A Teacher Was Overheard Making Fun Of A Child's Name, Comparing It To A Dog

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Sending your child to school for the first time can be rather stressful for parents. Some parents are constantly worried about whether or not their kids will be ready for school and try to prep the best way they can. They always want their children to be as successful as possible, and do their best to do their due diligence in order to ensure that happens.

In school, there are tons of new experiences for kids.

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One thing that kids will realize is that everyone comes from different places and from different backgrounds. With this comes different names and ethnicities. A name can be a really telling thing about a person.

In school, teachers often struggle with the names of students.

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While many names are unique and ethnic, pronouncing them can be challenging for some teachers, who often ask students to correct them if they mispronounce them. However, it's never kind or acceptable when teachers mock a student's name.

Not only is it rude, but it's also unprofessional.

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While teachers talk to each other and share stories about their day and the things they go through, mocking another student is cruel and unfair to belittle a student in such a way.

One Reddit user recently shared that they overheard their nephew's teacher mocking his name, which is shocking.

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The Reddit user shared that her sister spent the entire summer prepping her son, the Reddit user's nephew, for school. Her nephew was so excited to start school and couldn't wait to make friends.

His first week of school went really well.

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"He really enjoyed his first week of school and made some new friends (he already knew a good few because we live in a small village) and he said he really liked his new teacher," the Reddit user wrote.

One afternoon, the Reddit user's sister had a dentist appointment and asked her to grab her son from school along with her own children.

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The Reddit user has two other children who go to the same school, so as she was picking them up, she went to get her nephew, too. However, she was hanging around longer than usual because her 6-year-old loves to stay and chat with friends.

By the time she had gotten her kids together, everyone had pretty much left and the teachers had gone back inside already.

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The Reddit user shared that the windows and doors were still open, and she could overhear a conversation that some teachers were having inside the school.

They were gossiping about their students this year.

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One teacher asked if any of the other teachers had any "bad kids" this year. The Reddit user shared that she heard her nephew's teacher say she didn't have any bad kids, but one of her kids has a "dog's name."

When the other teacher asked for the name, she replied, "Benji."

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The Reddit user said that her nephew's name is Benji. She was shocked and appalled to overhear that teachers would talk about students in such a way, even if they thought no one was listening.

She obviously told her sister what she overheard.

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Her sister immediately burst into tears. She was hurt and upset that anyone would speak about her son that way. She wants to go to the school and tell the administration, but she's also nervous to do so.

People online said that the teacher was totally wrong.

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Despite whether or not she felt that way, saying it out loud for someone to hear and know is wrong. And, Benji isn't really a "dog's name" at all.

Yikes, am I right?