18 'Cool Guides' That Shared Some Great Info About Clothing We Could Have Used Ages Ago

Kasia Mikolajczak
clothing arranged in a closet
Unsplash | Burgess Milner

I don't know about you, but I always turn to my parents whenever I don't know how to handle a situation. That's just what I do. Usually, I ask my dad for advice about electrical issues and my mom for cooking and clothing hacks.

But I had no idea there's a Reddit community called "Cool Guides" that basically takes care of all that. So today, I'll concentrate on sharing some fascinating clothing tips with the rest of you. Check them out.

This Clothing Washing Guide

how often to wash clothes guide
reddit | pinkydkk

This subreddit has over 3 million members, and it's no wonder when you see what kind of cool stuff people share there. Check out this handy clothing-washing guide. If you ever wondered what items you should wash every day and which ones you can wait a little longer, this should come in handy.

These Bra Types

bra type guide

Okay, even though I am a woman, I still don't know the proper names for all the different bra styles. So I can appreciate this handy guide. But what the heck is "The Balcony," haha? I've never heard of that name. Am I the only one?

This Foot Arch Type

Foot arch type guide
reddit | justadudechllin

Is it just me, or do you also find it hard to shop for shoes? Ugh! I have tiny feet, so it makes it even trickier. However, I had no idea you could do this foot arch-type test. What a great idea, huh? I'm so trying that.

This Laundry Room Cheat Sheet

Laundry room cheat sheet
reddit | Uppernined18

Let me ask you a question, do you understand all those laundry-washing icons? Me neither. But now we don't have to. Instead, there's this handy guide we can all fall back on. Wow! Isn't that fantastic or what?

This Pants Hanging Hack

How to hang your dress pants guide
reddit | jpc4stro

I've got to confess something — my closet is full. I have a hard time hanging things up without them falling off the hangers. So when I saw this cool way to hang up dress pants, I was quite intrigued. Did you know about that?

These Pant Shapes

Different pant types guide
reddit | wheekwheekmeow

Speaking of pants, are you aware of all the different types? I definitely know a few of them, but I admit I didn't know what "pegged" meant. This is going to be such a handy guide while shopping for a new pair or two. Am I right?

These Types Of Collars

types of women's shirts collars
reddit | qss122

Women's fashion can be so confusing at times. Do you feel me, ladies? Like do you even know all the different styles of collars? Um, I do not. Whenever people throw names like those around, I'm always lost. Not anymore, though!

These Types Of Skirts

types of skirts
reddit | Bogisa

Now that we covered collars, let's move on to skirts. Who knew there were so many variants? Whoa! I was aware of a few of these, like the A-line, the pencil, the mini, the wrap, and the asymmetrical. But what the heck is the tube, haha?

This Lacing Up Shoe Guide

lacing up shoes guide
reddit | Fun_On_A_Bunn

Are you one of these people who know how to lace up a running shoe to make it look all fancy? Um, that's definitely not me. I've struggled with that all my life. So thankfully, now I have this guide to help me out.

This Proper Ironing Guide

The right way to iron a dress shirt
reddit | behrkon

Who here loves ironing? Ugh! Not me. In fact, I rarely even do that. But sometimes an article of clothing looks like such a mess you just need to iron it. So this guide should help you and me out in a pinch.

These Dress Types

dresses types
reddit | lankancookie

Just as there are different skirt types, so are there various dresses. Did you know all of these here? Whoa! I admit I had no idea a few of these even existed, hehe. Like, have you ever heard of "Blouson"?

This Pattern Guide

clothing pattern guide
reddit | i-am-a-potatoo

People often throw all these names for patterns around. And I don't know about you, but I'm usually super lost. So when I stumbled upon this awesome guide, I was like, "Aha!" And now I don't feel so lost. Who knew there was a pattern called "Houndstooth." OMG, what?

This Bra Measurement Guide

How to measure bra size guide
reddit | ineptnoob

Ladies, this one is definitely for you. Do you often struggle to find your bra size? Me too. Just the other day, I was trying to figure it out all over again. I wish I had this guide to help me along. I hope it saves you some precious time too.

These Types Of Women's Shoes

types of women's shoes
reddit | MrPartyPancake

I admit I don't wear high heels too often. These days I opt for comfort vs. fashion. So I actually didn't realize there were so many various types of women's footwear. These all make sense to me, but if there were a quiz, I would have failed it, hehe. How about you?

This Guide To Wedding Dress Care

Guide to Wedding Dress Care
reddit | thesemeanstreets

OMG, guys, I'm freaking out. I just read this wedding dress preservation guide, and it says you should have your dress cleaned ASAP. I did not. It's still hanging at my home, and it's been two months since our wedding. What have I done?

This Skirt Length Reference

skirt length reference guide
reddit | [deleted]

Would you be able to identify all the skirt lengths by their proper name? Let me see here. Okay, we've got the micro mini, mini, above-the-knee, knee length, cocktail, midi, maxi, evening, and floor length. Got it? It's actually not that hard. I can't believe I got them all right.

These Bag Types

bag types chart
reddit | nshud2

Now that we have our clothing figured out, how about some accessories like bags? Are you able to name them all? Let's try. I was surely aware of the briefcases, fanny packs, and backpacks. But the barrel threw me for a loop here. Which one tricked you?

This Ultimate Stain Removal Guide

how to remove stains from clothes guide
reddit | LIS1050010

I can't tell you how clumsy I am and how often I have spilled something on my clothing. Sadly it happens more often than I would like to admit, haha. So if you're just like me, this guide is for you. Isn't it such a lifesaver or what?

Wasn't this so useful or what?

woman coming out of Target with shopping bags
Giphy | Target

I don't know about you, but I definitely learned a thing or two. Now I feel like my next shopping trip will be such a breeze. I think even the salesperson would be impressed by this knowledge. What do you think?

Will this help you in your clothing choices? I hope so. Who's excited to shop now?