'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Says There's More to Her Split Than Fans Know

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Meri Brown
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Kody and Meri Brown's spiritual marriage might be over, but it seems there's so much more to it than the phenomenal end to their multiple-marriage household. In her latest media share, the 51-year-old posted a figurative message alluding to more going on behind the scenes than fans knew.

Meri Goes Cryptic On Instagram

The star who used to be Kody's first wife took to her Instagram page to post a photo of herself with a leather back book to her face. The book was laced such that more than half of Meri's face was shielded with only her eyes and the top of her layered blonde tresses being visible. In bold letters, the words typed as an overlay over the image read, "There's so much more to the story." Meri teased further in her cation as she penned a lengthy note letting fans know not all "is always as it seems." The mom of one wrote,

"Often, we accept a version of a story as truth because it fits the narrative we've created, or what we want to believe. It's not always about what you're looking at but also where you're looking from..."

Meri concluded her write-up by stating that everyone had their own experiences and their truths. This is not the first time the TLC star shared her cryptic message. Back in September, she sted the same message ahead of Sister Wives' season premiere.

Meri Says Kody Made The Divorce Decision

In the first episode of the season 17 premiere, Meri revealed that her former husband decided to end their union without consulting her first. The reality star had made this known during the One-on-one special. When asked about the state of their marriage, Meri relayed that Kody already made the decision. In a previous confessional, Kody Brown mention that he did not really consider himself married to Meri, as she was free to move on and marry another person.

More On The Stars' Split

Sister Wives
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Kody and Meri were married for 32 years and towards the last years of their marriage, the duo's relationship was strained and it played out right on TV. Even through the ups and downs, Meri has shared that the end was still painful. She made it known that Kody led her to feel like he was working on their issues, and would rather they not call it off. She relayed how he had told he they were not married, on their anniversary, but he was not willing to share that detail with the public. According to Meri, Kody said he feared the judgment.

Is This The End Of Kody's Polygamous Family?

Presently, his marriage to Meri is not the only one that has crashed. Early this year, fans saw Kody's other wives, Janelle and Christine decide they were done with the spiritual marriage. He and Christine announce their slit in November 221, after over twenty years of being together. Janelle would also later confirm that she and Kody were also ceasing to be a married couple.