A person with her elbows on a table, looking on in judgement.
Unsplash | christian ferrer

Some people want the moon, but aren't willing to work for it. It's like they think they deserve cheap labor, free food, or random stuff, all because they want it.

But that's not how the world works. As the people in this list will prove, though, that doesn't usually stop people from making their ridiculously delusional requests on the internet.

"'Youtuber' wants game key for free in exchange of exposure."

A YouTuber asking a game dev for a free copy in order to stream it.
reddit | DiegoAvmor

Game devs sending copies of their latest games to YouTubers and streamers for exposure is actually a pretty common practice. Usually, though, they don't wait for beggars to come along to give their games out for free.

"$1.50 an hour 50 hours a week dog sitting…"

A person who seriously expects a dog sitter to do so for $300 a month.
reddit | Semetexx

I bet you anything they either paid the last sitters better, or that's part of the reason why they "moved away." That's the kind of wage you give to your own child for chores.

"She needs a sperm donor and child support."

A person weirdly asking for a sperm donor with strange requests, including child support.
reddit | tensorblow

There are a lot of really weird, borderline illegal things in this (minimum age 16, "natural breeding?"). But how do you ask someone to forfeit all parental rights, and then expect them to pay child support?

"It's called doing it yourself."

A person looking for someone to remove shrubs for them for free.
reddit | deletedcommas

It's amazing how people will literally go to any length to not do a little work. You either do something yourself, or you pay someone else to do it. Those are pretty much the only options.

"You pay me $500/ month to be a live-in personal chef."

A listing for a room for rent, which would include the renter having to do the owner's laundry and cook for them.
reddit | brandoesco

This person is looking for a butler, except instead of paying for one, is trying to get them to pay. It's pretty amazing how delusional some people can be.

"Someone wants to pay only $50 for a novel's worth of writing."

A person only willing to pay someone 50 pounds for a 50,000 word project.
reddit | agasmaskdude

That's a rate of one tenth of a cent per word, by the way. I'm sure they didn't get a single bite from that, because the rate is just insulting.

"She was completely serious (and has since deleted her post)."

A person requesting designer handbags, shoes, and water bottles for free.
reddit | ShouldaPrayedHarder

Are there actually people out there who are willing to give away Gucci bags and Jimmy Choo shoes for free? Because if so, how do I get in on that?

"Unwilling to properly pay a professional trades person for their work."

A person trying to underpay for a car charging station install because it's "not really a skill."
reddit | Chelsk_C

You can't say something isn't a skill, and then not be willing to do it yourself. Unless, you can't do it yourself because you lack the skill. Which means...

"A smaller one in a group for my county."

A person asking for a cheap or free fridge, because beer is expensive.
reddit | Smiling_longhair6870

I hate to point out the obvious, but if beer is too expensive, just buy less of it. Or, don't buy any at all and drink some water or something.

"What an opportunity to sort out someone else's old tat for free. Shame I'm not a lady."

A person asking women to volunteer to clean stuff out of a room.
reddit | peachange

That's something you ask your family to do, and then feed them pizza and let them keep some of the stuff they find.

"Probably will be..."

A person promising to pay for a project only if it's successful.
reddit | Rich_Pangolin_2933

For starters, you probably shouldn't accept any freelance job that doesn't pay you upfront (unless you have a well-written contract). But you definitely shouldn't accept a job where you'll only "probably be" paid. That's just silly.

"Asking bigger YouTubers to help with his merch and editing his videos for no charge."

A person asking for an editor to edit 17 videos for free.
reddit | Napkin_boy

There's this whole concept that I feel like these beggars tend to forget about. It's called investing in yourself/your business. Which usually means paying people to do things for you.

"Really woman…"

A woman complaining because she has to pay someone for a service.
reddit | cooladventures5

"The world doesn't owe you a living." No, the world doesn't owe you free stuff because you don't feel like you have to pay for it. Some people really expect diamonds for the price of dirt.

"Finally had my first choosing beggar, I guess I'm a true freelance artist now, lol."

A person wanting to pay $20 for an animated project, and then insulting the artist when they said no.
reddit | used_to_be_katznboyz

OP further explained in the comments, "I'm a 3d animator, they wanted me to make an entire short film with them and their wife for 20 dollars haha!" That's just ridiculous.

"Person looking for the perfect horse, has to be free!"

A person literally looking for a free horse.
reddit | ProbsDrawingDragons

It's almost like this person forgot that horses are sentient creatures, and not objects. No one is just going to... give you their horse for free, no strings attached.

"He owes me money, and instead of paying, he wants me to work and that will somehow pay his debt."

A person asking someone to work in his place, so that he can pay his debt to that person.
reddit | ubertoaster13

See, this is why I don't lend money to people. At best, you end up with a strain in your friendship. At worst, you'll never see that money again.

"From a buy nothing page in Idaho. Where people offer free items like clothes, furniture and other household items to be picked up."

A person in a buy nothing group asking for someone to send them soup.
reddit | LMTRHG

It's kind of weird to ask for someone to send you soup in a swap group. Like, just ask your parents.

"From small town NZ hiding behind anonymity."

A person asking for $3k worth of work to be done for only $500.
reddit | disappointed269

Here's a good tip: if multiple people quote you around the same price for a job, that's probably how much it's actually worth. Don't like it? Pull up a YouTube video and learn how to do it yourself.

"'Please no posts about food bank.. I'm not that desperate'" - Ryan"

A person asking for free food, but also putting down food banks.
reddit | AmethystMushrooms

There's no shame in needing to use a food bank during times of scarcity. That's literally why they exist. But to beg people for food and then call food banks "desperate" is just sad.

"This person post weekly or more often asking for multiple items. This was a whole different level of ask."

A person asking for a car, a Playstation, an ice cream maker, and a service dog for free.
reddit | Fillmaff

This person's literally asking for everything they could ever want. And all... for free? Yeah, that just makes no sense.