Drew Barrymore Shares Non-Traditional Thing Britney Spears Did At Her Wedding: 'Thank You'

Taylor Sakellis
drew barrymore on the tonight show
youtube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

When it comes to weddings, it's safe to say we all have plenty of opinions, and to be fair — how could we not? The wedding industry has exploded over the past few decades and now, everyone has 15 Pinterest boards dedicated solely to weddings, even if they've already had theirs.

Someone who understands these wedding opinions is Drew Barrymore, who recently revealed what non-traditional thing pal Britney Spears did at her wedding.

As we all know, Queen Brit tied the knot with her longtime love, Sam Asghari, back in June.

The wedding was a star-studded event and everything Britney deserved.

Among the A-list guests was Britney's pal Drew Barrymore.

While chatting on a recent episode of "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" Drew shared the big non-traditional thing Britney did at her wedding that got a big thumbs up from Drew.

"I also thanked her for not having a sit-down dinner. God, do I hate sit-down dinners!" Drew explained on the late-night show.

“What are you talking about?” Jimmy laughed as Drew explained why this was such a win for her.

"Guess what, we all got dressed up. We all want to dance, and we want to hang out."

“They always separate you, like, ‘We’re gonna force you into a new social endeavor.’ The person you came with that you want to hang out with is over there."

"Why did you do that?! And now let’s eat some bizarre food that you didn’t choose. And… and… and I hate it!"

drew barrymore saying thank you
Giphy | The Drew Barrymore Show

Praising Britney's wedding some more, Drew revealed: “They did the ceremony, she got right to the dance party, we had the best time, and I was like, ‘Thank you!’”