Man Kicks Brother-in-Law Out of Car Over Cigarette Dispute 😱🚭

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A couple's road trip to the airport with their brother-in-law, Gary, quickly escalates into a heated conflict over smoking in the car. Despite agreeing to give Gary a ride, the couple finds themselves at odds with him when he insists on lighting up a cigarette. This tense situation leads to a dramatic decision that leaves Gary stranded and the couple questioning whether they were in the right.

The Ride and the Plan 🚗🍻

strandedbil | strandedbil

Turning it into a Fun Weekend 🏨🍺

strandedbil | strandedbil

The Smoking Dilemma 🚬🚫

strandedbil | strandedbil

Car Smell Concerns 🚗💨

strandedbil | strandedbil

Gary's Defiance 😠🚬

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The Ultimatum ⚠️

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Wife's Support ✊

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Gary's Last Chance 🚬🔥

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Brake Check and Pull Over 🚗🛑

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The Confrontation 😡

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Standing Firm 💪

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Gary's Irate Texts 📱😤

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Family Reactions 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Parents' and Sister's Views 🚬🤔

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Were They Right to Kick Him Out? 🤔

After a dramatic confrontation, the couple kicks their brother-in-law out of the car for refusing to respect their no-smoking rule. With Gary stranded and the family divided, the couple wonders if they were in the wrong. Share your thoughts and reactions below! 👇

NTA for kicking out rude and entitled BIL who disregarded your car rules 🚭

pandatree_157 | pandatree_157

Smoking brother-in-law kicked out of car during road trip. NTA.

peys-day | peys-day

Non-smoker kicks out inconsiderate smoker brother-in-law 😱🚭

Laquila | Laquila

Enforcing smoking rules in your car is fair. 👍

stateofgrace17 | stateofgrace17

NTA for kicking out brother-in-law for smoking in car 😱

DieMensch-Maschine | DieMensch-Maschine

NTA. Consequences for actions, even for adults. 🙌

ExactlyRight2019 | ExactlyRight2019

Former smokers agree: cigarette smoke is overpowering and foul-smelling 🙁

cleveraccountname13 | cleveraccountname13

Setting boundaries and teaching lessons 💪. Brother-in-law learns respect.

Seawitchmorwen | Seawitchmorwen

Unanimous decision: commenter is NTA and brother-in-law is a jerk 🤯

ilikesoy_ | ilikesoy_

Man gets kicked out of car over cigarette request 😱

degen42069 | degen42069

Smoking in someone's car without permission? NTA did the right thing 👍

Mirianda666 | Mirianda666

Chain smoker brings drinks on car rides to cope 😂

The-Rocketman3 | The-Rocketman3

Kicking out rude brother-in-law over cigarettes, NTA wins.

JustHereToComment24 | JustHereToComment24

Commenter finds the story funny and agrees with the verdict 😂

bloviate_words | bloviate_words

Chain smoker supports kicking brother-in-law out of car over cigarette.

Seldarin | Seldarin

Support for NTA who kicked out smoker brother-in-law 👍

fattyneedsfood | fattyneedsfood

Smoking brother-in-law kicked out of car: NTA wins 👏

nickis84 | nickis84

Commenter and replies call out fake story with humor 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA kicks out smoker from car, shocked Pikachu face ensues 😱🚭

Cuppieecakes | Cuppieecakes

Commenter supports kicking out brother-in-law over cigarette dispute.

halpscar | halpscar

Smoker defends kicking brother-in-law out of car over cigarette dispute 😱

derkuhlekurt | derkuhlekurt

Smoking brother-in-law gets kicked out of car. NTA wins.

educatedvegetable | educatedvegetable

Smoking brother-in-law gets kicked out of car 😱

RotisserieChicken007 | RotisserieChicken007

Respectful smoker shares car etiquette, sparks no debate 👍

brenda699 | brenda699

Kicking out a smoker from your car? NTA strikes again 😎

DeeLite04 | DeeLite04

Commenter calls out cigarette smokers for selfish behavior at work.

venjentz | venjentz

No regrets. Not the a**hole for standing up for himself.

unclejoel | unclejoel

Respectful smoker supports kicking out brother-in-law over cigarette dispute 👍

LifesGrind | LifesGrind

No regrets kicking out brother-in-law over cigarette dispute 😎

TentaclesAndCupcakes | TentaclesAndCupcakes

Set your rules and stick to them. 💪

only_crank | only_crank

Commenter takes a hard stance against smoking, supports OP's actions.

ATCrow0029 | ATCrow0029

Vaping couple respects others, BIL acts entitled over cigarette dispute 😒

little_purple_kitten | little_purple_kitten

Man asserts his right to no smoking in his car. 😎

Space_cadet1956 | Space_cadet1956

Smoking etiquette: NTA respects non-smoker's boundaries 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Smoking etiquette: NTA sets boundaries for smoking in cars.

halfwaygonetoo | halfwaygonetoo

Respect boundaries or get kicked out 😂 #NTA

totalitarianbnarbp | totalitarianbnarbp

Former smoker supports kicking out brother-in-law for smoking in car 🚫

bigrigtraveler | bigrigtraveler

Respecting rules is important, even if it's inconvenient. 🙌🏻

MidnyteFantaC | MidnyteFantaC

Setting boundaries and respecting them. NTA wins in Minnesota 🍃

AdmiralDragonXC | AdmiralDragonXC

Agree that smoking in a car is terrible for resale value 🚫

Meechgalhuquot | Meechgalhuquot

Sounds like a real joy to be around 😂

countrybumpkin1969 | countrybumpkin1969

Minnesotans unite against cigarette stench in cars 🌍

jbbd3 | jbbd3

Setting boundaries with family: NTA kicks brother-in-law out 🚗

FreeFalling369 | FreeFalling369

Smoker stands up for their right to smoke in their car 😎

blakjak66 | blakjak66

Kicking out brother-in-law over cigarette dispute in Minnesota winter.

Chasmosaur | Chasmosaur

Considerate smoker asks permission, yet still kicked out of car 😕

Miserable_witch | Miserable_witch

Debate over kicking brother-in-law out of car over cigarette dispute. 🤔

UnluckyIngenuity | UnluckyIngenuity

Commenter approves of kicking brother-in-law out of car 😊

weezilgirl | weezilgirl

Short and sweet, this commenter agrees with the action taken.

AmorPlatonicus | AmorPlatonicus

Respect the rules or pay the price 💰

cocoagiant | cocoagiant

Former smoker defends kicking out entitled brother-in-law over cigarette.

ladylasa | ladylasa

Agree or disagree? Non-smoker kicks out smoker from car 😱

_stelmaria | _stelmaria

Considerate smoker puts others first, earns NTA judgement 👍

Pixaa | Pixaa

Smoking dispute leads to brother-in-law being kicked out 😱

xixbia | xixbia

Respectful smoker shows consideration for non-smoker's car 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Kicking out brother-in-law over cigarette dispute: justified or not?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Non-smoker questions brother-in-law's behavior over cigarette dispute 🤔

stocar | stocar

Setting boundaries with family over smoking. 📳👍

White_Wolf_Dreamer | White_Wolf_Dreamer

Commenter supports man's actions with a sassy remark 😎

area51suicidalfunrun | area51suicidalfunrun

Commenter finds brother-in-law's cigarette dispute hilarious 😂

thebemusedmuse | thebemusedmuse

Former smoker condemns entitled smokers, supports brother-in-law's actions 👍

peteywheatstraw1 | peteywheatstraw1

Respect the car owner's rules. NTA for kicking out smoker 👍

Kittinlily | Kittinlily

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