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McDonald's Manager Claps Back At Job-Shamer: 'I Enjoy Making Six Figures'

A woman on TikTok is standing up for her job as a McDonald's manager.

We're all familiar with job-shamers. The people who love to look down on certain jobs that they are happy to reap the hard work from, whether it's fast food workers, support or custodial staff, or any job that they think is not as prestigious as an office job. One McDonald's manager perfectly shut down one of these trolls in a viral TikTok.

It all started when someone left a demeaning comment on a video from TikTok user luck33one.

A screenshot of the TikTok as described.
TiKTok | @luck33one

"This is the only job she could get, like who wants to be a manager at McDonald's lmao," the comment read, which luck33one replied to.

"Considering that we're the world's largest restaurant chain, and we're in over 100 countries, apparently a lot of people want to be managers in McDonald's, and every single one of those McDonald's require a general manager," she said.

"And I didn't just 'get' my job," she continued.

A gif of someone attempting to steal a french fry and being rebuffed.
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"I worked very, very hard for it for a lot of years. You know, like I invested in it like a career because that's what this is. I'm a salaried employee. I don't know about you, but I enjoy making six figures. I enjoy getting bonuses."

"I enjoy my job," she went on.

"So you can keep laughing your ass off, and I'm going to keep going to the bank," her video finished. People took to the comments to share their support for her.

"Congratulations. your job is a amazing job. we all need a job. whatever you do it's important and needed!" one user wrote, while another added, "People act like something is wrong with food service employees but expect perfect service when they go get food…"