A Single Dad's Video To Find A Date To An Amusement Park Has Gone Viral

Sarah Kester
Chris in his viral video
TikTok | @itschrisfromtiktok

Love certainly is a rollercoaster ride. 

If anyone knows this, it’s Chris Cozad. The 44-year-old recently went viral after he posted a “dating ad” on TikTok

The dad’s search to find a date has been melting hearts!

He was hoping to find a date for himself for when he took his teenage daughter and her friend to the amusement park, King’s Island. 

You thought dating in your 20s was rough? Try being a single dad in your 40s. 

Dad kissing his son
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It’s difficult to be vulnerable and put yourself out there again after potentially being burned. It’s also difficult to meet people when you have kids to care for. 

You have to get creative, which is exactly what one single dad did. 

Carlson and his daughter
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Single dad Vashaad Randolph went viral in 2020 for posting an ad looking for a wife. The doting dad to his adorable daughter, A’Miyah, stated on Facebook that he was looking for a “friend, wife & business partner / stepmother.”

His lengthy post highlighted his many impressive accomplishments, which include being a member of the Army National Guard. 

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He’s in the finance field as a finance controller and is even an entrepreneur with his neon sign business. Who doesn't love a successful man?

“My friends would most likely describe me as outgoing yet lowkey, funny like Bernie Mac, someone with a big heart & a family man,” he wrote. 

Carlson and his daughter
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He also expressed his interest in finding a loving mother figure for his daughter, who currently lives in Tennessee with her mother. 

Randolph’s adorable post quickly went viral, with thousands of comments and shares.

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He also received tons of replies from interested women. "I'm about to put in my application right now," one woman wrote. "I'm diving in ur inbox right now today," another added.

Putting yourself out there works, people!

Chris's dating video
TikTok | @itschrisfromtiktok

This next story is another example of this, and one that will melt your heart. 

Chris Cozad is a 44-year-old single dad who posted a dating “ad” on TikTok, looking for a date to an amusement park. 

“I am a single — divorced — 44-year-old dad from Ohio. I’m looking for a single woman preferably 34 years old — at least 34 years old,” he said in the viral video. 

Chris's dating video
TikTok | @itschrisfromtiktok

“Don’t let the gray hairs and the beard fool you. I also have the dad-bod to go with it."

"If that’s not enough incentive, this also comes with a Fast Lane Plus pass, so we can skip the roller coaster lines all day long,” he joked.

Roller coaster
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The adorable video was quickly flooded with comments from interested ladies and those supporting his quest.

"I hope you find someone as awesome as you! Seriously!" one wrote.

Woman going "aww"

"this is so wholesome," another wrote. “At least 34 years old.” GREEN flag!" a third added.

Even some men were interested: "Fast pass??? How firm are you on the woman part???" one guy joked.

Many praised the dad for putting himself out there.

David from Schitt's Creek
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"Dude this took a lot of courage. I'm really cheering you on!" a user commented.

There were many comments from interested suitors: "I'm a widow... I have 2 little boys.. I'm 34 years old.. I don't smoke! I'm down for this handsome!!!"

In a highly-anticipated follow-up video, Chris posted a TikTok of himself, his daughter, her friend, and the date he brought!

“This here is my friend Stephanie who has accompanied me to King’s Island today,” he said while putting an arm around the woman.

Yay, Chris!!