Robyn Brown Says Her Marriage With Kody Is 'Struggling'

Taylor Sakellis
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Sister Wives fans, listen up! I think there's a lot we need to discuss when it comes to the Brown family (Kody in particular, of course) and how even his favorite wife Robyn is feeling the brunt of his troubles with Christine. So naturally, I'm here to talk about the most recent episode of the hit TLC series and how Robyn is feeling about her marriage.

The Brown family went through a lot of drama during the previous season of their hit TLC reality show, "Sister Wives."

As fans may recall, one of the most notable moments of the season was when Kody claimed he did not have a "head" wife.

When giving his family their strict set of COVID-19 rules last year, the father of 18 recalled feeling angry that his other three wives (Meri, Janelle, and at the time, Christine) were looking to Robyn as the head wife who created these rules.

"They’re looking to Robyn, like, for some kind of approval," he said at the time.

"I don’t have a head wife in this family. Now, I’ve had women try to be. All right? I’ve had plenty of wives who have tried to be."

Through tears, Robyn explained that she did not hold that title nor would she want to.

"This is why it’s so ridiculous to think I made these rules up. Because I know Kody’s like this. He’s not going to have a wife come in and try to tell him what to do. He’s just not," she said at the time.

Throughout the season, fans watched as Robyn tried to help mend the relationship between Kody and the other wives with little success.

Now, during the show's current season, fans are watching as Kody and Christine's split is taking a toll on Robyn.

"I've never struggled with Kody in my marriage as bad as I am right now. I'm at a loss," Robyn admits, as per ET.

She goes on to explain that the split is causing her husband to question the validity of all of his relationships.

"Kody is now questioning me left and right about things I thought he knew about me," Robyn explained. "He's struggling to trust everybody around him." 

Robyn makes it clear in her interview that her husband is at risk of losing his other two wives if he doesn't shape up.

"Yes, you're going through a divorce with Christine, but you have marriages that you still have to maintain," she explains.

"He still has us and he still has marriages with us and he still has to fix them and figure them out and get over his anger enough to actually interact appropriately or he's going to ruin every single one of them." 

Of course, Kody is quick to disagree and believes his remaining wives should cut him some slack.

"I'm going through a divorce, just give me a little time to be sad and angry over this process. I'll get over it, I think," he explains in his own interview.

Honestly, I think Kody is ready to be a one-woman man for Robyn... but is that what she actually wants?

Only time will tell!

h/t: ET