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Keanu Reeves Just Turned 55, But He Actually Might Be Immortal

On September 2nd (which for me is today), Keanu Reeves celebrated his 55th birthday. Not only does Keanu look incredibly youthful for his age, but you may have noticed he also looks pretty much the same as he always has. Good genes? Maybe a little botox? What could be the secret to Keanu's youth?

Some people on the Internet think they know.

We all remember what a young Keanu Reeves looked like.

Sure, he's got a beard now, and his hair is longer, but really, he's managed to keep that same youthful glow about him. A group of people on the Internet think he's not just keeping the glow, but he's keeping his youth.

Keanu Reeves might be immortal.

A website called Keanu Is Immortal has been collecting images not only of Keanu's Hollywood career, but from paintings of figures from as far back as 1530 that bare a striking resemblance to Keanu.

That would actually make this Keanu's 489th birthday.

Even more compelling than the pictures, though, was Keanu's reaction when Jimmy Fallon asked him about this theory. Keanu didn't deny it. He just laughed! And then he pointed out all the similarities between himself and the artwork from the 1500s.

What is the truth?!

The Internet at large seemed to have accepted this as fact, and honestly, I'm right there with them. Sure, I'll wish Keanu a happy 55th birthday, but it'll come with a sly wink and an elbow nudge, because we both know the real truth.

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