A Restaurant Is Charging Parents To Bring Their Babies With Them

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Many restaurants have rules and regulations when it comes to dining in their establishment. When customers go there, they must be able to abide by their rules, despite however they disagree with them. Some restaurants make rules in order to get more money, and not everyone agrees with them. However, if you want to eat there, you have to pay to play.

When it comes to buffets and other "all-you-can-eat" restaurants, many places charge per person.

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Instead of paying for what you order like many restaurants, in all-you-can-eat places, they charge you per person. That way, they can still make a profit and not lose money.

For adults, they usually charge full price.

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As adults eat the most, most places will charge a full rate for them. For children, they usually charge a little less, as they eat less than adults do—making it less expensive for the establishment.

However, it's not often that places will charge for babies.

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Until now, that is. One restaurant is getting some major backlash for their decision to charge for not only adults and children, but also for babies. The Chinese restaurant is located in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Panda Garden, a Chinese Buffet, charges a pretty high price for just about anyone who comes in.

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For each type of meal, there are different prices. While lunch is the least expensive, dinner is the most expensive, as people eat far more during this meal. Young children under a certain height at less money than the adults that accompany them.

Now, babies who need high chairs also cost a fee.

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Although these babies may not be eating full meals, or may just have a bottle, they still are being charged a fee of "three Euros." The restaurant stands by this decision, despite the backlash.

A spokesperson for the restaurant says it's not about the food but about the service.

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"We are paying the opportunity cost of reserving a seat for a baby where an adult could have been seated, we are also paying for staff to clean up after their mess," said spokesperson Xiangling Xiao on Facebook.

While many were outraged, Panda Garden stood its ground.

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“Therefore a £3 charge will apply. Whilst we try our best to accommodate younger children and babies into our restaurant, we’d also like to ask that you cooperate with us and respect our rules," the spokesperson said.

They shared that they would post signs to remind others of the rules.


“We hope this post will clear up any misunderstandings that have occurred and bring awareness to our rules. We also take on any advice from customers, more signs will be placed in the restaurant and near the entrance to raise awareness of our rules.”

Many argued online that the price was a bit steep.

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Many people shared online that they felt the fee was a bit much. They felt as though it wasn't fair to charge just for a child in a high chair and having to clean up after them—even if the child doesn't make much of a mess.

However, the restaurant reiterated that the fee was because children tend to eat from the buffet, too.

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The spokesperson shared afterward, to clear up any confusion, that the price of babies is also for food, and not just to clean up. Many times, he shared, parents say the food they are eating is "off of their plate," when it is really from the buffet.

Regardless of the backlash, the price still stands.

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Despite many people saying they no longer want to eat there, the restaurant is claiming that they will keep the price and do not plan to change it any time soon.