Kim Kardashian Exposed For Photoshopping Out Entire Muscles In Her Shoulders

Rae Batchelor
Kim Kardashian throwing her arms into the air
instagram | @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to getting called out for photoshop, but this has hit a new level.

Many of us are guilty of photoshopping or face-tuning our photos just a little bit every now and then — whether it's teeth-whitening, red-eye removing, or just using a filter to smooth out our skin, a little bit of retouching often goes a long way. Kim Kardashian has been exposed for doing a lot more than a little bit of retouching — she's been caught removing entire muscles from her shoulders.

Kim recently shared this photo on her Instagram.

The pic showed Kim in a bikini happily enjoying a drink in the pool. But one TikTok user realized there was an area that had been photoshopped in a pretty surprising way — the trapezius muscles in Kim's shoulders are almost entirely removed.

“Kim K is notorious for photoshopping out her traps,” the TikTok user, Caroline_in_thecity, pointed out.

A screenshot from the TikTok described.
TikTok | @caroline_in_thecity

“Why? I don’t know, maybe it makes her neck look smaller?” she continues, before pointing out that Kim shared a video from the same moment where her shoulders look noticeably different.

You can watch the entire TikTok here.

Caroline points out the other telltale signs of photoshop in the image, some of which I'd never even thought of before.

People in the comments were stunned that Kim would go to such lengths. "This is actually so not okay. You would think that now that they have daughters they would think about the impact of this more," one commenter shared.

"I don’t understand why they do it, the non edited original is so much better looking," another commenter wrote.

A reddit comment.
reddit | u/anonymous_and_

"How are they not totally embarrassed by some of these photoshops?" one commenter asked.

What do you think about Kim's photoshop job? Did you spot it? Do you understand it? Let us know in the comments!