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Keanu Reeves Goes Public With His First Girlfriend In Over Ten Years

I don't know whether to cry happy tears or sad tears. I love when people I love find love, but I also mourn for my lost opportunities when someone I love goes off the market, even if I never had a shot in the first place.

I think a lot of people are in agreement with me today.

The Internet's Boyfriend, Keanu Reeves, looks like he could be someone's actual, real-life boyfriend.

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And it's not us! Personally, I think it's a bit rude of him, but I am willing to forgive him.

Despite the fact that the viral interview where he said he was "the lonely guy" ended up being faked, Keanu hasn't had a public relationship in a very long time.

Until now.

Keanu showed up at the LACMA Art + Film event in Los Angeles and walked the carpet with artist Alexandra Grant, holding hands and looking adorable.

Some people noted a resemblance between Alexandra and a certain other celebrity.

Do you need a hint? Someone dignified, classy, and who also rocks the silver hair?

I think you probably already know.

Some people thought Keanu might be dating Helen Mirren.

Not exactly, but we see where these people are coming from — especially with Alexandra's hair pulled back the way it is.

We'd support Helen and Keanu, too, but the truth is a bit less scandalous.

It was not an uncommon reaction, though.

And it's not a bad thing! As one Twitter user put it, "I thought Keanu was with Helen Mirren and that’s 1000% a compliment to everyone involved."

Overall, the fan reaction was immediate and intense.

But not the way fans usually react to their faves going off the market — instead of people being rude, almost all of them were happy to see Keanu so happy.

Of course, some fans are happy for Keanu but sad for themselves.

Sure, we may not have really had a chance with him, but it was nice to pretend.

The reaction is almost entirely positive, which is so refreshing.

In a world full of negative news and celebrities doing problematic things, it's so nice to just be happy for Keanu.

They are incredibly cute together.

Alexandra, 46, and Keanu, 55, have known each other for a long time — they collaborated on the books Ode To Happiness and Shadows in 2011, with Alexandra providing art and Keanu writing poetry.


Someone on Twitter shared the story of how they first met.

Sharing a screenshot from an interview, they showed Keanu and Alexandra saying that they met at a friend's birthday party. Can you imagine going to a friend's birthday party and Keanu Reeves is there?

And, in the wake of celebrity men in their 60s getting engaged to women in their 20s, it's a bit refreshing.

As someone on Twitter said, "It's more cause it's the first time he's dated publicly in a long time and people are happy for him. I think people talking about the lack of age gap are just relieved he isn't hopping on the Hollywood creep train."

Although some pointed out they're not exactly the same age.

Keanu is still a decade older than Alexandra, although they are both adults and much closer in age than we tend to expect from celebrities. Age-appropriate definitely fits.


If some theories are correct, Keanu might actually be immortal, which puts this in sort of of an Edward and Bella in Twilight situation.

We're all just basking in Keanu's happiness.

Keanu deserves love in his life, and you know what? So do all of us.

We'll settle for living vicariously through him for now, though.

Of course, with all this attention on him...

We're not sure if notoriously private Keanu is necessarily basking in all the attention.

Let's all keep calm about this new relationship from here on out, okay? We're all adults here. We can handle it.