Neighbor Floored By Dog Walker Who Insisted It Was Okay To Not Clean Up Dog's Poop

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Those who have dogs and frequently walk them outside know that it's polite to clean up after your pet. I mean, it's only fair. After all, we all need to live and walk around common areas, so we shouldn't expect other people to clean up after us. Am I right?

However, this one dog owner pointed out the obvious to another neighbor, and the response he got back was quite odd. Let's find out the gist of this story. Shall we?

A man recently posted on Reddit.

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He asked fellow Reddit users whether he was right or wrong. You see, he was out for a walk with his dog, and he noticed another neighbor out with his pup. However, the neighbor let his dog poop in somebody else's yard.

And get this.

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The man didn't pick up the poop at all.

"When we walked past, I saw the huge pile of [poop] still there and the man and his dog had stopped (it was weird, like they were waiting?) and I asked if he needed a poop bag," the poster wrote. "I have the little bone with bags on my dogs leash. He said no, because the owners of the house don’t mind and this is a 'poop is allowed neighborhood.'”

Come again?

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Hmm! I've never heard of that. Have you? The man was baffled at this explanation as he noted that the yard in question was "pristine," as he explained in his Reddit post. Yet, his neighbor insisted that nobody in the neighborhood minds that his large dog poops in their yard.

This man then proceeded to tell his neighbor that he does mind.

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And that he doesn't want this person's dog to poop in their yard. That's when the two argued, and the man with the large dog told him to "mind his own business." Wow, that's quite rude, no?

Now he wants to know if he should have just let it go.

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Well, I'm not surprised that other people on Reddit found this odd. Most of them said that the man who said it was okay to leave your dog's poop in somebody's yard is totally making this up.

Picking up your own dog's poop isn't fun.

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So why anybody would be okay with cleaning up after somebody else's dog is beyond me. And that's what most people on Reddit said as well. I think this man is completely lying or just out of his mind.

Some even pointed this out.

Sign that says "Obay the law. Use a leash & poop scoop."
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"In some areas not cleaning up your dog's crap is punishable by pretty hefty fines," one person wrote. "Serial offenses can even lead to punishments like community service. Where I live (in the UK) we can be fined up to £80 on the spot for not cleaning up the crap and up to £250 for repeat offenses. If you refuse to pay, they can then do you for up to £1,000. You can also be written up if you have excessive dog crap on your property that's causing smells, damage, etc."


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Another person posted this tip: "[He] is 100% making this up!! Even if you have a dog why would you want to pick up someone else’s dog poo? I would suggest maybe getting a RingGo or something so if he does do it to your garden you can catch him!"

Aha, that's smart, no?

Who do you think was in the wrong here?

man grabbing his head saying "dog s*** everywhere."
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Was it the man who let his dog poop in a neighbor's yard and didn't pick it up? Or the neighbor who called him out on it? What would you do in this situation? Would you have minded your own business or confronted this person?

Honestly, I would have just watched them for a while and then talked to some neighbors about it. And then, if the consensus was that this wasn't okay — I might have confronted them.