anymore 🙄

yourlittlebirdie | yourlittlebirdie

Exchanging labor or compensation is fair. Unreliability has consequences. 👍

madelinegumbo | madelinegumbo

Families and freeloaders 🤣😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Commenters agree sister got a taste of her own medicine 😍

BishonenPrincess | BishonenPrincess

Keeping promises is important, especially to kids 👍

Ladyughsalot1 | Ladyughsalot1

Proud of OP for standing up to SIL's broken promises 👏

upthecreekwthnocanoe | upthecreekwthnocanoe

Protective mom stands up for her child against selfish SIL 😏

love1336 | love1336

No more favors for SIL, NTA. 😊

Amara_Undone | Amara_Undone

Friendship boundaries set, entitled person put in their place 👍

slowjackal78 | slowjackal78

Setting boundaries isn't petty, it's self-care 🙌

-PlipPlops- | -PlipPlops-

SIL expects free cleaning service, OP refuses politely. 👍

m_iawia | m_iawia

Petty or practical? Commenter suggests charging for broken promise.

PhilosophicalEeyore | PhilosophicalEeyore

Standing up for what's right 👏. Refusing to tolerate injustice 👍. NTA

MsRenee2020 | MsRenee2020

Setting boundaries with family. Hard NTA with a clap emoji.

Djhinnwe | Djhinnwe

Barter deal broken multiple times, NTA for standing up.

ThatMater | ThatMater

Standing up to entitled family members 💪

scarybottom | scarybottom

Cutting toxic family ties 👍

HarmnMac | HarmnMac

Stop enabling her behavior and go no contact. NTA 👍

seba_make | seba_make

Don't let anyone manipulate you with broken promises 😲

typhoon_lolo | typhoon_lolo

NTA commenter advocates for self-sufficiency while waiting for help 🙌

Mysterious_Ad7461 | Mysterious_Ad7461

NTA. Perfectly handled. Who cheats a child? 😱

Melancholywaters | Melancholywaters

SIL gets what she deserves, NTA played it well 👏


Don't be a doormat. Stick to your word. 💪

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Woman stands up for herself after SIL breaks promises 😊

StudioCute | StudioCute

Mom's wise words on laziness resonate with NTA comment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. The hypocrisy in her complaint is golden. 😂

ea93 | ea93

Setting boundaries and not falling for false promises. 👍

Calm_Initial | Calm_Initial

No sympathy for SIL 😒 #NTA

dawdreygore | dawdreygore

NTA! Tell us more about why you think so 🤔

Random_51 | Random_51

Standing up to a scammer - NTA 💯

InfiniteItem | InfiniteItem

SIL gets a taste of her own medicine 😍

Bug_a_boo_Mama | Bug_a_boo_Mama

Lazy SIL expects OP to do all the cleaning. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Avoided a scam thanks to a helpful SIL. 👍

swhitmore917 | swhitmore917

Woman stands up to SIL's broken promises and hypocrisy 💪

Magi_Exos | Magi_Exos

Setting boundaries is important. You did the right thing 👍

squeakylittlecat | squeakylittlecat

SIL broke promises, now wants help? NTA for refusing 🤔

PanicTechnical | PanicTechnical

Don't let broken promises slide 💪. Stand your ground! 👏

hellogawgous | hellogawgous

Commenter sympathizes with OP but calls out SIL's laziness 🤔

xoxoforeverblessed | xoxoforeverblessed

Procrastination leads to family conflict ⏳️

PhantomStrangeSolitu | PhantomStrangeSolitu

Daughter's abuser gets what she deserves. NTA 👏

MissThirteen | MissThirteen

Did she pay the 20? The suspense is killing me 🤔

Majin-Squall | Majin-Squall

SIL broke a deal and took advantage of daughter 🤯

redtoad3212 | redtoad3212

User calls out SIL for being a cheap, lying scammer. 😱

Throwaway41790a | Throwaway41790a

Friend breaks barter deal, commenter stops babysitting. NTA 👍

deee00 | deee00

Protecting kids' work ethics with upfront payment and supervision. 💪

angelmr2 | angelmr2

Get paid upfront and avoid broken promises 💰

SeaDRC11 | SeaDRC11

Make them earn it! NTA teaches SIL a lesson 👍

dca_user | dca_user

Cutting toxic family ties 👍

Surly01 | Surly01

SIL wants free cleaning service, OP says NTA 👍

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Playful NTA comment with a hint of sarcasm and humor.

ddmorgan1223 | ddmorgan1223

Sister's broken promises lead to justified refusal to help 😍

SparklePr1ncess | SparklePr1ncess

Agreed to conditions, couldn't fulfill them. NTA for refusing help 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let her take advantage of you! Cut her off. 🙅🏼

kanna172014 | kanna172014

Commenter supports OP's decision not to help SIL. 👍

Lost_Consideration90 | Lost_Consideration90

Is it petty to cut off help without communication? 🤔

Jelixpo | Jelixpo

Setting boundaries and sticking to them 💪

Thediciplematt | Thediciplematt

Empowering response to a difficult situation 💪

The_Blueser | The_Blueser

Setting boundaries and consequences. 👍

izthatso | izthatso

Setting boundaries early on can prevent future conflicts 🙌

AnxiousPresentation6 | AnxiousPresentation6

Playing the game or being petty? NTA for setting boundaries 😎

lethargicturtle40 | lethargicturtle40

NTA gets petty revenge on SIL, and it's satisfying 😍

sailorsweetheart | sailorsweetheart

Always get payment up front to avoid broken promises. NTA 👍

millymollymel | millymollymel

Don't let family take advantage of you. Stand up for yourself! 💪

tjlaw1987 | tjlaw1987

Holding someone accountable for broken promises. NTA 👍

Dreadedredhead | Dreadedredhead

OP refuses to help SIL after broken promises. NTA 👍

JCWa50 | JCWa50

Demand payment or favors first to avoid broken promises 👍

dbf06 | dbf06

No maid service for SIL. NTA 👍

Dovahkiinkv1 | Dovahkiinkv1

Being petty but justified? 🤔

fuck_this_shit_1 | fuck_this_shit_1

MTA called out, but for what? 🤔

B-Girl-Ca | B-Girl-Ca

Setting boundaries with unreliable family members 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

No deal, no effort, no sympathy - NTA wins 👏

SnooChickens5652 | SnooChickens5652

Don't let anyone take advantage of your kindness! NTA 😊

CutiePtooie | CutiePtooie

Validation feels good! Offer to play with niece without expectations.

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

Lesson learned: no more favors without upfront payment 💰

Dana07620 | Dana07620

Not the a**hole, but what promises were broken? 🤔

bizianka | bizianka

Supportive comment section with no opposing views 👏

cocomimi3 | cocomimi3

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