A bride and her bridal party walking down a tree-lined road.
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15 Weddings That Were Nearly Ruined By Rude Guests

Weddings are a stressful event to put together. There's a lot to organize, a lot of people to wrangle, and always a chance that something could go wrong, especially since you never know what shenanigans one of your guests might pull on the day of.

A post in a community called Wedding Shaming on Reddit asked people to share their experiences attending weddings with awful guests that really made an ass out of themselves, guests you can hear all about in this list.

Too upbeat.

People dancing at a wedding.
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"My husband's cousin complained about the music. It was too 'happy.' He was single at the time, and the wedding was making him feel sad and lonely, so he requested blues to be played. Not one song. Blues only. Because he was sad. At my wedding. He tried to argue with me several times until I told him to go home and listen to his music in the privacy of his own room. I had to explain to him that even though he felt sad, I was in a rather positive mood."


A hand holding a glass of wine that's being poured into at the same moment.
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"My ex MIL. One of my bridesmaids was dancing with a drink in her hand at our reception and my MIL tapped her on the arm and loudly asked if she could put the drink down while she danced because 'she was looking trashy'. Bridesmaid told me later, because 'her gift to me was not tearing that woman apart on the spot'."

Starting fresh.

A scallop dish on a white plate.
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"My officiant was over an hour late, brought her adult daughter, and ate all my bacon-wrapped scallops. When we asked for a refund, she wrote a letter telling us we were going to hell. I tried giving her poor reviews; she changed her business name and kept going."

Is now really the best time?

Two hands on a stone railing, one holding a ring by the tip of their finger.
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"My mom and dad walked from table to table and 'quietly' told everyone that they were separating."

A little off the mark.

Two young kids, one in a Spiderman outfit and one in a Captain America outfit.
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"Well, the photographer mixed up the date so I didn't get pictures and someone showed up with their kids in pajamas and Halloween costumes. It was not an October wedding."

There can only be one.

A bride and her bridal party talking down a tree-lined road.
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"Mine was the bride (+ random bridal party members) who crashed my ceremony; and made a big stink at the back of the venue about how she couldn’t believe they had double booked when sheeee was supposed have her wedding photos… all to discover she was meant to be next door."

Many mixed signals.

A vegan dish featuring rice and chickpeas.
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"My ex-friend at my friend’s wedding. She requested a vegan meal. She wasn’t vegan. She ate her meal plus a ton of other non-vegan food throughout the reception. She got really drunk and tried to fight the groom. He didn’t engage so she tried to fight me. Apparently, she was angry about a slight from years prior. I ignored her and ended up calling a cab to go home."

Think of the fish!

A group of koi fish swimming in a koi pond.
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"My BIL. He got belligerently drunk and kept tossing empty glasses into the little koi pond at the venue. My nephew, who was 7 at the time was in hysterics, worried about the fish."

They say three's a crowd...

A set wedding table shot from above.
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"I invited my cousin and her husband. She showed up with her husband, her MIL, both of his brothers and one of their girlfriends. Six people! The only reason it turned out okay was that a hurricane came through two days before our wedding and several guests weren't able to make it. She hasn't gotten any more thoughtful."

The bare minimum.

A group of people clinking wine glasses.
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"Not my wedding but MAID of honor got super drunk and put no effort into writing or giving a speech. Just got on the microphone screaming 'wooo you got married' while fist-pumping like a frat boy."

Not cool on many levels.

The back of a white lace dress.
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"Not my wedding, but a dear friend. The bride's mom insisted on inviting one of her coworkers who had never even met the bride. The friend showed up in an ankle-length lacy white dress. Thankfully there was no way anyone could possibly mistake her for the bride, but imagine the audacity of showing up in that to a wedding where you're already only there because the bride did her mother a very generous favor."

Rein 'em in.

Three young girls holding hands and walking.
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"During our special dances (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son) we had two toddlers running around on the dancefloor. Both of their families were sitting at tables closest to the dance floor and could have easily grabbed them or done something but they didn’t even attempt to stop them. Our photographer tried her best to not get them in the photos but they still are in some of them, and it was super distracting and rude."

How much would it take?

A man pulling bills out of his wallet.
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"When I was 16 I sat next to my uncle at my other uncle's wedding. He kept offering me more and more money to object. I didn’t do it, but at 16, $500 to make a fool of yourself at a wedding is very tempting."

Time to bounce.

A bar lit in yellow, orange, and red, shelves of alcohol behind a crowd.
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"My biological father and my cousin from that side snuck out of the reception a half-hour in without saying goodbye because it was dry. They posted pics of the two of them drunk at a bar on Facebook hours later."

His own priorities.

A man fishing while standing on some rocks, silhouetted by the sunset.
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"We had a formal wedding by the side of a lake and one of my uncles brought his fishing pole and started fishing in the middle of the reception. He brought bait and everything, dude was prepared."