Man Mocks Celebrity Pictures On Instagram With His DIY Outfits

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Let me ask you something, do you follow any celebrities on Instagram? Well, if you do, I'm sure you've seen plenty of perfectly posted pictures. I mean, that's what celebrities do. Am I right? They are as far removed from reality as they come.

So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this funny Instagram account that pokes fun at all those staged celebrity photos and weird outfits they wear. You have to see it for yourself to know exactly what I mean, haha. Let's go!

What do you think of this outfit?

OMG, what do we have here, lol? What the heck is Noah Cyrus wearing here? I like the dress part, but what's with the drapery around her? It looks like a sheet she pulled off of her bed, no?

How about this suit?

Again, the suit on its own is perfectly fine. But what the heck is that black shmata? You might as well put your black cat on your shoulder and call it a day, haha. I like his idea a lot better.

Um, this hairdo?

Come on, Ariana Grande, you can do better than that. This exaggerated ponytail isn't doing much for me. How about you? But if it weren't for this picture, we wouldn't get Emi's version, which, by the way, looks funnier.

What's up with this dress here?

split screen of celebrity and guy on Instagram making fun of their outfit
instagram | Instagram | @_emilife

Is it just me, or does this dress remind you of a floating stingray? Um, what? My only question to the designer of this frock would be, "why?" And I kind of like Emi's version of it, haha. What do you think of that?

That's a curious sweater, no?

split screen of celebirty and man on Instagram making fun of her outfit
instagram | Instagram | @_emilife

First of all, I would be cautious of the placement of these eyes. I mean they're right where her boobs are. So that's a little curious to me, to begin with, haha. So Emi's take on it is spot on. Don't you think so? I think it's hilarious.

What in the world?

Is this a puffer dress? I don't get it? Is it just me, or do you hate this outfit too? And why is Kim giving herself exaggerated abs too? This is wrong on so many levels. OMG, and those eggplants as earrings in Emi's version. I can't even, lol.

Loving this glamour shot.

Speaking of Kim K. Yes, this is how we all get ready. It must be so hard to be so glamourous. Am I right? Oh, to be a celebrity and have people do everything for you. Must be nice, huh?

This is the quintessential Christmas shot.

Let's pose in a very dramatic dress that's just perfect for Christmas. But why just stand there when you can make it as pretty as this? I don't know about you, but I think Emi totally nailed this shot.

Okay, scratching my head here.

I think Miley was trying very hard to channel Marilyn in this pose here. However, I don't know about this dress. Something tells me that Marilyn would have chosen a nicer garment, lol. I can't get over that Emi thought it looked like a bunch of onions. Oh my goodness!

Let's have come cabbage.

They say women crave the strangest things when they're pregnant. And that must've been the case with Gigi Hadid. Otherwise, I can't understand why she picked to pose in this outfit. It's quite bizarre. Don't you think?

Living in a bubble?

Leave it to Lady Gaga to bring us yet another questionable outfit. Am I right, or am I right? Who can forget that meat dress, huh? Yuck! But I think I rather see her in something like that. At least it won't make me want to throw up.

Check out this runway walk.

OMG, I'm dying here, alright. How did Emi pull this off? That plant idea was genius, no? I wish I have thought of that. Judging from the comments on this post, other people thought it was hilarious too. Now that's a real talent, huh?

Come on, Justin.

Are you really that cold? LOL! Why not bring a sweater or a jacket like everyone else, huh? No, as a celebrity, you must exaggerate everything you do. And now, this picture is bound to become a meme, no? Oh, wait — is it one already?

Those pregnancy cravings y'all!

I don't know, but something tells me that Nicky Minaj might have had pizza on her mind while she was doing this photoshoot. Can you blame her, though? I think Emi captured what she was thinking quite literally here.

That butt shot.

Oh my! How many photos like this have we seen Kim K do over the years, huh? I'm getting a little tired of it. So I much rather look at Emi's version, that's for sure. And it's making me laugh out loud.

Yes, this is how you put on sunblock.

Talking about a dramatic way of doing so. But wait until you see the end of this video. It's truly priceless, lol. I have to admit I wasn't expecting that, haha. I love it.

What a cute pose.

Oh my goodness. Don't waste that toilet paper, hehe. You never know when there will be another shortage. Do you hear what I'm saying? But I have to give this young man an A+ for creativity. He nailed this look here too.

Oh, boy, here's another gem.

Haha, I love this one. Honestly, I totally dig this guy's creativity. It can't be easy to beat Cardi B, but I think he outdid himself here. Do you agree with me? I just wished he put some eye shadow on, hehe.

What did I tell you?

man saying "he's good."
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Isn't this Instagram account hilarious? I love it when people use their creativity to poke fun at celebrity photos. And this guy is definitely a master at that, huh? I can't wait to see what else he comes up with, haha. What other celebrities would you like him to do next? Let me know, and let's hope he gets the hint. We all can use a good laugh, no?