'Sister Wives' Fans Develop Major Conspiracy Theory Following Janelle And Kody's Son's Wedding

Taylor Sakellis
janelle brown and her kids
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If there's one thing TLC fans are going to do, it's give us amazing content. From their snarky subreddits to their dedicated live-tweeting, it's no wonder TLC fans are some of the most dedicated out there.

Of course, there's always drama flowing with the cast members of the hit reality series Sister Wives, but a wedding this past weekend proved there might be more going on than any of us could have imagined.

This past weekend was a MAJOR weekend in the "Sister Wives" world.

logan brown sister wives wedding
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Janelle and Kody's son Logan, who stopped appearing on the hit TLC series back in 2014, finally tied the knot with his long-time love Michelle Petty after being engaged for FIVE YEARS.

At first, it seemed like the dad of 18 was not at his son's wedding.

christine and janelle brown sister wives wedding
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Fans took to social media to speculate about what was going on in the Brown family home and if Kody was even invited in the first place.

However, it was later confirmed on a "Sister Wives" subreddit that the blonde-haired reality star was in attendance and sat with his fourth wife, Robyn.

Because why would he sit with the mother of his child on their son's wedding day, right?

You can't tell right now but please know I'm rolling my eyes at this whole situation.

Thankfully, some fans are able to move past this annoyed stage and have gone on to suggest that Janelle has also left her husband Kody, just like her BFF Christine did last year.


"I think Janelle has left Kody, and the announcement of leaving brought on the 'stab me in the kidneys' thing," speculated one fan on TikTok.

"I feel like Janelle has left him too," agreed another.

"I think Janelle has already left Kody but is waiting for the series to catch up B4 announcing it," echoed a different fan.

Considering Janelle didn't even post a picture with Kody on THEIR SON'S wedding day, I can totally see where these fans are coming from.

janelle brown family photo
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I bet we won't know what's going on for some time, but for Janelle's sake, I DO hope it's true!