Serena Williams Dishes About Differentiating Herself From Her Sister

Ashabi Azeez
Serena Williams
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Serena Williams became a champion at a young age, and she remains one of the greatest tennis players of all time. With her success so far it is obvious that the 41-year-old athlete has a drive for winning. 

While Serena loves her job, it is well known that she did not join tennis of her own volition, as it was her father Richard Williams who had introduced the now-businesswoman and her older sister, Venus Williams, to the sport. However, that is not the only reason the athlete became a tennis player.

The True Reason Behind Serena's Interest In Tennis 

The tennis icon revealed the true reason behind her interest in the sport during Wilson Tennis Family Dinner. The program featured Serena herself, fellow American tennis legend Billie Jean King, and a few other future stars. The Tennis champion said:

“I play tennis because my dad put me in it and then Venus played and I literally do everything that Venus does or I used to do."

She also added that she is "trying to grow up", even after mastering the act of tennis. Williams admitted that her love for winning coupled with the fact that it is a "really cool job" contributed to her decision to continue playing. Serena further stated about the career-defining sport:

"You get to travel the world and beyond and be on big stages and it’s like you are performing and I can’t sing, so it was like the next best thing.”

How Serena Feels About Tennis

Serena Williams
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Serena's love for tennis is no secret. Speaking at the Wilson Tennis Family Dinner, the winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles noted that she loves her job not just for the wins, but because it also involves a lot of traveling.

For fans who may believe the mom-of-one was forced into her profession, the athlete said she always knew it was the next best thing. Now the athlete, who is also mother to Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, has added another honor to her list of achievements.

The National Portrait Gallery

Per EssentiallySports, Serena was among this year's seven inductees into the National Portrait Gallery. The image featured a smiling Serena, which is quite different from her intense appearance on the court.

Speaking about the honor in an interview, the 23-time grand slam champion noted that she was glad to see that her portrait representation showed her happiness. The star is also glad that the image will help break the stereotype.

More On 'Wilson Tennis Family Dinner'

The Wilson Tennis Family Dinner is not just a setup for great tennis players but a way in which upcoming stars can learn from legends. On the program, tennis players from different times compare their respective eras, in terms of technology, and culture. The occasion was also set up as a family-style dinner with Serena and other Tennis stars joining some juniors to speak on their sports eras, in terms of athleticism, technology, and culture.

The YouTube video of the friendly dinner chat showed attendees Serena, King, Borna Coric, Reilly Opelka, Linda Fruhvirtova, Clervie Ngounoue, and Nicholas Godsick discussing tennis.