Kelly Ripa Reveals She Once Passed Out During Sex With Mark Consuelos

Rae Batchelor
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.
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Talk about a wake-up call!

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are one of our favorite Hollywood duos! The couple got married in 1996, and are one of the longest lasting famous couples that we just can't get enough of! The two share three children: Michael, 25, Joaquin, 19, and Lola, 21, but Kelly just shared a story about a harrowing story that happened when Michael was only six months old and Kelly was in need of some serious post-natal care.

Kelly wrote about the story in her new book, and talked about it in an interview.

"Well, it's more of a story about how intimacy can be for women, particularly after they have had a baby, and I am no different," Kelly told ET. "That was very, very difficult, and, really, what it portrays is -- and rightly so -- is that my husband, in that time -- and keep in mind he was 27 years old -- he was a 27-year-old kid who knew exactly almost what to do."

In her book, Kelly wrote that the couple was in the middle of morning sex when suddenly Kelly passed out.

Kelly writes that the next thing she knew, she had woken up in the hospital, with them having discovered two large cysts growing on her ovaries.

"My eyes shift between the fuzzy images on the screen, the remnants of my ovarian tormentor, and Mark happily snacking away," she writes.

"Sex can be so traumatic I think, and yet one of us is completely undaunted," she went on.

"There he is, happily munching on the saltines now and ordering a second apple juice. Mark could be at a movie, or a spa. Instead, I’m flat on my back wondering when the other two cysts will burst," she wrote.

Kelly also took issue with what Mark dressed her in to take her to the hospital.

She writes that he put her in a 1980s-style French-cut leotard and red Manolo Blahniks.

"Here is my husband, who is, dare I say, stylish, well-dressed at all times, and yet he dressed me like a dime store prostitute in my time of need," Kelly writes. "It’s still baffling to me to this day that this is the best costume for the day that he could find for me, to the point where, when I was on the stretcher, I thought I was dreaming; I was having a nightmare. I didn’t realize I had come to."

We're glad it all worked out for them!

h/t: ET