Alec Baldwin's One-Year Tribute To 'Rust' Shooting Victim Has People Conflicted

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Alec Baldwin speaking to the camera.
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It's officially been one year since the accidental shooting of a cinematographer on the set of the western film 'Rust'. Actor Alec Baldwin was holding a prop gun that fired and killed Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin posted a photo of Hutchins to mark the anniversary of her death, paired with a vague and wistful caption that has some people questioning why he posted at all.

It's been one year since the fatal shooting on the 'Rust' set.

Actor Alec Baldwin was holding a prop gun that accidentally fired and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

It was an incredibly tragic event that left tons of people shaken up, especially Baldwin himself.

To mark the day, Baldwin posted a photo of Hutchins to his Instagram.

His caption simply reads, "One year ago today…"

Fellow celebrities can be seen offering encouragement and sending strength Baldwin's way, understanding how much he must struggle with this.

"Stay strong my friend," said fellow actor Leslie Jordan.

"Thinking about you and all those effected [sic] by this terrible accident."

However, there are fans who found the post to be in poor taste, and lots of them too.

Comments wracking up thousands of likes expressed their concern.

"I’m not exactly sure how to react to this post," reads the top comment as of writing.

"Finish the heading..One year ago today what? Very cold," says another, with others agreeing in the replies that he should better acknowledge what happened.

Others laid their opinion out very plainly, calling the post 'exploitive'.

"Why would you even post this?" one user asked, "Seems exploitive given you’re getting all the attention from your fans instead of everyone focusing on her and her poor family."

People came down on him hard.

Shorter comments read accusations like "narcissist", calling for Baldwin to be in jail, or claiming he's "off the deep end" for making the post at all.

"Is this not incredibly tone deaf to anyone else?" someone asked.

However, there were plenty of fans defending him as well.

"It’s never far from your mind. What a terrible tragedy for you and everyone involved. Some of the comments are very unkind but so many good people have you in their hearts today," said one.

Some even took the matter above Baldwin's head, saying it's the law's fault.

"Such [a] horrific accident.. So [incredibly] upsetting. There has never been or ever will be ANY reason a REAL working gun should EVER be allowed on a movie set. Laws and rules much change."

No matter your feelings about his post, it is worth remembering Hutchins.

What happened that day is unimaginable, and must still be an insurmountable struggle for her family and friends to deal with.

Let's remember her and her loved ones in the wake of such a tragedy.

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