Teenagers Struggle to Care for Grieving Mom 😢 Sibling's Death Leaves Family in Turmoil

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A family is left in turmoil after the tragic death of a sibling. The mother, unable to cope with the loss, spends most of her time in bed, leaving her teenage children to care for her and their younger brother. As the family struggles to adapt, the teenagers begin to question their mother's love for them.

The Family's Situation 🏠

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Tragic Loss 💔

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Mom's Struggle 😢

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Limited Communication 🗣️

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Encouraging Mom 🥪

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Sister's Support 💪

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Argument with Sister 😠

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Loss of a Son vs. Loss of a Brother 💔

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Understanding Pain 😔

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Therapy Option 🤔

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Clarification 📝

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Summary: Family Struggles to Cope with Loss 🌧️

After the tragic death of their sibling, two teenagers are left to care for their grieving mother and younger brother. The mother, unable to cope with the loss, spends most of her time in bed, leaving her children to handle daily tasks. The teenagers begin to question their mother's love for them, leading to arguments and discussions about therapy. As the family struggles to adapt, they must find a way to support each other and heal. 💔 Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below.

Family struggles with grief and mental health, needs professional help 😢

CloutlessLurker | CloutlessLurker

Mother needs professional help for depression. Kids need temporary care.

cutsjuju | cutsjuju

NAH - Teen struggles to care for grieving mom in depressive state.

JaniyaGreen | JaniyaGreen

Teenagers shoulder adult burden after sibling's death, neglectful mother, grieving father.

Seeker131313 | Seeker131313

Family struggles to care for grieving mom. NAH suggests professional help.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compassionate replies offer support for struggling family dealing with grief 😢

flagg6805 | flagg6805

Teen works hard to support family amidst grief. NAH.

Foothillsgirl | Foothillsgirl

Teens should not have to take care of grieving mother. 😢

CuriousStellar | CuriousStellar

Suggesting a solution for a struggling family 🙏

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Suggesting living with dad to help grieving mom. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter suggests seeking help for neglectful grieving mother. 🚨

drwhogirl_97 | drwhogirl_97

Suggests living with dad to ease mom's grief and stress 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartfelt comment offers advice for grieving family struggling with neglectful mother 😢


Concerned commenter questions supervision of grieving family 🤔

Akell2d | Akell2d

Encourage your mom to seek grief counseling for support. 🙏

Skeletal_Flowers | Skeletal_Flowers

Heartbreaking story of loss and grief. Encouraging therapy and communication.

DerpsV | DerpsV

Teen suggests staying with dad due to mom's behavior 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compassionate reply suggests seeking help for struggling mother 🙏

Allaboutbird | Allaboutbird

Commenter advises seeking professional help for grieving mother and family.

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

Commenter empathizes with grieving mom, suggests intervention for children's well-being.

bugsdoingthings | bugsdoingthings

Teen struggles with grieving mom, calls out adults for inaction 😢

starvaliant | starvaliant

Teenagers left to fend for themselves after sibling's death 😢

Parallax92 | Parallax92

Commenter suggests seeking help for depressed mom struggling to parent.

NotSorry2019 | NotSorry2019

Supportive comment suggests practical solutions for struggling family 🙌

nolechica | nolechica

Encouraging comment suggests therapy for grieving mom to help family cope.

8426578456985 | 8426578456985

Encourage mom to seek professional help for deep depression. 🙏

anbettercomment | anbettercomment

Teen shares personal experience and suggests solution for neglected siblings. 👍

GwenDylan | GwenDylan

Commenter expresses concern for family's well-being and suggests calling CPS.

cactuskirby | cactuskirby

Teenagers struggle to care for grieving mom. NTA suggests talking to dad or CPS.

lamamaloca | lamamaloca

Grieving mother's responsibility to care for children. NTA 😢

ensalys | ensalys

Compassionate comment offers hope for family in grief 😢

Nikki3to | Nikki3to

Helping a grieving parent is tough, but necessary. 🙏

Sullygurl85 | Sullygurl85

Teenagers left to care for 8-year-old sibling after tragic loss 😔

TedTheodoreLoganJr | TedTheodoreLoganJr

Parent shares experience of losing a child and being a mom. 😢

Oreo2008 | Oreo2008

Validating feelings in times of grief 😢

ljd09 | ljd09

Recognizing the severity of their mother's depression, family copes together. 🙏

karenrn64 | karenrn64

A helpful comment on seeking therapy for a grieving family.

randombucketofmilk | randombucketofmilk

Helpful advice on coping with grief after losing a sibling 🙏

OnyiMinx | OnyiMinx

Suggesting grief counseling for overwhelmed mom. 😢

Nightshade301 | Nightshade301

Pushing past pain to care for loved ones after tragedy. 😢

FuzzyChrysalis | FuzzyChrysalis

Teenagers struggle to care for neglectful grieving mom 😢

sweadle | sweadle

Encourage your mom to seek therapy to be a functional parent 🙏

mrsshmenkmen | mrsshmenkmen

Commenter suggests professional help for grieving mom, offers support. 🙏

KickIt77 | KickIt77

Teenagers left to care for grieving mom, but not the a**hole

Niks_11 | Niks_11

Encouraging response to a struggling teenager's family situation 🙏

408270 | 408270

Sharing condolences and advice for a grieving family member. 💔

TheLightKyanite | TheLightKyanite

Compassionate response to grieving family's tragedy 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Victim of manipulative grieving mother? Here's how to cope. 😢

Flatline2962 | Flatline2962

Heartfelt comment offers support and advice to struggling teenager 😢

lex_discipulus | lex_discipulus

Parent's responsibility to care for dependents, even in grief. 😢

djdole | djdole

Comment suggests calling CPS/CAS for unfit parent due to neglect.

dog_food_lid99 | dog_food_lid99

Commenter shares personal experience and calls out selfish behavior 👏

Amberleh | Amberleh

Commenter expresses concern for neglected children, advises seeking help 🤔

superiorgood | superiorgood

Financially challenged? Free mental health care is available. NTA.

cranberry58 | cranberry58

Teenagers need help caring for grieving mom 😢

Jess193 | Jess193

Advice on grieving and therapy after losing a loved one 😢

blatantly_jo | blatantly_jo

Encouraging comment urges grieving mom to take responsibility 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compassionate response to grieving teenager's comment.

stealthygal | stealthygal

Supportive comment about grief and therapy for family's healing 🙏

Succubus_Shefae | Succubus_Shefae

Encouraging comment suggests therapy for struggling mother and children.

schecter_ | schecter_

Encouraging empathy and suggesting solutions for a struggling family 🙏

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

Commenter criticizes parent for failing to support grieving children.

hoobachan | hoobachan

Commenter suggests seeking full custody due to unfit mother.

0mnica | 0mnica

Heartfelt comment about coping with loss and supporting family 😢

OgreAllOver | OgreAllOver

Commenter deemed 'not the a**hole' in family tragedy

Eragonnogare | Eragonnogare

Sibling's death leaves family in turmoil, but NTA commenter suggests professional help.

alama5 | alama5

Commenter suggests grief counseling for struggling mother. 😢

Jen5872 | Jen5872

Commenter sympathizes with OP's loss and family struggles.

meep_Meep_MEEP126 | meep_Meep_MEEP126

It's okay to need support as a child. NTA 🙏

Hexatona | Hexatona

Supporting a grieving parent is tough, but you're doing right 🙌

daimaou_sama | daimaou_sama

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