People Share The Darkest Things They've Done But Don't Regret At All

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Everyone has their dark secrets — shady, potentially unethical, possibly illegal things they've done at one time or another.

It's hard not to rack up a few of these dark acts over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes, you don't even regret doing them. Redditors shared some of the darkest things they've done in their lives — things they don't regret in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.

Before we begin, a warning: some of these stories are, unsurprisingly, pretty dark.

Let's start things off light.

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"Serving rude people decaf coffee when they asked for regular. I have no regrets.

Edit: thank you everyone for the votes, I didn’t think I would get this reaction from this comment. FYI, I have heard many stories of people doing this and a lot worse."


He did try going through the proper channels.

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"I used to work with an openly racist guy in the army. He would regularly make racist jokes and statements like telling one of our black soldiers that the 'Colored Bathrooms were over there.'

I reported him to EO like I was supposed to, but because he was friends with the EO rep nothing happened.

So I went on 4chan and posted his name and social security number on a 'If you hate them post their info' threads.

He got his identity stolen.

No regrets."


How long until the police show up?

A dam on a river
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"As a teenager, I and a few others actively planned to blow up a dam that was going to be built on a beloved river. Did the research (in libraries, it was the 70’s), learned to make ANFO, estimated how much would be required, and how to place a sunken boat full of the stuff with a waterproof timer.

A study of the dam site found structural defects in the underlying rock (caves) and it was never built."


That's just evil.

A flat tire
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"Sneaking out in all black and going to my neighbors house in the dead of night to carefully place a nail behind his back tire.

He was an absolute [POS] who had no regard for any of his neighbors or for anyone, he absolutely deserved a flat tire, I don't regret it in the slightest."


Sometimes you have to cut out the cancer before it spreads.

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"My stepdad is a creep. Told my mother about it and some stuff he did. She said that I was lying and that I am mentally ill. So I cut them both out even if that is super taboo to do in my family. Hurts so much to have [expletive] parents. But you really are better off without the abuse."


10/10 would do again.

Man talking on a phone
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"Told my ex's probation officer about his fiancé. It was part of his licence conditions to inform them of a new relationship after he spent nearly 10 years inside for what he did to me. He didn't tell them, even after 2 years together.

Would do it again in a heartbeat."


Here's to many more years.

Person sleeping rough on the street
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"Being an addict. It was the darkest time of my 30 years on this earth. I don’t regret it in the sense that I was happy as an addict, but it made me the strongest, most resilient person I know. 6 years sober and counting!"


At least it worked out for one of them.

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"Left my ex, knowing he would be homeless when I kicked him out. Grabbed up all of his things and dumped them at the store he was working at with his friends. Told him I never wanted to see him again, and left (and blocked him on all forms of social media) and I haven't seen him since."


Bullies live by the sword.

A sharp pencil
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"In middle school, there was this group of boys that would corner me in the hallway and try to scare me. I was the perfect target for [this group]. I was short, skinny, and had (and still have) an anxiety disorder. One day I just had enough, and asked a friend if I could have an extra pencil, sharpened it as much as I could, and when I saw one of them in the hallway, I stabbed his leg. [He] got what he deserved."


This kid got started early.

A kindergarten classroom
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"Stabbed my own hand and blamed it on a kid I hated in kindergarten.

He was a bully and would constantly flip over the girls' skirts as well as steal my food, so I decided he gotta go. Got him expelled from that school."


That's what friends are for.

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"Some people were bullying the new mate at school, and one day he was crying on the floor. I asked him for the name of the boy who made him cry, and I punched the guy, his nose was bleeding.

Now, 'the new mate' is still my friend, after 10 years!"


I guess this stuff's common?

Climbers at a playground
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"I was on a jungle gym in 3rd grade running from this kid that bullied me. I let him talk crap to me until I saw a monitor and screamed and threw myself off of it. I got minor sprains and cuts and told them he pushed me. The hall monitor backed it up from the limited interaction they had seen and the kid got expelled. I remember his dad’s face (token military man) and the pure anger on it in the office.

"I often think of how dumb I was. I could’ve been really hurt and might’ve ruined this kids life."


They did the right thing.

A horse in grasslands with mountains in the background
Unsplash | David Dibert

"Paid £250 quid for a horse off an acquaintance that had been suffering from various ailments, been a bit neglected and couldn't even lay down to sleep any more and then moved the horse to a different yard and had her quietly put down a few days later to end her suffering."


He made his bed, now he has to lie in it.

A mountain lion
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"Turned a close friend into the fish and game. He would poach mountain lions and bears. His whole family would literally shoot them and leave them. He would brag about it. I couldn’t stand it and felt that I needed to stop him. He’s in prison and so is his uncle. I know I ruined his life but he was literally killing so many mountain lions and bears."


At least he didn't suffer.

Gloved hand preparing an injection
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"When my father was dying and in pain I was the one who told the doctors he had been through enough and we couldn't see him suffer anymore. Doctor injected him with something, I assume a morphine mega dose and he passed peacefully moments after. Euthanasia may not be legal in U.K. but compassionate doctors know what's what. I don't regret it because my pa made me promise I would have his back when he got sick or old. I'm sad he got sick and never got to get old."


I'm sure the doggo was thankful.

A happy dog outdoors
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"A neighbor like 10 years ago was neglecting their dog badly in the heat. The dog escaped often and ended up at the shelter a lot. One day she jumped the fence and got her tie-out cable stuck on the fence. (She was not in danger of choking.) Neighbor put her on a 3-foot-long cable tied to a doorknob, no water, 90 degree day. I let some kind folks steal her, watched the whole thing and said nothing to stop them."


Is this what they call chaotic good?

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"One of my ex best friends in high school was a real narcissistic lunatic. Had so many egotistical fantasies about what he deserved but I remained his friend because we met through my close friend (his girlfriend). As I started realizing what a terrible person he was I convinced him to go after his fantasy of a harem by asking to add a 3rd to their relationship, that led to a fight between his gf. I called her about it and asked how she felt about him adding someone to their relationship and about him sleeping with her. She said she knew nothing about that and started crying because he cheated on her. I basically helped orchestrate their brakeup and have no regrets. She is happy with her first child now and he is in a toxic af relationship with 3 kids, 2 of which aren't his and his partner is 8 years older than him."


Always tell them it's okay.

Person in hospital bed holding hands
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"Five years ago my dad suffered a catastrophic stroke. Left paralyzed and robbed of his speech and ability to communicate he was a shell of the once vibrant, charismatic man he once was. He was moved into skilled nursing where he lived for nearly two years, he was miserable. On my last visit I told him it was okay if he wanted to leave us, that we would miss him but he should go. A week later I received the call that he had passed. Instead of immediate grief I felt relief. Relief that he was finally free. The grief came later and I still miss him every single day."


Hard to regret something if it's necessary.

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"I hit my uncle left right and center when he was trying to choke my father to death. I was 16 years old at that time, a very skinny girl. I beat his face neck and every part of him that I could target with so much intensity that my knuckles turned blue the next day. I had an animalistic rage that day trying to help my father get away from his death grip. I hate my uncle even today. I got anger issues because of growing up around him. And I don't regret beating him that day at all. He was physically abusive to his wife as well. One fine day, his wife retaliated by beating him blue with a stick. And he stopped being physically violent towards her post that."


Tough but fair.

Flames from a fire
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"Got into a car accident and had to stay with my mom for a couple days to figure out what to do. Went back to my apartment (I had two roommates) and everything was missing from my room. Long story short one of my roommates had everything hidden in her room.

I called and told her the things were missing from my room and she came up with a lie that a couple girls came to look at my room (I was moving out bc of the accident, long story) and that they must have taken my things.

She had everything I owned. Including my grandmothers perfume bottles, stuffed to the back of her closet, under her bed, behind her dresser etc.

So I packed all of my stuff up. Then took a giant black garbage bag and stuffed as much of her closet in it as I could. Took it to the middle of nowhere, dug a hole and burnt it."


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