Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Flavin’s Divorce Has Been Officially Dismissed

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Stallone and Flavin.
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Back in August, a shocking bit of news hit headlines, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin were filing for divorce. The two had been married for 25 years, so it was entirely unexpected, and plenty of drama followed suit.

Then, the other week, more news came through that the two were going to try and reconcile. That move appears to have worked, as today they officially dismissed their divorce filings!

Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Flavin have halted their divorce.

Roughly two months after Flavin filed for divorce from Stallone, it seems the couple have resolved their issues and dismissed the filing.

Stallone's attorneys confirmed with Page Six that the two filed a notice for voluntary dismissal in Palm Beach County.

This comes just weeks after they chose to reconcile.

A reconciliation that apparently worked wonders, as a separate source also told Page Six that the couple "are together and very happy."

They were even seen out and about recently, having gone out for dinner in New York City while Stallone was promoting his new show, Tulsa King.

Congratulations to the once again happy couple!

Working through near-marriage-endingissues can be beyond difficult, but these two stuck it out and seemed to have plenty of discussions about the matter. Obviously we can't know what happened during those conversations, but clearly they were positive given the outcome.

Here's hoping their marriage stays healthy and happy!

h/t: Page Six