20 Neighbors Who Make Us Want Bigger, Better Fences

Kasia Mikolajczak
sign that says "Hello neighbor. Come on in."
Unsplash | Jon Tyson

Do you know that saying "Love thy neighbor"? Well, sometimes that's not really possible. Why? It's because not every person you share your fence with will be your best friend. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.

It seems that these days good neighbors are as rare as some endangered species, haha. And basic respect, politeness, and cleanliness are in short supply. Instead, some folks have replaced it with spite and rudeness. Below are some examples of jerk neighbors we all need to stay as far away from as we can.

This Hoarder

hoarder's house full of trash
reddit | Reddit | u/mama_ji

"Our duplex neighbor of 3 years mysteriously moved in the middle of the night. we had never seen the inside of his house the whole time. now we know why."

Holy, moly! Would you look at that? I guess they left all their belongings behind. Good luck cleaning that up.

This Absent-Mindedness

cars parked in front of somebody's mailbox
reddit | Reddit | u/Negative_Permit

"Next door neighbor parks both cars in front of our house, blocks my mailbox, and leaves theirs open."

Wow, can you believe the nerve of some people? Why would you do that? There must be a polite way to bring this up, huh?

This Vicious Dog

person's arm bitten by a dog
reddit | Reddit | u/pdrent1989

"Neighbor's dog didn't like me mowing my lawn."

Here's some good news for you. Apparently, homeowner's insurance cover dog bites. The average settlement is $30k. $881 million was paid in dog bite claims in 2021. I don't know if your neighbor has insurance, or whether you have a case, but just sayin'. Google it.

This Ridiculous Behavior

dog poop and pee on somebody's balcony
reddit | Reddit | u/yorzz

"Our downstairs neighbors dump all dog poop and pee on the balcony."

What? Come on? Who does that? I can only imagine the reek that's coming from this balcony. If I were the person above, I would have a conversation with the super STAT!

These Rogue Fireworks

neigbors fireworks that set grass and trash can on fir
reddit | Reddit | u/fancypipedream

"This is why fireworks aren’t allowed in city limits. A neighbor’s rogue firework set our grass and trash can on fire."

Oh, my! That does make sense, no? How can somebody we this careless with fireworks is beyond me? At least they could have gone on the street.

This Noisy Parker

backyard camera neghbor installed to spy on his next door neighbors
reddit | Reddit | u/harbinger_CHI

"I put up a fence to keep my thieving and incredibly nosy neighbor out. He then puts up a camera so that he can look in."

Is this even legal? How can somebody do that? Here's what somebody suggested on Reddit.

"Put an Infrared led light up pointed towards that house. It will blind the camera and not be visible to the naked eye. Think of it like shining a spotlight into the camera, but a light that is invisible to the human eye. You can use your cell phone to confirm it's on, and many are battery-operated and use very little electricity. I'd imagine a solor-powered one wouldn't be difficult to locate."

These Outbursts

broken door window
reddit | Reddit | u/Miha08Mihaylov

"My crazy neighbor broke the door window of the building. Idk what he has, but he has these outbursts lately, he broke his own door too and he has been screaming. The police does (sp) nothing."

And they say to trust the police.

This Parking Lot Bandit

car that's double parked
reddit | Reddit | u/badbicth06

"I pay $125 a month to park in my parking spot. I’m 111B. This a***** is my neighbor."

"The most infuriating part of this kind of thing is I've come to realize people more often than not don't do this kind of thing intentionally as much as they're just oblivious and/or incompetent. Being a jerk and egotistical then doing this out of spite at least means somebody was keenly alert and aware while operating a couple of tons of high-speed metal and glass. The frightening reality is the driver of this thing is likely often dangerously inattentive while piloting this thing at highway speeds or through neighborhoods where kids play."

That's right!

This Douche Move

Amazon envelope on somebody's porch
reddit | Reddit | u/The_Space_Monkey

"Amazon delivery picture of my package on my neighbor's porch. Asked my neighbor if they happened to accidentally get my package, 'Nope didn't see it.'"

That's such a douche move. Am I right? I guess they rather piss off their neighbor than miss out on whatever is in this Amazon envelope.

This Annoyance

bright light at night at somebody's house
reddit | Reddit | u/TaudeTheThird

"A neighbor's 'security' light that they keep on 24/7."

Wow! I have to admit if my neighbor installed something like this it would drive me bonkers. Here's a fun solution somebody suggested on Reddit, haha.

"Well, you've got two options: Ask them politely to turn it off or Fill a water balloon with paint and give it a good throw."

This Rude Encroachment

ugly property line posts neighbor installed on somebody's property
reddit | Reddit | u/TheHotSoulArrow

"Neighbor came into our property and put up these big ugly posts without asking?"

Speaking of advice, somebody on Reddit said this, "If you don’t contest it, in many states uncontested property lines get moved in favor of the encroachment after a number of years. This was a common way for scumbags to increase their land size."

Did you know about this?

This Selfish Behavior

U-Haul moving truck blocking the entire street access
reddit | Reddit | u/Lilstoner-420

"The way my neighbor decided to move for a couple of hours."

Wow! Indeed there's a better way to park that U-Haul on the driveway. But these people have chosen to be completely selfish by blocking the entire street access. I guess the whole neighborhood is glad they're moving away.

This Bathroom Surprise

medicine cabinet cracked from the neighbour's side
reddit | Reddit | u/jchancho

"Woke up to noises coming from my bathroom turns out my neighbor tried getting into my apartment through my medicine cabinet."

When I see this all I can think of is, "Here's Johnny!" LOL!

This Dumb Move

trash can burned from hot charcoal from the grill
reddit | Reddit | u/[deleted]

What are we looking at, you might be wondering? Well, this person clever neighbor put hot charcoal from their BBQ straight into the trash can. What did they expect to happen here, huh? Oh, yeah, this is pretty obvious to me.

These Cat Haters

spikes on fence to stop cats from jumping on it
reddit | Reddit | u/MalloryWillow

"My neighbors put spikes on our shared fence to stop our cats from jumping up."

Yikes! I guess these people really don't like cats. I mean, I can understand that, but perhaps a better way would have been to speak to your neighbors first, huh? It seems rather extreme, no?

This Hit List

neighbor's front door with lists of people who are not allowed in
reddit | Reddit | u/Illustrious_Welder94

"Crazy neighbor has a list of people who are not welcome on his front door."

There's always one crazy neighbor on the block, huh? In this case, the person who lives here has a super long 'hit list.' If you're on it, don't dare and get close, hehe.

This Insensitive Note

racist note left on somebody's door from a neighbor
reddit | Reddit | u/RamenRat

OMG, what? What in the world? First of all, it's none of this person's business whether this woman birthed her children or not. But to leave an offensive note like that? That really does take the cake. Who does this neighbor think they are?

This Neighbor From Hell

neighbor's trash falling over somebody's fence
reddit | Reddit | u/zapbob

Oh, my goodness. What in the heck is going on here? It can't be somebody's trash piling up like this against the fence. I don't even understand how this could get so bad. I guess somebody needs to get on the phone with public health. Yikes!

Okay, now I'm glad I don't have neighbors like that.

scene from Married with Children where the Bundy's spy on their neighbors

Can you believe some people can be so petty as to make life miserable for those who live next door to them? That's not nice! Why can't we all try to get along? I can guarantee you that it's a far better solution than making an enemy of your next-door neighbor. Have you ever had an issue with a neighbor?