'I Wouldn't Want To Date Someone In The Tennis World' - Genie Bouchard Talks About Her Dating Preferences

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Close up of Genie Bouchard smiling
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Genie Bouchard is a top tennis player and a catch, but she's not looking for the perfect match within her sport, but other sports are welcome. The athlete opened up about the struggles of dating another professional athlete on a recent podcast appearance.

She believes being sporty is ideal as connecting on similar levels is necessary despite avoiding too many similarities. Bouchard has experience being with an athlete, as she dated Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph for a year and some months.

Tennis Players Are Off-Limits!

"Well, I would say, definitely, I wouldn’t want to date someone in the tennis world because it would just be so much tennis, I feel like non-stop."

Bouchard's reason for avoiding tennis players is valid, but that's not ruling out its potential to be a perfect match. After all, we have couples like Stefi Graf and Andre Agassi. Regardless, dating preference is subjective, and the 28-year-old doesn't want a relationship around tennis talks.

She explained that the same applies to her platonic friendship, as she enjoys discussing non-tennis topics with her friends.

Starts With A Friendship

Still molding her dream man, Bouchard added that she wanted a perfect gentleman who will be respectful, confident, and attractive. In summary, the pro athlete said she's all about the personality because looks aren't everlasting.

One thing she got right was advocating for friendship before a relationship. In her words,

"...this is someone who is going to be someone for the future, then you got to make each other laugh and be friends."

She couldn't have worded that better if she tried.

The Perfect Man On Paper

Genie Bouchard in a white and yellow gear playing tennis
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Dating as a pro athlete is no mean feat, as the 28-year-old gets back on the road following her return to the court. Before then, she described her possible physical qualities and had an artist draw them. If anyone sees him, kindly reach out to Bouchard. (Just Kidding!) Here's what she wants her man to look like:

Tall, dark, handsome, chiseled cheekbones, hair that's not too short, thick eyebrows, full lips, not smiling, dainty nose, no butt chin, a little bit of scruffy beard, and small ears.

Ready To Get Back On Court

Bouchard is ready to jump back into her career with her healed shoulder. Meanwhile, many looking for qualities in the athlete need not look too far. She's a multi-award-winning tennis champion and has the looks for outings beyond the court. The athlete is fluent in French and English, which is a testament to her intelligence. So, we better see eligible men lining up to date this star athlete soon!