One Woman's Ad For A Dog's 'Part-Time Family' Has Divided The Internet

Jordan Claes
a dog holding a flower in its mouth.
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Having a dog seems like a great idea until you get one. From the very first moment that you find yourself wiping up their poo and pee, any romantic illusions of being a happy puppy paw-rent quickly vanish.

If only there was a way to have the best of both worlds, to maintain the joy but not have to shoulder so much of the cost and other burdens. Now, thanks to one woman's ad for a dog sitter, we may finally have found our answer.

Dogs have always had a long-held reputation for being man's best friend.

A group of dogs against a pink wall.
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Don't get me wrong, having kids is great and all — but there's nothing quite like the kind of undivided unconditional love your pooch has for you.

Since the peak of the pandemic, pet adoptions have gone through the roof.

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It seemed like everyone and their mother was adopting a new fur baby. I myself waited more than two years just to be put on a list for consideration!

Pets might be great on paper, but the reality is often far less glorious.

A dog chewing heads of lettuce.

Don't get it twisted, having a dog will upend your life entirely. You're in for plenty of sleepless nights, plenty of frustrating days, as well as a ton of unexpected expenses.

Not to mention the strain a dog can put on your social life as well as your travel plans.

A woman playing with her dog.
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If you're someone who enjoys getting away from it all, you'd better start doing your research into dog-friendly hotels and resorts.

Or if you're looking to save yourself the trouble, you could always go the route of this ingenious Reddit user.

A dog with glasses reading a book.
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An anonymous woman has offered up her furry friend as a part-time pet on Reddit, perfect for those families who want all the perks but none of the cost that comes with pet ownership.

"Do you love dogs but are too busy to have a full-time commitment or too much financially?" the post begins.

A dog jumping between couches.
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"Tedy is looking for an alternative family," The Redditor continues. "Would you like your kids to have a dog?"

The post then switches to the perspective of Tedy, the dog.

A close up of a smiling dog.
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"My mum is happy to share me with you on weekends or afternoons (as per agreement)," Tedy explained, "for an exchange to look after me when she is travelling[sic]."

Not surprisingly, the Redditor's post has created quite a divide among users.

A group of dogs on a log.
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Some thought that the woman's idea was absolutely brilliant, while others couldn't stomach the notion of leaving a beloved pet alone with strangers, just to go on a holiday.

"Next thing we know people will be looking to offer a part-time baby," one user replied.

Johnny Rose saying "What the hell?!" on 'Schitt's Creek'.
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As a child of divorce, I can assure you that this already happens. Just for the record, my brother and I turned out just fine with part-time parents.

"Jokes aside, this is indeed a very clever way to get free pet sitting, but also a win-win for some who would love to have a pet, but cant[sic] afford or just don't have enough time," another chimed in.

A dog hiding behind a blanket.
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The average rate for dog sitters varies, but typically you're looking to spend anywhere from $250 to $375 a week.

It might sound a bit strange, but if the dog is happy, isn't that all that matters?

Dug licking Carl in 'UP'.

Is it really so crazy to think that two people with like-minded interests could, in essence, share custody of a dog? Certainly, if we can do it with people, animals shouldn't be that big of a stretch.