'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Says He Would Be Fine With Having 'Brother Husbands'

Rae Batchelor
Kody and Robyn from Sister Wives.

Fans of Sister Wives have often wondered what the show's stars would do if the situation was reversed — if instead of Kody Brown having 3 sister wives (not including recent ex-wife Christine), it was one of the wives having another husband (or more) that Kody would have to share his wife with, would he be so set in his ways? Would he be as understanding or as patient as his wives have been?

According to Kody, that answer is yes.

Kody hasn't shown himself to be someone who isn't affected by jealousy in the past.

The cast of Sister Wives.
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Fans of the show will remember how much drama there was when his wife Meri was potentially speaking to another man online, even though it later turned out that she was being catfished by another woman. The couple are still dealing with the fallout from that event to this day.

"I knew what I needed from Kody, and I wasn't getting it," Meri had said at the time.

"He was very, very, very distant in our relationship," Meri said. "I asked him to just not stay there for a little bit. I said, 'Can we just get through some of this stuff? Can we just take a break?' He has interpreted that as I kicked him out and he has never come back." 

However, in a recent episode, it seems like he's changed his tune.

"I'm always trying to give him the other perspective," Robyn revealed in this week's episode. "I'm like, if someone else was in my life that you had to share me with, you'd be a nutcase."

"Yeah, he doesn't like that," Meri added knowingly.

To emphasize their point, the show showed a flashback from a 2009 episode of the show in which Kody says, "The vulgarity of the idea of you with two husbands or another lover sickens me."

Kody opened up about how his viewpoint has changed.

The stars of Sister Wives.
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"I think that yes, if I didn't manage it right, I could be a nutcase if the roles were reversed in plural marriage and I had a brother husband, but I think she's missing something -- the way guys bond," Kody pointed out.

"We'd be playing video games, high-fiving each other, and she'd be wishing we were getting some work done."

"Oh yeah, if it was a bunch of brother husbands, we'd be sitting on the couch playing video games," Robyn repeated, mocking what Kody had said.

She wasn't so convinced.

"I don't believe him because whenever it comes to guys in his wives' lives, like my ex, he gets funny," she added.

We've certainly seen that to be the case.

What do you think?

The stars of Sister Wives.
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Could Kody handle being a brother husband, or is he talking himself up too much (maybe as usual)? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!