Caretakers Are Sharing Scary Secrets From Their Jobs: 'We Just Aren't Allowed To Tell You'

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A caretaker goes by many names.

They could be a doctor, nurse, dentist, babysitter, worker in an assisted living community, and so much more. Although their job titles are all different, what they have in common is this: secrets.

Some of these are really scary. If you're willing to peek behind the curtain, here are 16 scary secrets caretakers aren't supposed to tell you.

The murderers

Hospital bag
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What secrets are you taking to the grave with you? One Redditor had two older women on their deathbed admit to murdering their husbands. They didn't care about the reactions since they have nothing to lose at that point.

They hate American healthcare as well

Nurse on TV
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"We hate that good people will be forced into debt. We hate our hospital overcharging everyone. We hate being part of the problem when we are trying to save lives. We also know that given the right circumstances, we could be the next victim of it." - u/darkwulf1

The superstitions

Healthcare worker
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"Hospital staff tend to have superstitions and customs. Never say it’s quiet. Beware a full moon. Don’t open the obgyn drawer until you need it. Open a window of a deceased patent to let their soul of the room. Tie a knot in a bed sheet to make sure the patent doesn’t die on your shift. It’s how we create the illusion of control in an environment where we can lose control at any moment." - u/darkwulf1

The lack of training

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This next confession might shake your faith in doctors. A medical sales rep admitted that major complicated surgeries (like spine surgery) are performed by surgeons who only have 1-2 weeks training with certain specialized tools. Um, wtf?

The X-ray tech

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"I am an X-ray tech at a hospital. We know exactly what's wrong with you; we just aren’t allowed to tell you. The radiologist officially has to read the X-rays. Also, if we X-ray your abdomen, we can see if you are about to fart on us." - anonymous

The babysitter

Woman saying she's busy
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"I’m a babysitter. Sometimes, if we don’t feel comfortable working for you, we will say we are busy or unavailable. It may be you, your child or children, the pay, or even your house and its cleanliness." - anonymous

The note

Nurse on Scrubs
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A big part of nursing is writing detailed progress notes on patients. One Redditor admitted that while they write a long note for the first patient, the rest are just copy and pasted and edited to look unique.

The assisted living facility

Assisted living home
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"Assisted living facilities are filthy. Despite the nursing staff, we are not a nursing home. We are not held to the same standards of cleanliness or care. The state inspectors have never entered my unit in the 10 years I've worked there. We fly right under the radar." - anonymous

The day off

Chantal saying she's a nurse
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When a nurse is off the clock, you might imagine them to go hiking and eat healthy. Well, many nurses admitted to doing drugs when they're off work. "I smoke weed when I get home, on my days off, I micro dose with psilocybin and have the occasional full trip. Great for personal growth," one wrote.

The crisis

Doctor's gloves
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"Most medical staff are winging it waaaaay more often than you think; there's just so many things that can happen that you simply can't learn at school and have to experience firsthand, so whenever you see someone act so calmly during a crisis, there's a good chance they're just as stressed out as you are." - u/YuuKisaragi

The shave

A mammogram
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"When you get your mammogram, we do not care if you forgot to shave under your arms or if you have moles. It’s preferable if you’ve cleaned under your breasts, but we will position you the same even if you haven’t." - anonymous

The judgement

Woman judging

One nurse admitted to what we already knew , but no one would say out loud: nurses judge you. It may be their job to care for you, but they may not like you or actually want to help you.

The new doctor

Doctor on phone
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"If you really hate your doctor, go to a new one! Your doctor should empower you and make you feel not only educated, but also be a person you can really talk to about anything." - anonymous

The joke

Woman not impressed
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If you're getting a mammogram done, don't make it weird by saying something like, "Do you enjoy touching women’s boobs all day?" One worker said that it makes things extremely awkward when they're just trying to do their job.

The cigarettes

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"If you smoke cigarettes, your dental hygienist can tell. We won’t judge you for it. The smell will hide up underneath your gums and comes out when cleaned. No use lying about the stain being 'only wine and coffee.' You either smoke, or you’ve made out with lit cigarettes." - anonymous

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