Mom Tells Ex He Can't Join Fun Activities with Son Until He Listens to Him 🤯🐶

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Imagine having a child with special interests, and their other parent just can't seem to find the patience to engage with them. This mom found herself in that exact situation, and when her ex-husband complained about not being included in a special moment, she had the perfect response. Let's dive into this story and see how it unfolds. 🍿👀

The Backstory: Ex-Husband and Autistic Son

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Dad's Lack of Patience

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Mom's Attempt to Talk

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Introducing a Furry Friend

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The Adoption Process

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Ex's Reaction to the Dog

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Mom's Bold Response

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Ex's Huffy Reply

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The Facebook Drama

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Family's Reaction

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Mom's Accusation

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The Hard Work Debate

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Mom's Defense

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The Backlash

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Son's Reaction

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Mom's Response to Ex Sparks Family Drama 😱🐕

This mom's response to her ex-husband's complaints about not being included in their autistic son's life has caused quite a stir. After adopting a dog for her son, she told her ex he could join family activities once he engaged with their son for more than half an hour. The ex took to Facebook, causing a massive backlash against the mom, with even her own mother accusing her of excluding the father. Despite the drama, the son is happily enjoying his time with his new furry friend. Let's see what people have to say about this situation... 🤔💬

Ex not entitled to tag along on 'family' things after 6 years. NTA.

momentswithmonsters | momentswithmonsters

Ex wants 'good bits' of parenting without putting in effort 😒

chyaraskiss | chyaraskiss

Mom and son enjoy new dog despite entitled ex's behavior 🐶

Silly_Sadass | Silly_Sadass

ESH for not communicating effectively and posting on social media.

brita998866 | brita998866

Commenter supports OP's decision to exclude ex from activity. 🐶

Flashy-Consequence28 | Flashy-Consequence28

Setting conditions on inviting dad to outings won't help. ESH.

ladysaraii | ladysaraii

Parent criticized for neglecting son's social-emotional development. ESH.

Tigaget | Tigaget

Ex-husband wants to be involved with son's activities, but both parents need to teach social skills to their autistic child. ESH.

mred2021 | mred2021

Commenter calls out OP for not understanding father's perspective 🤯

Equal_Monk_7474 | Equal_Monk_7474

Co-parenting communication breakdown over autistic son's social boundaries 👍

asideofpickles | asideofpickles

Co-parenting struggles: Commenter suggests ESH and highlights missing info 🤔

mrspussyfeathers | mrspussyfeathers

ESH. Commenters point out OP projecting feelings onto son and ex.

anoneatsshit | anoneatsshit

legalthrowaway64 | legalthrowaway64

Ex wants credit for dog, but it's not his. 🐶

sra19 | sra19

OP's unwillingness to consider criticism and prioritize son's wellbeing. YTA 👎

SwagYoloJesus | SwagYoloJesus

Commenter calls out mom for purposely excluding ex from son's life 😬

ShopLifeHurts2599 | ShopLifeHurts2599

Parenting conflict: YTA for not involving equal parent in decisions 🐶

babno | babno

Toxic co-parenting situation, both parents need to reassess their behavior. 🤯🐶

Accomplished_Bison87 | Accomplished_Bison87

Setting boundaries is important, but don't use your child as leverage. YTA 👎

xjackieeex | xjackieeex

harmonytw | harmonytw

Commenter calls out both parties for lack of communication and maturity.

rumpertumpskins | rumpertumpskins

Commenter questions if there's more to the story 🤔

JustARandomApril | JustARandomApril

Ex-couple's immature behavior affecting their child's happiness 😔

MitzLB | MitzLB

Engage in co-parenting decisions together. YTA for alienating father. 🐶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father lacks understanding of son's needs and interests. 🐶🥁

BronzePanda11 | BronzePanda11

Encouraging speech therapy for autistic son's development 👏

BDThrills | BDThrills

ur-humble-overlord | ur-humble-overlord

What's the missing piece of this parenting puzzle? 🤔

Khai-Bo | Khai-Bo

Don't gatekeep their relationship. Let them love each other organically. 💓

gussmith12 | gussmith12

Divorced couple's frequent activities confuse son, ex lacks compassion, mother excludes him. ESH.

StubbornAries | StubbornAries

Commenter calls out OP for denying father-son bonding time. 👏

JuicebyTappy | JuicebyTappy

Commenter calls out OP for withholding information and being defensive 🤔

TertiarySlapNTickle | TertiarySlapNTickle

Commenter calls out manipulative behavior with YTA verdict 🤨

nzjester420 | nzjester420

Commenter thinks the ex is the a**hole 😠

Canis3 | Canis3

Commenter calls out OP's negative framing of ex and condescending behavior.

GrWr44 | GrWr44

Commenter deems someone the a**hole. Drama ensues. 🤯

gerryflint | gerryflint

Ex neglects son, OP not responsible for their bonding. NTA 👍

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Disagreement handled poorly, resulting in everyone sucking here 🤷‍♂️

BabyGothQ | BabyGothQ

Co-parenting is crucial, both parents should teach their son together. 👨🏻‍👦👦🏻👦🏽‍💻👨🏻‍👦👦🏻👦🏽 Let's hope they work it out.

dunpudie | dunpudie

Co-parenting requires communication and understanding, not just tolerance. 🤝

15021993 | 15021993

Ex excluded from activities with son until he understands condition 🐶

sassybsassy | sassybsassy

Helping Bas bond with both parents is important for everyone 👨🏻👩🏻👦🏻

Zygomaticus | Zygomaticus

Commenter calls out judgement on husband's parenting skills 🤔

Pathwil | Pathwil

Both mother and father need to communicate better 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

ElectricalInflation | ElectricalInflation

Commenter calls out everyone involved and predicts downvotes 👋

rrc032 | rrc032

Excluding your son's father from activities is not the solution. 👍

pgl0897 | pgl0897

Ex needs to step up and plan his own family time 👍

pandoraboxxy | pandoraboxxy

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