Woman disowns gay brother for treating his wife poorly after coming out

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When a woman's brother came out as gay, she didn't expect him to treat his wife and kids the way he did. He ignored his kids and berated his wife, and even kicked her out of the house with their twin toddlers. The woman was disgusted by her brother's behavior and told him so. However, her sisters think she's being homophobic, while her mom agrees with her. What do you think? Read on to find out more.

Acceptance vs intolerance: a sister's struggle with her brother's sexuality

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Twin daughters caught in the middle of disowned gay brother.

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Navigating family drama when a sibling comes out as gay 🏳️‍🌈

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Brother's sudden confession rocks sister's world. 💔

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Brother comes out and cheats on wife with men on Grindr

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Brother comes out as gay, sister disowns him 😔

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Brother kicks out sister and kids after coming out as gay

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Brother's coming out strains relationship further, moves in lover. 💔

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Brother's coming out strained family ties and contact with kids.

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Gay man faces backlash from family over separation on Facebook

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Sister disowns gay brother for mistreating his wife. 😔

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Sister disowns gay brother for mistreating his wife and family 😔

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When coming out strains family relationships: a painful reality 😔

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Dealing with a gay family member's mistakes and coming out

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Sister disowns brother for mistreating his wife after coming out 💔

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Am I the a**hole for disowning my gay brother?

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Woman disowns brother for treating wife poorly after coming out 😔

A woman disowned her brother after he kicked out his wife and two toddlers from their home after coming out as gay. He had apparently been having affairs with multiple men from Grindr, and expressed his anger towards his wife for not being supportive. His sister, who is close to the wife, called him out for his behavior and told him that he was treating his wife disgustingly. However, he called her a homophobic a**hole and continued to post unfaithful comments about his wife on social media. The woman is now questioning whether she's the one in the wrong, but her mom is on her side. The situation is messy, and the woman is struggling to stay neutral. Read on for some reactions from the internet community.

NTA. Gay brother using his coming out as a weapon is selfish. Cheating and treating his wife and kids poorly is a betrayal. Support sister finding a good lawyer.

descolero | descolero

Cheating on spouse, not being gay, makes him an a**hole 😡

Yulaw95 | Yulaw95

NTA. Disowning a sibling for poor treatment of their spouse.

bethfromHR | bethfromHR

NTA. Take responsibility for your actions. Don't blame your wife.

Pengwuini | Pengwuini

Brother's poor behavior causes family rift after coming out as gay 🌈

Peemo83 | Peemo83

Call out his infidelities, help SIL with legal and welfare assistance.

SunflowerQueen420 | SunflowerQueen420

Outing someone is never the solution, but he deserves consequences. 💔

Deranged_Papaya | Deranged_Papaya

NTA for calling out brother's unacceptable behavior towards his wife 🌈

greylikesplants | greylikesplants

Commenter calls out brother's unacceptable behavior, shuts down 'homophobic' label.

koifishyfishy | koifishyfishy

Standing up against bigotry, not sexual orientation. 👏

xanif | xanif

Supporting the wife is crucial. Don't let lies divide family. 👍

just1here | just1here

🤣 Hilarious response to brother's behavior after coming out

weedlover2 | weedlover2

Gay person explains why being gay doesn't absolve wrongdoing 🏳️‍🌈

ShimShamFimFam | ShimShamFimFam

Cutting contact with gay brother for bad behavior, NTA. 🚨

MC_squaredJL | MC_squaredJL

Commenter calls out for self-reflection, no replies.

FenderBender43 | FenderBender43

Calling out bad behavior has nothing to do with sexuality 👍

fabulousautie | fabulousautie

Calling out bad behavior, not sexual orientation, is important. 👍

90yroldknees | 90yroldknees

Woman deserves half of the house and legal counsel. 👏

Spookyredd | Spookyredd

Commenter calls out brother's behavior in a cheeky way 💁‍♀️

Owenn04 | Owenn04

Sleeping around while married? 🤢 NTA takes action.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Brother's sexuality shouldn't excuse treating his wife poorly. NTA.

shyfungus | shyfungus

Commenter defends sister's decision to disown homophobic brother.

SpiritualMouth | SpiritualMouth

Expose the cheater, not the sexuality. Honesty is key.

DisruptedMatrix | DisruptedMatrix

Redditors express frustration with frequent validation-seeking posts.

hughesyy94 | hughesyy94

Support for NTA brother dealing with a difficult situation.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Acceptance of sexuality ≠ Acceptance of bad behavior 🌈

Shertok | Shertok

Commenter relates to disowning gay brother, denounces brother's behavior 👎

q1t0 | q1t0

Supporting family doesn't mean tolerating bad behavior 👏

Extreme_Resident | Extreme_Resident

Sexuality doesn't excuse bad behavior 🚫🏳️‍🌈

xaygoat | xaygoat

Taking a stand for what's right 🌈👏

metal_signal17 | metal_signal17

Support for disowning gay brother for cheating on wife.

cowswithnouns | cowswithnouns

🏳️‍🌈👏 Standing up for oneself and others - NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

LGBTQ+ commenter calls out family's revolting behavior. NTA 🌈

Purrvival_mode | Purrvival_mode

Judgment based on actions, not sexuality. NTA 🙅‍♀️

KeliGrein | KeliGrein

Commenter supports NTA judgement and criticizes cheater's behavior 🤢

FPSXpert | FPSXpert

Pansexual commenter calls out gay brother's poor behavior towards wife. NTA.

Tigaget | Tigaget

Gay man sympathizes with brother's struggle but acknowledges his behavior is wrong.

djdmed90 | djdmed90

Legal action needed to protect family from eviction threat 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦⚖️

kavalejava | kavalejava

Commenter supports the disowning of gay brother. 😕

DropsOfLiquid | DropsOfLiquid

Commenter supports disowning gay brother for being a 'f***ass'

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out brother for cheating and being an AH 🚫👬💔

spud_gun04 | spud_gun04

Commenter poses thought-provoking scenario to highlight double standards 🤔

avast2006 | avast2006

Commenter defends NTA verdict with a touch of humor 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cheating doesn't justify using sexuality as a weapon. #NTA 🚫️

standardgeranium | standardgeranium

Brother's mistreatment of wife after coming out draws criticism.

Vivid_Intention | Vivid_Intention

Exploring sexuality doesn't excuse cheating. NTA for disowning him.

quzooh | quzooh

Breaking the stereotype: addressing misogyny within the LGBTQ+ community 🌈

BaddestPatsy | BaddestPatsy

Respondent defends commenter against false accusations of homophobia 🌈

ladidah_whoopa | ladidah_whoopa

NTA. Brother's sexuality doesn't excuse cheating, abuse & blaming wife.

suavislupa7 | suavislupa7

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