Man's Toilet Paper Hack Is Actually Creating More Problems Than It's Solving

Sarah Kester
Toilet paper invention
TikTok | @jordanflomofficial

The golden rule of the internet is this: don’t believe everything you read. 

If you do, you might end up doing all sorts of weird and wacky things to your home, like this man’s DIY project of creating a “hands-free” toilet paper dispenser. 

By “solving” one problem, he ended up making three more!

This home improvement “guru” is TikTok creator Jordan Flom (@jordanflomofficial).

Jordan in a video
TikTok | @jordanflomofficial

On his page, he posts all sorts of nonsensical DIY projects for his viewers to cautiously try. He's very obviously a jokester.

For some reason, a lot of Jordan’s hacks involve toilets. 

Like this beach cooler where you disguise a toilet lid under the sand.  

Glue on toilet seat
TikTok | @jordanflomofficial

You do so by covering the lid with glue and then tossing sand over it. This way, only you know where your drinks and other personal items are. Viewers weren’t too enthused

“All fun and games till you forget where it is,” one user wrote.

Woman facepalming
Giphy | NBC

“I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂 I’ll be sure to bring my toilet seat and glue to the beach, I’ll be enjoying my 2 ice cold drinks also.”

“Just get a cool box mate,” a third added. 

That would certainly solve his problem, wouldn't it?

“mum:did u forget anything

me:yes the toilet,” cracked a fourth. 

In another toilet-themed video, he showed parents how they can waste ~~10 minutes~~ create a potty chair. 

This involved duct-taping the entire toilet seat so no one can use it but the kid.

Pool noodle potty seat
TikTok | @jordanflomofficial

He then cut pool noodles to create a circle shape and layered them on top of each other Then, for some reason, he took off his shoelace and attached a pack of Twizzlers

That way, the child was rewarded with candy after they flushed the toilet. 

Things got REALLY weird when he created a pasta strainer out of another toilet (How many does he have?!)

Because that’s what everyone needs: pasta noodles that taste like toilet water and pee. 

He began by drilling nails into the toilet seat and then adding elastic bands so that they were stretched out fully.

Woman grossed out

Then, he did it again so that the bands were criss-crossed. The lad insulted all Italians everywhere by straining the pasta out into the toilet.

In his defense, the pasta didn’t actually go into the toilet, just onto the elastic bands and seat where people put their butts. 

Toilet pasta strainer
TikTok | @jordanflomofficial

People weren’t convinced: "nah man, food can't touch bathroom air never mind it sitting on the toilet,” one wrote. 

For his next waste of people's time, he created a toilet paper invention that makes it so you can grab toilet paper from the toilet.

Jordan's toilet invention
TikTok | @jordanflomofficial

To make this, Jordan added two silver handlebars and a bent-out-of-shape hanger to his toilet. The toilet paper gets rolled through the silver handlebars at the back and front, and the hanger keeps everything taut.

“And then you can have a completely hands-free wipe as you pull it between your legs" Jordan said as he demonstrated his wacky contraption.

Cardi B cringing
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Judging by the comments, people weren't exactly pulling out their credit cards to order one. "Bruh tried to solve 1 problem, created 3 more," a user wrote.

"I'm calling the police," another joked.

They weren't exactly seeing his vision come to life. "'Hand free' Pulls toilet paper with hands," another commented.

There was the tricky matter of the used toilet paper: "So you just grab all the used toilet paper?" someone asked.

Better luck next time, Jordan!