Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos 'More Adventerous' Now That They're Empty Nesters

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Ripa and Consuelos at the bottom of a small canyon, looking up.
instagram | @instasuelos

Any parent knows that children, while a joy to raise and all that, can also be a little constricting. You're not able to so as much as you'd like because you need to dedicate so much time to your little ones, no matter how big they are.

This is why them finally moving out can be so bittersweet! Kelly Ripa spoke about her and her husband learning the joys of an empty nest.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are experiencing the freedom of an empty house!

The two, who have been married since 1996, have three children together. Michael, who's 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 19. Joaquin, being the youngest, was the last to move out, doing so in 2021 to attend university.

Ripa recently revealed that she and Consuelos just took their first vacation without the kids since their honeymoon!

"Mark always jokes that a vacation with your kids is a trip," she said.

She specified that this vacation was a true vacation. "We woke up when our eyes opened."

"There was no schedule but our own. So we hiked, we talked, we read, we watched the evening news, we went to late dinners, we had late breakfasts. We did whatever we felt like."

"It was luxurious and adventurous."

As she told Insider, "We didn't get bored. Our kids called us several times because they thought we might miss them or that we were bored in some way. And we tried to pretend, 'It's not as much fun without you guys,' but we had the time of our lives."

She also said that she and Consuelos "have taken up adventure."

This means new and exciting activities that they "never would've done before" like rock climbing!

"We're definitely taking up more adventurous things that we've always wanted to try, but maybe we've done other things because the kids wanted to."

Keeping a marriage fresh and exciting can be hard!

So good for them for still finding plenty of fun to be had and branching out now that they can! I'm sure their kids are happy for them, even if they're not around to do all these fun things too.

h/t: Insider