'Sister Wives' Fans Express Concern For Meri Brown As She Recalls 'Truly Heartbreaking' Moment: 'Shameful'

Taylor Sakellis
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Sister Wives fans are in for one heck of a season, as is evident by the first three episodes of the new season. From the drama of the pandemic protocols to Christine leaving the family, there are non-stop moments to keep TLC fans hooked.

However, the latest episode proved to be one of the most emotional of the series as first wife Meri was forced to learn of her mother's death while making a road trip alone.

On Sunday night's episode of "Sister Wives" fans watched as Meri Brown was forced to make the 5-hour drive to visit her dying mother alone.

It was revealed that Meri's mother had suffered a prolonged heart attack for two days and had been taken to the hospital where she died soon after.

Sadly, Meri did not make it in time to see her mother before she passed.

Sharing a photo of herself and her late mother, the "Sister Wife" star wrote: "This week's episode documented the day my sweet mom passed away last year."

"I didn't watch the episode this week, but I've seen it, I've talked about it, I've relived it, and I remember that day very clearly and in great detail."

"Being alone in my car and on the way to her, praying I would get there before it was too late, was hard enough as it was, but then to get the call that she had passed was truly heartbreaking."

"So many of you have reached out and sent messages, and I thank you for that. Thank you for all your words of kindness and support."

"I only hope to carry that spirit with me as I continue with future plans for the b&b, making everyone who enters feel welcome, loved, special, and worthy, just like my mom would have done," she concluded.

In response to the heartbreaking scene, many fans took to the comments to express their concern for Meri while she had to make the trip alone, without her husband Kody or her other sister wives.

"I definitely cried with you. I felt your pain. I'm sorry you were alone. That is not right," wrote one fan.

"I was disappointed that you had to drive all alone. Such a big family yet alone in that difficult time. I felt your pain," said another.

"I wanted to give you a hug when you learned the news alone in your car. I’m so sorry!" echoed a different fan.

At least Meri knows she has so many people that care for her even if Kody seemingly doesn't.