People Share The Secrets They Thought They'd Take To The Grave

Ashley Hunte
A padlock with a key in it, resting while open.
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We all have secrets we probably wouldn't want to share with anyone else -- apart from people on the internet, of course. There's something about sharing details about your life with strangers who will never know you outside the internet that feels a little freeing.

At least, that's probably how these Redditors saw it when they decided to share secrets they're "taking to the grave."

Some things are better left unsaid, even if they do make you feel guilty.

A wooden sled in a snowy bank.
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"When I was younger I was at my friends house sledding. He had to leave with his family but I kept sledding. I lost control and ran over a baby pine tree they had planted earlier in the year. A tree they had planted in remembrance of my friend's grandma passing away that year."

"I had snapped the tree when I hit it. So I just stuck it in the snow and left."

A large bank of snow directly in front of an icy lake.
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"Weeks later and it warms up enough that the snow melts and the tree falls over. They were devastated when they discovered their tree was broken with no explanation how it happened."

Neither a borrower nor a lender be, I guess.

A fountain pen resting on a notebook.
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"One time in middle school, I asked to borrow my friend's pen for a moment to write something down. He was pulled out of the room for something a second later, and I just forgot that it was his pen."

"When he returned to the room, the teacher chewed him out for not having a pen on him. And I think he forgot that he gave it to me as well."

A row of various kinds of ballpoint pens.
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

"I still feel guilty as [expletive] about it. Plus side, I'm the godfather to his son now. I shall seek redemption in his time of need."

I feel like most people have cheated on a test before, but...

A kid vigorously writing on a test paper.
Unsplash | Ben Mullins

"In 5th grade I cheated on an exam. My buddy and I were the only two people in the grade who got this particular question correct, but I copied him.

"The worst part was he was considered 'dumb' while I was at the top of the class, so the teacher was convinced that he copied me and he ended up getting suspended."

Candy is just too tempting, man.

Two heart-shaped lollipops with rainbow designs.
Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

"My guidance counselor at school had a jar of lollies on her desk. They were/are my favourite type of lolly. One day after school I took the jar and ate them. I felt so bad I bought a new bag of lollies and a better jar and snuck them back. No one knew. No one will ever know."

A grade is just a number, anyway.

A kid working hard on their homework.
Unsplash | Joshua Hoehne

"In 7th grade, me and my friend Simon got the password for the admin accounts on our classroom's computer and our teacher always came in late so we would just change our grades whenever we got to class before him and the door was unlocked.

"I'm pretty sure this is what got me into a really good high school because i rarely did homework, but I usually knew the material."

Is this... and episode of 'Game of Thrones?'

A person holding up the feet of a newborn baby.
Unsplash | Omar Lopez

"That this child isn't actually my bastard, but my sister's son, whose dad passed away."

I have no idea if this is a real confession or not, but it sure did make me laugh!

That's why they call it the one that got away.

A group of teens hugging on an autumn path.
Unsplash | Emmanuel Olguín

"When I was 17, I met this guy and became really good friends with him. We never dated or anything, but I fell head over heels in love. Every moment with him felt romantic. I was convinced he was the one."

"Life happened, and due to some geographic restrictions... we lost touch after about a year."

A lone woman walking down a city street.
Unsplash | Alexander Popov

"I told myself that I would forget about him and get over it. It's been over ten years, and in some ways, I still haven't. He pops into my mind after every break up I go through. Occasionally I look him up on Facebook. I've tried contacting him several times and we engage in small talk, but it never goes any further than that."

"I'm now seeing someone who definitely wants to marry me, and I'm pretty much convinced that this other guy has positive memories of our friendship, but no further interest."

Two wedding bands resting on top of a dictionary page open to the "marriage" entry.
Unsplash | Sandy Millar

"I know that I need to stop fantasizing and focus on the person I have, but some small part of me is having trouble letting go of the dream of this guy. I've gotten to a point where I've basically resigned myself to the idea that I will never have him, but also that I will never really let go."

It's probably for the best that this one stays a secret from OP's mom.

A person holding up a minimalist wristwatch.
Unsplash | Jaelynn Castillo

"That the expensive watch my mom wears everyday was from a drug deal front. Told her I found it on the ground in a parking lot."

I bet the kid was wondering why his juice pouch was lighter than normal.

A person holding up a lemon tea juice box.
Unsplash | Salomè Jangulashvili

"In kindergarten my mom would never pack me a drink for snack time, one time i was really thirsty so without saying anything I leaned over and took a big sip from my friends Capri Sun, table full of kids facing each other yet no one noticed, still friends with him today."

Definitely better than a random hole appearing for no reason, at least.

A hole that's been smashed through a wall.
Unsplash | Lujia Zhang

"Me and a friend put the hole in the basement wall. We were like 11-12 and we decided it was a good idea to sprint at each other while we were both holding large exercise balls. Smart move, he bounces backward and puts his heel through the wall."

The struggles of having a sibling.

A room fit with a grand piano.
Unsplash | Jean-Philippe Delberghe

"I scratched my younger sister's name into our grand piano with a paper clip when I was about 6. I was mad at her for something. My mom mentions it every one in a while and my sister, 'can't remember doing that!'"

Parking lots are surprisingly dangerous.

A supermarket cart corral full of shopping carts
Unsplash | Markus Spiske

"I use to work at Target. The first time I used the cart pusher machine by myself I hit a car with it. The parking lot is on a slope and the carts I was turning got going faster than the pusher,

"...thus the pusher went off in a straight line and right when I turned around to look it hit a car."

A row of yellow shopping carts in a parking lot.
Unsplash | Clark Young

"No one saw, no one reported it to any manger, and there were no marks on the car."

One of life's greatest mysteries.

Several sprigs of dried herbs hanging on a rafter.
Unsplash | Zuzana Kacerová

"Last New Years Eve I came home briefly at around 11ish to grab something. My Parents were at a friends house and my younger sister was at a party. When I ran into my house I was pretty drunk and managed to knock a full shaker of herbs de Provence onto the floor, shattering the shaker and dispersing the herbs everywhere."

"Now I had called a cab that was going to be arriving soon..."

a spilled cinnamon jar with cinnamon sticks next to it.
Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

" in my drunken state I left it there and was going to play coy the next day when asked about it. Here's the thing, nobody has ever brought it up. My theory is that when my sister and her friends came back to the house they assumed one of them had knocked it over before and cleaned it up."

"My sister probably didn't tell anyone because she didn't want our parents to know how drunk she was."

Amanda Seyfried saying, "It's a mystery!" while on Sesame Street.
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"I've even subtlety hinted at it to my family members, but nobody said anything. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I got away with it but I really want to know what happened."

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