Fiancé Goes Vegan and Tries to Force Lifestyle on Family 😲

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A woman shares her story of how her fiancé's recent health scare led him to adopt a vegan lifestyle, which he now tries to force upon her and their children. While the family initially supported his decision, his constant lectures and accusations have made them uncomfortable and created tension in their household.

Health Scare Leads to Veganism 🌱

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Family Supports His Change 🤝

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Pushing His Lifestyle on Others 😒

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Constant Lectures 📢

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Uncomfortable Family Meals 🍽️

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Paranoia Sets In 😨

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Accusations Fly 🗣️

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Enough is Enough 😤

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He Calls Her Selfish 😠

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Standing Her Ground 💪

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Sleeping on the Couch 🛋️

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Vegan Fiancé Causes Family Tension 😓

After a health scare, a woman's fiancé adopts a vegan lifestyle and tries to force it on his family. Despite their initial support, his constant lectures and accusations create an uncomfortable atmosphere at home. When she finally stands up to him and tells him to cook his own meals, he accuses her of being selfish and unsupportive. Now, he sleeps on the couch and refuses to talk to her. How do people react to this situation?

Concerns raised about husband's mental health and B12 deficiency.

HollasForADollas | HollasForADollas

Concerns raised about fiancé's mental and physical health due to veganism 🤔

Infinite-Ask9177 | Infinite-Ask9177

Fiancé's vegan obsession may harm family's health, needs therapy. NTA.

CephalopodSpy | CephalopodSpy

Cooking separate meals for a vegan fiancé who berates you? NTA

warrinerdot | warrinerdot

Fiancé's extreme veganism raises concerns about his health condition 😕

peithecelt | peithecelt

Suggesting a blood test for vegan fiancé's mood swings 😜

Beautifuldaystocome | Beautifuldaystocome

Family member's vegan obsession may be a sign of mental health issues. Get professional help ASAP to prevent impact on children. NTA

Cupcake2die4 | Cupcake2die4

Fiancé's extreme veganism due to pre-diabetes causing relationship strain. NTA.

ChinSpin_1986 | ChinSpin_1986

NTA, but seek professional help for this complex situation 🙌

Melificent40 | Melificent40

Encourage therapy and nutritionist for vegan fiancé. NTA.

Upset-Witness2206 | Upset-Witness2206

Supportive response to vegan fiancé with a hint of concern 🙂

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Concerns raised about potential eating disorder and OCD behavior

mahmcore | mahmcore

Encouraging therapy for disordered eating and its impact on family.

GlueStickSnack | GlueStickSnack

Family member stands up to pushy vegan fiancé 👏

Dye_Harder | Dye_Harder

Mental health worker sees red flags in obsessive vegan behavior 🚨

CactusMcChicken | CactusMcChicken

NTA's fiancé goes vegan and tries to force it on family 😲

ilovetodrinkcyanide | ilovetodrinkcyanide

Encourage a doctor's visit for paranoid vegan fiancé 😜

katamino | katamino

Insightful comment on the possible physical causes of personality changes.

thornyrosary | thornyrosary

Hilarious comment about veganism causing brain mush 😂

Own_Rule_650 | Own_Rule_650

Veganism causing insanity? Commenter shares B12 deficiency experience.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegan fiancé's extreme behavior raises red flags for family. NTA.

BlueBelle2019 | BlueBelle2019

Is a vegan diet causing paranoia and obsessive behavior? 🤔

HesterFabian | HesterFabian

Partner's veganism causing concern for mental health and accusations.

pennywhistlesmoonpie | pennywhistlesmoonpie

Dealing with a vegan fiancé trying to force lifestyle choices. 🌱

BarryZZZ | BarryZZZ

Setting boundaries with a vegan fiancé. Mental health concerns addressed.

GrammyGH | GrammyGH

Fiancé goes vegan for diabetes, but takes it too far. NTA.

Val-B-Que | Val-B-Que

Partner goes vegan and accuses family of contamination, NTA.

penguin_squeak | penguin_squeak

Break up with a vegan fiancé? NTA says yes 😍

Angela2208 | Angela2208

Balanced diet with low GI foods is better for prediabetes. 👍

Tellebelle79 | Tellebelle79

Concerned commenter suggests addressing fiance's rising paranoia with doctor 😕

BarracudaGullible | BarracudaGullible

When your fiancé goes vegan and becomes a pushy activist 🤬

ThatsItImOverThis | ThatsItImOverThis

Managing diabetes requires moderation, drastic diet changes can be harmful. NTA.

rjhancock | rjhancock

Respectful vegan explains why forcing lifestyle on others is wrong 👍

chroniccomplexcase | chroniccomplexcase

Don't let your fiance's veganism ruin your peace 😔

Own-Tradition6295 | Own-Tradition6295

Former vegan shares health struggles, advises against forcing lifestyle on family. NTA

iglife | iglife

NTA commenter calls out husband's lack of exercise with humor.

Megmca | Megmca

Fiancé's veganism causing family tension. Commenter warns of extremism.

Grumpy_Cheesehead | Grumpy_Cheesehead

Family won't go vegan, so fiancé cooks solo. NTA.

mzpljc | mzpljc

Vegan fiancé's negativity towards family's diet causing concern and danger 😬

Secret-Mammoth7179 | Secret-Mammoth7179

Vegan fiancé food shames family, NTA suggests he has disorder 😕

VellichorSystem | VellichorSystem

Red flags in relationship due to fiancé's unstable behavior 😲

RepulsiveThing3618 | RepulsiveThing3618

Concerns raised about fiancé's vegan diet and mental health 😬

professionalmeangirl | professionalmeangirl

Family stages intervention for vegan fiancé's behavior 🙏

ColdstreamCapple | ColdstreamCapple

Plant-based doesn't always mean healthy. NTA for being concerned.

Erythronne | Erythronne

Fiancé's veganism causes concern, commenter suggests seeking help or leaving

cronedog | cronedog

Commenter suggests seeking psychiatric help for vegan fiancé's paranoia.

timespassing_ | timespassing_

Commenter suggests fiancé may have orthorexia, recommends evaluation 🥦

Dani_Kin | Dani_Kin

Concerned about kids' well-being with veganism, NTA comment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancé goes vegan and tries to force lifestyle on family 😠

Sea-Confection-2627 | Sea-Confection-2627

Don't let a militant vegan control your home 😲

The_Amazing_Username | The_Amazing_Username

Vegetarian commenter calls out selfish fiancé for attacking family's diet 🤪

420goattaog | 420goattaog

Vegan fiancé's paranoia and suspicion warrants mental health intervention. 🌱

MindfulTornado | MindfulTornado

Protecting your children's health from a vegan fanatic. NTA 😊

peachespeachesx | peachespeachesx

Commenter suggests therapy for pushy vegan fiancé. Not the a**hole.

pastel-mattel | pastel-mattel

Dealing with a vegan fiancé's extreme behavior long-term? 🤔

ArtShapiro | ArtShapiro

Exploring the mystery of men and the silent treatment 🤔

FLSunGarden | FLSunGarden

Communication is key! 🗣️ Leave a note for discussion.

Waratah888 | Waratah888

Concerned comment suggests medical attention for vegan fiancé.

Prestigious_Blood_38 | Prestigious_Blood_38

Fiancé's veganism causing family tension, commenter suggests therapy.

ihavealittlesecrett | ihavealittlesecrett

Fiancé's veganism causing family conflict, commenter suggests therapy.

Rgirl4 | Rgirl4

Covid affecting taste or something else? NTA comment and concern.

gravitationalarray | gravitationalarray

Supportive comment calls out gaslighting and alarming behavior 👍

LavenderRave | LavenderRave

NTA for not cooking two sets of meals. Veganism helping fiancé's condition?

DecentTrouble6780 | DecentTrouble6780

Choosing a vegan lifestyle won't prevent diabetes 😔

jayabdhi | jayabdhi

Concerned commenter suggests medical check for pre-diabetic fiancé. 🚡

Senior_Can6294 | Senior_Can6294

Suggesting supplements, therapy, and a nutritionist for vegan fiancé. NTA.

Flower-Just | Flower-Just

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