I Can't Handle This Woman's Reaction After She Accidentally Booked A 'Special Massage'

Sarah Kester
Person getting a massage
Unsplash | Katherine Hanlon

It was Bob Ross who said, "there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” But what about mistakes that lead to happy endings?

This was the situation facing a woman on TikTok after she accidentally booked herself a "special massage."

TikToker Maggie McGaugh shared all about this on the app, leading to her wild story going viral.

You gotta love hilarious mix-ups!

Tiny blue home
TikTok | @kyliejeefe2

There was one dad who accidentally booked a 114-square-foot tiny house for his family of four AND their two dogs.

The family needed a place to stay while they were traveling to drop off their son, Aidan, at university.

We're sure Aidan's dorm room was bigger than this!

Aidan laughing
TikTok | @kyliekeefe2

The family knew their dad, JJ Keefe, had made a mistake when they pulled up to the tiny blue house.

JJ’s daughter, Kylie, filmed the family's hilarious reaction, which went viral.

"My dad saw that it slept four and the cheap price and booked it with no second thought," Kylie said.

Chris Evans laughing
Giphy | mtv

"We all laughed when we pulled in and saw the size of the home." After noticing the mistake the dad put his kids in a hotel.

Hilariously, the dad and his wife and two dogs decided to stay in the tiny home.

"They said the home was very cramped, but we were all laughing for pretty much our entire trip so It didn’t bother them to stay there."

This next mix-up will also have you in stitches.

Person getting massage
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TikToker Maggie McGaugh (@maggiemccaugh) posted a viral video about the time she accidentally booked a massage appointment at an adult massage parlor.

In case you didn't know, this means that the workers give "happy endings."

"Today I went to get a massage, not knowing I was going to a 'happy endings' massage. Let's talk about it," Maggie began.

Maggie sharing story
TikTok | @maggiemcgaugh

"First off, I booked it at 9 p.m. They answered the phone at 9 p.m., which should've been a red flag, but I continued."

When she pulled up to the business, it didn't look very great.

Alexis talking about sketchiness
Giphy | Schitt's Creek

There were also no doors, only curtains — another red flag. "I definitely got hidden video camera vibes, so I even looked around for cameras and proceeded with the massage," she said.

Maggie then explained that she always leaves her underwear on during massages.

Unsplash | Katherine Hanlon

"Now if you've ever gotten a massage you know they always tell you to get undressed to your comfort level," she explained. But when the masseuse came into the room, something very strange happened.

She pulled down Maggie's underwear.

Maggie sharing story
TikTok | @maggiemcgaugh

She "really quickly rips my underwear down to my knees, and I was like 'what's happening?' Very uncomfortable," Maggie explained. To make matters worse, the woman folded back the already-small sheet so that her butt was exposed.

Maggie was shocked: "I freeze in this instance, I'm not gonna lie. I am absolutely confused, like I don't want to be rude if this is normal."

Nicki Minaj shocked

"She then sits on my thighs. I reach down and pull my underwear back up and I was like, 'no, thank you, umm, I'm, just, just my shoulders please."

She continued: "The poor woman was very confused as to why I was not into this."

Maggie sharing her story
TikTok | @maggiemcgaugh

"The massage was great once we established our boundaries." People were absolutely shocked in the comments. "I didn't think this was legal?" one asked.

Of course, many jokes were made.

Alexis winking
Giphy | CBC

"Accidentally booked a happy ending. Let me tell you I walked out of there the fourth time and never came back," one wrote. "This happens to me too. I did not want to be rude so I came back every couple of weeks for years," another added.

Some people were actually interested in the happy accident.

Oil for massage
Unsplash | Christin Hume

"I would have been like oh no well im already here," a woman wrote with a laughing and smirk emoji. "Hmmm… curious about what technique she would have done..." another woman wrote.

Others felt extremely sad and sorry for Maggie.

Sad woman on bed
Unsplash | Anthony Tran

"As a massage therapist, this makes me so sad and mad. I’m so sorry," a user commented.

"Oh my gosh. I’d feel so violated," another wrote, which prompted Maggie to reply: "Not gonna lie, as a previous SA victim it was TRIGGERING! It infuriates me that they don’t make it more obvious or ask first."

Then, there were those who couldn't believe that anyone would accidentally book themselves a "special massage."

"Her self-awareness and intuition," one user commented with three emojis of a blind woman walking. Maggie clapped back: "me looking for an affordable massage with availability the next morning."